Book Club

I've been clubbing with literary ladies for about a year now. We've had some excellent months. For example, there was the meeting in which the author of our book attended and spoke to the ladies. She was extraordinary, we were all mildly star struck, and her book, Mercy's Prince was a big hit. One of the ladies just told me last Friday that it is one of her favorite books she's ever read. And we've had some less-than-stellar months. In fact, a couple of times I couldn't even bring myself to read the assigned book.

Next month, though, should be another good one. We're reading The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas. I read it years ago and have toyed with the idea of suggesting it for our book club. Then on Friday one of the other ladies brought it up. I'm looking forward to seeing what others think of it. The story revolves around the robe Jesus wore to the crucifixion, the one for which the soldiers cast lots.

Have you ever read it? If so, what did you think?

  • joc
    Yes, I told Artie that if we could gather it up, it would probably make good fertilizer.

    My son was a policeman and he says that they are all for the discipline.
    by joc at 04/04/17 10:46AM
  • kamille
    I am just catching up on your posts.
    by kamille at 04/04/17 2:13PM
  • ginnyann
    Yes, there is a church in Athens but she and us don't won't to go there due to some issues with some of the members. We tried for a long time to make it work but decided to just move on to keep down the stress.
    by ginnyann at 04/11/17 3:15PM
  • lovescats
    Ahh yes, walking into doors and people - hmmmm ...
    by lovescats at 04/15/17 4:43PM
  • kailua
    My body decided that I must lie in bed yesterday afternoon. I turned on the television and found the movie, "The Robe". The unfortunate part was when I discovered that it was just ending.
    by kailua at 04/17/17 11:52PM
  • ceoltoir
    Not a major shame, though, because it's not a great movie. The book is better.
    by ceoltoir at 04/18/17 2:16PM
  • chickadee
    So that was her response to you? I like it!
    by chickadee at 04/24/17 2:03PM
  • tryphena
    I so appreciate your private comment and wish it was public. It really adds to the conversation! Thank you! And I know they'll do whatever they need to after my eventual demise. Is it really selfish to want to be known, finally? It will be up to them to decide whether to share it or not, of course. And many funerals have eulogies from different points of view, I've noticed. At my uncle's funeral, his eldest child reflected beautifully on her father and my dad reflected on his brother coming at it from the previous generation. I loved that aspect of it.

    I have found it to be helpful to have the deceased predetermine what songs to have. Too many to choose from!
    by tryphena at 04/26/17 7:03AM
  • ginnyann
    Glad you haven't gotten any bad weather.
    Thank you very much for the prayers!
    Praying you have a good week.
    by ginnyann at 05/01/17 11:20AM
  • ginnyann
    I'm seeing that you are having lots of rain and flooding! Praying that you are high and dry so far and stay that way!
    by ginnyann at 05/03/17 7:10AM
  • marmee
    That is too funny!! But I understand there is some serious rain in your area. Stay safe!!
    by marmee at 05/05/17 4:55PM
  • this_old_man
    "First Rider's Call" it is second in the Green Rider series. Kinda juvenile but I liked it and it is reasonably clean.
    by this_old_man at 05/05/17 10:13PM
  • misssonja
    Took your advice -- magn is one of the supps I normally take but I had slacked off. As for the dawgs, gave them both a bath yesterday & administered a nightly dose of Benedryl to the Bear -- seems to have helped.
    by misssonja at 05/11/17 11:22PM
  • ginnyann
    Thank you. Yes, we were able to go to church, our two daughters and granddaughter met us there. Then They took me out to lunch. Very nice day!
    Hope your day was wonderful!
    by ginnyann at 05/14/17 8:54PM
  • lovescats
    My uncle James is Christian - thank you for asking and for your prayers. They mean a lot!

    When he was in the hospital in February, I spent a night with him, and we talked about spiritual matters and heaven. It was very nice.
    by lovescats at 05/27/17 9:11PM
  • misssonja
    Yes, it would help a lot if she could speak English, hah! It's like having a baby, oy.
    by misssonja at 05/31/17 4:26PM
  • sjean
    Pictures are a challenge on pleo, especially when the photos are on my phone. I guess I am too lazy to keep doing it . the dress was knee length and flowey. I couldn' t find anything cute and modest at the local Bealls.

    by sjean at 06/04/17 7:25PM
  • lovescats
    Thank you! Yes, I feel like take three steps forward and get knocked back two. Sigh ...
    by lovescats at 06/07/17 8:00AM
  • lovescats
    Thank you for your prayers for my friend!

    I was looking but don't see a comment from me above concerning the book, The Robe. I read it in high school - a loooong time ago! I enjoyed it.
    by lovescats at 06/20/17 7:33AM
  • chickadee
    Would you mind sharing the recipe on my post? I love the roll idea!
    by chickadee at 06/21/17 9:09AM


Is it offensive to anyone else that, at 82, Charles Manson is still alive and for 47 years has been supported by law-abiding citizens?
  • joc
    Doesn't even make sense to me.
    by joc at 03/17/17 1:10PM
  • misssonja
    I can still remember the first time I read about what he and his cultish demonic followers did -- the horror. And there are a lot more just like him.
    by misssonja at 03/17/17 1:23PM
  • kailua
    Look how long satan has survived.

    *I shall abstain from writing my feelings about manson.
    by kailua at 03/17/17 7:49PM
  • ginnyann
    I watched part of the story last night and was so disgusted......what an evil man.
    He is an excellent example of how "Satan" works.....
    by ginnyann at 03/18/17 7:49AM
  • hartschloss
    His "reward" will come soon enough. The justice he will receive will surpass any of the injustices on this earth that he gets right now.
    by hartschloss at 03/18/17 11:06AM
  • lovescats
    ^So true! And he won't be puffing himself up at that day. We certainly don't want anyone to be lost, but realizing our God will mete out justice is what helps me get through all these horrible events.
    by lovescats at 03/18/17 3:16PM
  • tryphena
    Yes. To answer your rhetorical question. :-)
    by tryphena at 03/19/17 3:05PM
  • kamille
    To answer your question, I don't understand it; why?
    by kamille at 04/04/17 2:08PM
  • chickadee
    But WHY???
    by chickadee at 04/10/17 5:46PM
  • hartschloss
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    by hartschloss at 06/08/17 10:56PM


Little Guy had an epiphany yesterday. School is especially heinous on Mondays and as he contemplated his misfortune he burst out with this:

"There's no pain in heaven, right?"
That's right, honey, no pain, no sickness, no sadness.
"Then there's no school in heaven!"
I suppose not.
"I'm ready to go now!"

  • misssonja
    He's a little young to be ready to meet his maker. Or maybe he's a prodigy? I know I'm ready to call the whole thing quits!
    by misssonja at 03/14/17 2:47PM
  • tryphena
    I definitely have times when I'm "ready to go now!" (Should be all the time, right?)
    by tryphena at 03/14/17 3:59PM
  • hartschloss
    That sounds like as good a reason to go as anything.
    by hartschloss at 03/14/17 6:08PM
  • kailua
    Bless his sweet little heart! (LOVE)
    by kailua at 03/14/17 6:51PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    by cyber_space_cadet at 03/14/17 8:12PM
  • joc
    Somehow I missed the post below. Such wonderful news! That boy of yours is quite a thinker. I love his attitude!
    by joc at 03/14/17 9:08PM
  • tgatzajr
    I feel the same way about my job! The little guy has got some pretty good perception!

    Glad to hear the good news about your brother! I will pray that he will continue to improve.
    by tgatzajr at 03/15/17 6:56AM
  • ginnyann
    So sweet. What an attitude. We should all think that way!
    by ginnyann at 03/16/17 9:00AM
  • lovescats
    by lovescats at 03/16/17 9:06AM
  • kamille
    He is something.
    by kamille at 04/04/17 2:10PM

My brother

My brother is doing well. He had triple bypass surgery and seems to be bouncing back quickly from his latest brush with mortality. The doctors said they didn't understand why/how he was still walking around, given the condition of some of his most major arteries (including the one nicknamed the "widowmaker").

I am thankful to God for His mercy. And I am thankful to all of you for your concern, supportive comments, messages and especially your prayers.
  • sjean
    That is such great news. Thankful for prayers answered with a yes.
    by sjean at 03/14/17 10:44AM
  • misssonja
    So glad!!!
    by misssonja at 03/14/17 11:00AM
  • tryphena
    Great to hear! Thank you for the update.
    by tryphena at 03/14/17 3:58PM
  • kailua
    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
    by kailua at 03/14/17 6:54PM
  • kamille
    Good to hear this. I haven't been on in a while.
    by kamille at 04/04/17 2:10PM

Do you have another minute?

My brother, Layne, had a heart attack and is scheduled for heart surgery in a few hours. I rushed to Bowling Green and am staying with my dear sister-in-law, Judy. She recently lost her sister, her only sibling, to a heart attack. Please pray that God will have mercy on her and allow my brother to recover. My dad and I are, of course, distraught and have shed more than a few tears. But my poor sister-in-law. May the Lord help us all.
  • kailua
    This is so scary for you all. I am sorry to learn of this. I have prayed for each and every one of you. I will pray more. I love you (((BiggestHugEver)))
    by kailua at 03/10/17 2:14AM
  • tryphena
    Oh, dear, I am SO sorry to hear of this! I just prayed for you all.
    by tryphena at 03/10/17 6:38AM
  • misssonja
    Oh my! Yes, we will pray! I'm sorry for the stress and anguish while you wait to see. If it helps to give you hope, my cherished friend Bill hsd a nasty heart attack - scared us to death. Took a while to recover but has been pretty good for 10+ more years now.
    by misssonja at 03/10/17 6:40AM
  • ginnyann
    So sorry to read this. Will certainly be praying for all.
    by ginnyann at 03/10/17 10:11AM
  • hartschloss
    So sorry to hear it - happy to pray for them.
    by hartschloss at 03/10/17 10:38AM
  • marmee
    I'm so sorry. Yes, praying for all!
    by marmee at 03/10/17 12:02PM
  • tgatzajr
    I am so sorry to hear about all of this? My prayers will be with your brother and your family. I pray that all will turn out well. Be strong for your family!
    by tgatzajr at 03/10/17 2:54PM
  • joc
    So, so sorry. Yes, I am praying!
    by joc at 03/10/17 5:06PM
  • simon_says
    What a stressful time. So sorry! Prayers!
    by simon_says at 03/10/17 8:06PM
  • marmee
    How is your brother doing this evening?
    by marmee at 03/10/17 8:46PM
  • lovescats
    Oh, so sorry. Prayers.
    by lovescats at 03/12/17 8:21AM