10/06/09 6:52PM

Hello, Hope you all are well.

Things are going well on my end health wise. Still maintaining and holding my weight steady. My blood work came back perfect a few weeks ago, I was really happy about that news!

I'm sorry for all the sickness and sorrow inflicting our brethern at West Carrollton. Its been a tough year for some folks.

Pongo's arthritis is pretty bad in his back. I try to walk him a short distance daily and have to give him pain medication afterwards. It breaks my heart, but I can say I'm so thankful for the time we have had with him. Lord willing it will be longer.

Work is stressing me out right now, a very big project is taking place and rests on my shoulders. I'm okay with that, its the people that stick their noses in and delay me is when I get worked up. :-O

Hope this posts finds each of you well.

God Bless!
  • smiley_beth
    You continue to look amazing. So rewarding, I am sure to have a test come back reflecting all of your hard work. Keep it up, it's saving your life.

    Sorry to hear about Pongo declining. He is such an awesome dog.

    Good luck with the project at work- hope they leave you alone and let you do your job!

    Love you and miss you lots. Will you be at the SS fundraiser next weekend? We will be, Lord willing.
    by smiley_beth at 10/06/09 7:04PM
  • waerick
    Yeah - what she said! :)
    by waerick at 10/08/09 1:25AM
  • cenandra
    You guys are so sweet! Thank you Beth for your words....your right it is saving my life. I'm so thankful that I've had this chance to come back and enjoy what life I have left. Its a lot more fun!

    I haven't decided yet about the fund raiser, but I might be there. :) I know Jill my sister-in-law her preacher Skip and wife are driving here for it. There's going to be a good turn out!
    by cenandra at 10/10/09 6:53PM
  • rule_britannia
    --- will try.
    by rule_britannia at 10/13/09 9:52PM
  • smiley_beth
    Hey you! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you today. Hope life is treating you well these days. Ben and Stacey were here last weekend and Friday I served what I call my ultimate comfort food which brings back wonderful memories each time I make it- your pot roast recipe. You made it for me when we had Caleb and you came to visit. It was the best roast I ever had and was my favorite leftovers. So if you ever doubt how much good taking a meal to someone really does, know that the meal you brought me five years ago still brings me lovely memories of you to this day :) Love you!
    by smiley_beth at 11/12/09 7:09AM
  • cenandra
    Hello Beth! Thank you so much for your thoughts and words. That means a lot to me. I don't make that anymore since I started my NS, but it was easy and yummy. My Mom's recipe + Jeff's Mom's dumplings. :) I don't make meals and take them to others anymore, I should, but I don't. I don't like my own food let alone torturing someone else with it.

    I miss you! Maybe one day will be able to spend time together again. I love you too!
    by cenandra at 11/16/09 8:12PM
  • smiley_beth
    I don't know if you are on here much anymore, but I have been thinking about you. How are things? Did I hear something about one of the mothers not doing well? Jeff's? Hope things are better. I just wanted to let you know I love you and look forward to seeing you again.
    by smiley_beth at 02/10/10 8:26AM