We've had a harsh winter so far. How harsh? A couple of days ago Nathanael looked up from his work and said,
"What's that noise?"
Me: "I don't hear a noise.
Him: "Something's squeaking ... there! Did you hear that?"
Big brother calls from his desk in the hallway: "It's a bird!"
Nathanael listened for a second then smacked his forehead.
Me: "Are we being serious right now??"

It's been a long time since a bird has sung within our hearing.

In other news I fell on the ice Saturday night. But here's the thing: it was in the back yard. On the grass. The grass was slick with ice! I wasn't hurt except for an arm that got banged by the load of firewood I was carrying. I already walk like a decrepit, fearful old lady when I'm on the concrete (ever since I fell on the ice as a little girl and split my head open; it was horrific and scarred me for life in more ways than one) but this was completely unexpected!
  • joc
    :-) Glad you weren't hurt! I would be a disaster on ice. When I visited the north years ago, I fell in the snow. Had a soft landing, but I wouldn't want to experience it on a regular basis!
    by joc at 02/12/18 5:27PM
  • misssonja
    Do you remember when I first moved to Indy & was still in the apartment & we had ice like that? The grass was like an ice skating rink & my SUV had to be hacked free with an ax -- unreal. You need Yaktrax. Yes, they work!
    by misssonja at 02/12/18 9:15PM
  • tryphena
    Oh, SO glad you weren't hurt! The ice was terrible throughout the Midwest last weekend. But, as it usually goes, it had disappeared the next day.

    I'm very careful on ice, too, but it's a sneaky substance--you don't always know it's there until it's too late. Ice-covered gravel is also difficult to maneuver on.
    by tryphena at 02/13/18 5:45AM
  • tgatzajr
    That has got to hurt! Invest in a gas fireplace....Much easier!
    by tgatzajr at 02/13/18 8:05AM
  • ceoltoir
    We used to have a gas fireplace but had it converted to a wood-burning one.
    by ceoltoir at 02/13/18 9:02AM
  • sjean
    Good thoughts. Bring up spiritual things sooner rather than later.
    by sjean at 02/13/18 10:20AM
  • hartschloss
    Snezhana was trying to show Sheila that our iced over driveway wasn't slick, until she fell. She didn't say that again. It's much better now.
    by hartschloss at 02/13/18 4:53PM
  • AlanL
    Sorry about the fall. We had winter this year, too. It froze more than once and we got a dusting of snow. Hopefully that portends a mild summer, but I don’t think it really does.
    by AlanL at 02/13/18 11:41PM
  • lovescats
    Sorry about the icy fall. Yikes! But glad you didn't do any more damage than you did. That child fall you wrote about sounded bad.
    by lovescats at 02/14/18 9:39AM
  • ginnyann
    Oh my dear, so sorry to read about your fall. Happy to see it wasn’t too bad.....
    At least not as bad as in your childhood years!
    I’m ready for spring. We are having warm weather, then cold, then warm....crazzzzzyyyyy!
    Hugs for your booboo!
    by ginnyann at 02/14/18 7:08PM
  • marmee
    We know about falls on ice in our corner! Glad you are ok. I have such a fear of falling. We have Yaktrax, too ... amazing aids.
    by marmee at 02/18/18 1:01AM
  • ceoltoir
    Okay. After two mentions I looked up Yaktrax. I'd never heard of them. They look useful.
    by ceoltoir at 02/18/18 7:44AM
  • lovescats
    Thank you - it was - even if I do say so myself - HA!!!
    by lovescats at 02/19/18 7:49AM

It's almost time!

Look what came from Tomato Growers Supply Co. today!

It won't be long before these will be ready for seed trays.
  • misssonja
    Paul Robeson is a good one! I love the dark tomatoes. Haven't tried the others so I will need a report.
    by misssonja at 02/02/18 7:54PM
  • ceoltoir
    Garnet is my FAVORITE cherry tomato evah!
    by ceoltoir at 02/02/18 7:56PM
  • joc
    Yummy! Most tomatoes from the store just don't taste like tomatoes used to! On the grounding, now Artie is telling me I might get in trouble getting people to try grounding. LOL! So, I am making it clear that I am not pushing this, just reporting what some people do. And I especially do not take responsibility for a lady who
    just recuperated from the flu and goes outside and freezes her feet in an effort to ground. But, I do hope it makes you feel better. :-)
    by joc at 02/02/18 8:27PM
  • ginnyann
    Hmmm.......Homegrown you ship to Georgia.......:)
    by ginnyann at 02/03/18 8:10AM
  • ceoltoir
    Maybe, if I have your address.
    by ceoltoir at 02/03/18 1:48PM
  • tryphena
    In a word: YUM.

    I looooooooove good tomatoes (as much as I hate bad tomatoes!).
    by tryphena at 02/03/18 3:30PM
  • hartschloss
    Paul Robeson? Will your tomatoes be singing "Old Man River" in the fall?
    by hartschloss at 02/03/18 6:15PM
  • ceoltoir
    Haha! No but maybe the tomatoes will be so good we'll sing it.
    by ceoltoir at 02/03/18 9:36PM
  • sjean
    I love home grown tomatoes. I hope this is a good year for them!
    by sjean at 02/04/18 3:57AM
  • truckerswife
    I wish I loved tomatoes. I like them in stuff but not by themselves.
    by truckerswife at 02/05/18 11:33AM
  • truckerswife
    Ha ha ha me too! I left out Maggie's musical rehearsals until the middle of next month. She is going to be a tree. She plays an oblivious character that makes tree puns!
    by truckerswife at 02/09/18 1:48PM
  • misssonja
    You can sing this.
    by misssonja at 02/09/18 9:16PM

It's over

Not my life (as far as I know) but the flu. A little over one week and I'm feeling fine. No lingering symptoms except I'm still rebuilding my strength. It's impossible to know how this would've gone if I had not taken the two remedies mentioned below. However, in view of how the recovery of others has gone, I believe the meds helped to shorten my sickness and recovery time significantly.

If you can find these products I recommend you start taking them at the very first hint of a symptom. The oscillococcinum comes in the form of tiny quick-dissolving grains in a small tube. Follow the directions on the package (don't swallow whole or chew). Since it's so difficult to find right now, you might want to conserve it. So know that you don't have to use an entire tube for each dose; a third to a half is probably sufficient.

Stay healthy, my friends.
  • tryphena
    Very glad you're better!

    Heading out today to find the products. I've been sneezing for a couple of days, which is the usual harbinger of illness for me. Headache all day yesterday. Last night, my throat suddenly became sore (though not strep-throat-sore). It doesn't seem like the flu, unless it's in its early stages. But I hope to head it off at the pass :-) Thank you for your suggestions!
    by tryphena at 01/31/18 6:05AM
  • ginnyann
    Good suggestions and I’m happy to read you are better and it didn’t last very long....however, I’m sure it was long while you were experiencing it!!!!
    Several people at church were talking about the two meds you took. Especially how hard it is to find. If I run into some (ha) I may get it to have on hand just in case.
    Take care and stay well!
    by ginnyann at 01/31/18 8:10AM
  • lovescats
    Glad you're better!
    by lovescats at 01/31/18 9:55AM
  • misssonja
    I don't know a ton about grounding, but here is an article on it. Just thinking about it makes me want to walk on the beach or in the lush spring grass.
    by misssonja at 01/31/18 11:31PM
  • ginnyann
    I’ve read this before too!
    However, it’s kind of cold to be going barefoot outside......:)
    My Mother used to tell me that me grandmother thought it was good to run outside in the snow or cold to keep you from getting a cold so that must have been a little “grounding”.....
    I go barefoot in the house and find myself going out on the porch without shoes in the winter and go barefoot in the warmer weather.....maybe that’s why I don’t get many colds???
    Read an article on Dr. Mercolas site that said Tamilful is not good for you in the long run. It might shorten the flu but after effects are not good.....
    by ginnyann at 02/01/18 10:19AM
  • lovescats
    YAY! YAY! YAY!

    I learned last night a congregation in Athens AL cancelled Wednesday night Bible study because so many are sick. And that's a good-sized congregation. I know 3 families there. I worship with the mother of one of the members and learned from her her son-in-law and one grandson have been struck with the flu.
    by lovescats at 02/01/18 1:55PM
  • misssonja
    I wouldn't buy the grounding sheets or pads but I do think there is something to walking barefoot on the beach or digging in the soil. And I have lived in a high rise in Chicago, for many years... I enjoyed it at the time, but I'd NEVER do it again now that I'm in love with soil and seeds.
    by misssonja at 02/01/18 10:19PM
  • joc
    There are other ways to grounding other than buying grounding devices or going barefooted. A metal rod stuck into the ground will ground you if you touch it. But, walking barefoot on a floor that does not conduct electricity would not ground you.
    by joc at 02/02/18 1:10AM
  • ceoltoir
    I went outside barefoot today. I found a patch of grass where the sun was shining so it was slightly warmer. I liked being barefoot in the grass ... until my feet began to grow numb.
    by ceoltoir at 02/02/18 10:19AM
  • marmee
    I’ve not been checking pleo much lately. So sorry you’ve been sick. Boo. Glad you are better. I keep oscillo in the house at all times. Might need more, better check my cabinets for what’s left.
    by marmee at 02/02/18 3:54PM


Update: I've lost 6 pounds in two days. Need I say more?


I think I have the flu. Despite all my precautions and boosting my immune system I think I'm succumbing. My kids are going to be largely unparented for the next couple of days. Can you please pray for them?

I'm trying this remedy that comes highly recommended. You might do well to have this in your med cabinet too.

  • joc
    Oh no! Get well super fast! Will pray for you and your family! I have also used Monolaurin and Lysine to fight off viruses.
    by joc at 01/23/18 11:12PM
  • misssonja
    by misssonja at 01/23/18 11:41PM
  • misssonja
    OH NOOOOO!!!!!!
    I had no luck with Oscillo but I hope you do. The elderberry is good. I tried everything and it was the Thai lemongrass soup that saved my life.
    by misssonja at 01/23/18 11:43PM
  • hartschloss
    Praying for you all, of course. I have avoided any major sicknesses, so far. Doing a lot of hand washing and working at home is a help. Shaking hands after preaching is a big concern, but I made sure to "wash my brethren off" after everyone went through the line on Sunday. I am not familiar with the meds in the picture - where did you get them?
    by hartschloss at 01/24/18 12:43AM
  • tryphena
    Immediate reaction: "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

    (Hope you know the reference, or I'll look weirder than usual.)

    Feel better SOON!!!
    by tryphena at 01/24/18 6:00AM
  • lovescats
    Prayers for healing and for your un-parented children!!

    by lovescats at 01/24/18 9:37AM
  • ginnyann
    Of course prayers for the children and you also. Hope the meds work and you are well in a hurry. Our preacher told us the minute they get a sniffle they start using airborne but then Sunday he was not shaking hands or getting close cause he had a bad cold and was praying it didn’t turn into the flu.
    Hugs from a distance!!!!
    by ginnyann at 01/24/18 9:57AM
  • tryphena
    by tryphena at 01/24/18 10:34AM
  • ginnyann
    It’s 9 yrs old
    by ginnyann at 01/24/18 12:40PM
  • ginnyann
    Thnx for the reminder of it being airborne......
    We r going this afternoon for a shot :)
    by ginnyann at 01/24/18 12:41PM
  • misssonja
    OH NOooooo!!!!
    by misssonja at 01/25/18 3:46PM
  • onelittlecandle
    aww! been thinking of you! just getting over the flu myself, lasted almost 2 weeks. mine was more the extreme fatigue, thankfully, and less the other flu symptoms. continuing to pray for you!
    by onelittlecandle at 01/25/18 4:46PM
  • misssonja
    There is only one solution: Once you're well, come to my house & eat those 6 lbs back on!
    by misssonja at 01/25/18 5:10PM
  • ceoltoir
    That sounds great!
    by ceoltoir at 01/25/18 5:57PM
  • chickadee
    That kind of loss is no fun! I hope you feel better soon.
    by chickadee at 01/26/18 3:32PM
  • joc
    So, are you improving at all? I just went on a search for the Sambucol and it seems that stuff with elderberry is flying off the shelves and online as well. I finally found some with a halfway reasonable price that won't arrive until the 31st. When you feel better, let us know how the meds worked for you.
    by joc at 01/26/18 6:31PM
  • tgatzajr
    Not fun! Hope you will be feeling better soon. I had that mess a couple of years ago and I had a flu shot! Anyway the say it’s easier to cope with if you had one.
    by tgatzajr at 01/27/18 7:41AM

Kinder egg

A little more Kinder info:

In the U.S. version the container is divided in half. You peel off a cover to reveal the toy. The other half contains the sweet. It's made by the parent company of Nutella.


Our little guy has been complaining about how all we give him is healthy food. So this evening while I was at the grocery I picked up a Kinder egg.

He's never had one or heard of them and I wasn't sure what it was. But it's a really cool little treat! Inside is a toy which is far better than anything I ever got from Cracker Jacks or a McDonald's happy meal. And the chocolate/cooky thing was evidently delicious, judging from LG's response.

So when you want a small amount of sugary treat and a cool toy for someone, I recommend Kinder!
  • milly
    Wow! These have been in Canada for decades, but they have been illegal in this country. It seems it’s illegal to have a toy small enough to swallow/choke on inside an edible object. I wonder what has changed?
    One of my favorite stories is how one of my boys’ buddies carefully unwrapped one, replaced the toy with an engagement ring, and put it back together so that she never suspected as she was opening it. They will celebrate their 20th anniversary on Valentine’s Day!
    by milly at 01/16/18 8:43PM
  • sjean
    Both stories were interesting. I have never seen one of those by the way.
    by sjean at 01/16/18 8:50PM
  • misssonja
    I wondered that, too, and here is the answer.
    by misssonja at 01/16/18 10:15PM
  • joc
    The kids across the street were out making happy noises as it snowed. We are supposed to get more tomorrow. This is very rare weather for us, and I hope it stays rare! I am very cold natured. The biggest snow we had here that I remember was in Feb. of 1961, my senior year. We had a party at a friend's home and everyone built a gigantic
    snowman, taller than a person. I mostly stayed inside, because my feet were freezing. It is still a cherished memory, though.
    by joc at 01/16/18 11:45PM
  • ginnyann
    Looks very interesting and yummy. I think I’ve seen them in the store and wondered what they were. Thank you ;) for informing us. But where is the toy hidden?
    by ginnyann at 01/17/18 9:06AM
  • lovescats
    I first discovered Kinder Eggs when stationed in Germany. They were SO much fun. It was incredible to me how they could fit such elaborate creations in those eggs. The final product came in pieces in a yellow plastic "yolk." I still have one of those yolks. I use it as a cover for my ice pick. It's perfect for that sharp point!
    by lovescats at 01/17/18 10:07AM
  • ginnyann
    Hmmmm^^^interesting. I’m gonna have to get one just to see what it’s all about.
    Maybe the two little great grand children who live across the hall might enjoy one.
    Their great grandfather is the one who just had a kidney removed.
    by ginnyann at 01/17/18 11:13AM
  • lovescats
    I think the eggs you can get here don't come with the plastic yolk on the inside. The outside of the yolk was a think egg shaped (obviously!) piece of Kinder chocolate.
    by lovescats at 01/17/18 2:19PM
  • hartschloss
    We saw those in Ukraine. We bought a bunch of them for the kids at Snez's school. No one choked, but they all had fun eating the candy and playing with the prize.
    by hartschloss at 01/17/18 7:45PM
  • lovescats
    Yay for sunshine! It's in the 40's here - feels very warm!!!!
    by lovescats at 01/19/18 9:52AM
  • lovescats
    Ah - yes, so true - HA!!
    by lovescats at 01/21/18 5:27PM