The Mormon Way of Thinking

I encourage anyone who comes across this post to read the title of this video and then listen to what this man has to say. It doesn't take very long, just about two minutes of your time. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Did you notice that his answer didn't answer anything. At one point, I thought for sure that he would have gone with the John 20:29 ("Blessed at they who don't see and yet have believed"), but he didn't even do that. All he said was this: "You don't need proof to believe in it, just faith." This is the best answer that guy could give and he is one of the Mormon Church's Quoram of Twelve? How anyone can believe anything a Mormon says is beyond me: it's all either insane or a lie; either way, it's nothing anyone should waste their time listening to.

Be good.

Shaun and Gus at their finest!

I love this show.

All Apologetics- "Hey, Hey, Hey! Hey Stoopid!"

This post is in response to my last two posts. I will be giving a defense for what I believe because I really do believe what I said in my original post about people being stupid. However, I am not taking back my apology. I believe what I said in my apology; I shouldn't have been so rude and uncaring, but I should have been more like Jesus.

It needs to be noted that I didn't mean to offend anyone. I was just frustrated and disappointed at the time. Really, that post was more for me to vent. However, I DO mean to offend people this time. Obviously, I don't mean to offend anyone is a spiritual way where anyone sins because of it. However, I mean to offend you to get you to think. Unfortuantely, the only way to know if you need to be offended or not is if you are by the end of this.

I am a firm believer that people SHOULD be told they are stupid. I should be told I am stupid from time to time (*waits for the obligatory "you're stupid" comment below*). But, seriously, people should be told they're stupid when they are. Now, I'm not for vulgar abuse of calling people stupid. If you're not being stupid, I don't think you should be called such. However, I am all for calling people stupid when they are.

Now, it is important to note that there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is "not knowing better." Basically, it means you just don't know the information. Stupidity means "you know better but act like you don't." For example, I was stupid for acting so rudely in the original post. I knew better and I acted like I didn't. That's stupid.

With that said, the people I called stupid were stupid. They were saying things like "Yeah, we did it!" This implied that they knew what they were doing and, yet, they still did it anyway. Now, I am willing to concede that some people were saying they knew what they were doing without really doing any research or giving any real thought to the issues. That, of course, would not make them stupid. However, it would just make them liars instead (I thought "stupid" was kinder).

Now, I called the person who seriously said, "What is so bad about Socialism, anyway?" stupid. I stand by that despite the fact that it looks like they are asking a question. This person then went on to defend Socialism and say why Socialism was a great idea. That is stupid. If she did any research (which it appeared that she had), she knew better than to defend Socialism because one blaring fact about Socialism is that it never has and never will work; it is arrogant to think that you can make Socialism work when so many smarter people have failed. Therefore, this person was rightly called "stupid."

This brings me to my next point. People not only SHOULD be called "stupid," but they NEED to be called "stupid." It's important that people hear that they are stupid. Otherwise, they may begin to think their stupidity is really "smartness" and that they should hold on to it. For example, if you go around saying the earth is flat and no body corrects you, you will soon believe that others believe the same thing and that your belief is correct. People NEED to be told they're stupid to avoid that. It's really doing them a favor.

I know that we want to think better of people. We want to think that someone is going to avoid touching a hot stove after touching it once. However, how many people do we know (or how many of us are like this) that still speed after getting a speeding ticket? That's just stupid. Unfortunately, that is what we are, dumb and stupid creatures. We NEED to be told REPETATIVELY that we're stupid. At the very least, we need to be constantly reminded until we stop being completely stupid.

Another reason why we NEED to tell people they're stupid is because we need to be honest in all things. Jesus was an honest Man. On several occasions, He called the Pharisees "hypocrites." One time, He even called Peter "Satan" because he was acting like it. People need to be told that they are stupid because they they need to hear it. Also, we need to be kind in calling others stupid. That may sound like a contridiction, but I assure you it is not. Jesus had compassion on everyone and yet, He still called people stupid (although not in as many words). Also, our speech needs to be seasons with grace. We shouldn't be rude in calling others stupid because we all are going to be stupid from time to time and I'm sure that when those times come, we will want the person calling us stupid to be kind to us. Therefore, we need to be kind to others when we call them stupid.

You know, we all NEED to be called stupid. I do. You do. Anyone who has ever been, is right now, or ever will be is going to be stupid about things. That is just the way this life works.

As I close this "Treatise on Stupidity," I think it is important to point out some benefits for calling people stupid. One, it keeps people humble. When I am constantly told I am stupid, I start to think "Hey, maybe I don't have all the answers" and "Maybe I need to rethink some things." It is when everyone ignores me or agrees with me when I start getting a big head and thinking above myself. I'm sure you are the same way. We need to be kept humble for the second benefit. Two, it keeps us thinking. If nobody ever tells me I am wrong, I will never think beyond what I have already thought. However, if I am told I am wrong, I will be encouraged to re-examine the information and examine additional and new information. Thinking is important because it shows that we are alive. Finally, three, if you do it right, it might be fun and you might gain a new friend. The people who are closest to me in my life are the ones who tell me I am stupid and keep me humble and keep me thinking. I enjoy exploring the plausibility to being proven wrong or right. Plus, that gives us something else to make our lives a little bit richer.

All in all, calling people "stupid" and subsequently, being called "stupid" is a good thing. It is people's own pride that makes it a "bad thing." "Oh, how dare YOU call ME 'stupid' when YOU are obviously so beneath ME! YOU are the one who is stupid!" See how arrogant and stupid that is? We are all stupid. Let's be humble, admit it and move on from here.

  • kerrigan
    Curtis, you're stupid.

    But good thoughts...
    by kerrigan at 11/10/08 11:25AM
  • ninja_penguin
    Thank you. :)
    by ninja_penguin at 11/10/08 11:43AM
  • jra
    You've got some great points in there :)

    But, that said, maybe there's a difference between calling people stupid and calling what they've done or what they think stupid?

    One method is glaringly harsh and potentially so abrasive that they may not see the overall point you are trying to make and will instead get defensive.

    The other method still shows that you may value them as a person, but take issue with what they have done or are thinking.

    I completely missed the original post and reaction that brought all this on, by the way. Just combining what you've said with some lessons I've learned from my students :)
    by jra at 11/10/08 5:07PM
  • neenee
    Yet there is a thing called "tact." It's about letting people know what stupid thing they did or said without turning them off by telling them they're stupid. No one listens if you call them stupid. You can get the point across without being abrasive.
    by neenee at 11/11/08 7:21PM
  • karalei
    If people weren't so sensitive and didn't take themselves so seriously it would make this a lot easier. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don't have a very great sense of humor or an objective appreciation for how dumb they are. ;) It helps me when Trevor says I'm acting dumb. I think everyone should try to be less sensitive.
    by karalei at 11/12/08 10:52AM
  • ninja_penguin
    I appreciate it when people call me stupid. I may not agree, but it gives me something to think about.
    by ninja_penguin at 11/12/08 11:06AM
  • frogkisser
    Most people that you might consider stupid are not going to be brought to any greater plane of intelligence by you calling them "stupid." Plus, it makes you sound pretty "stupid" yourself that you can't come up with a more diabolical insult.
    by frogkisser at 11/15/08 2:38PM
  • ninja_penguin
    True, I do need a more diabolical insult.
    by ninja_penguin at 11/15/08 3:06PM
  • momchapet
    I hope you are not going to be one of those fathers who calls their children "stupid" all the time. LIke if he spills his milk or kicks the ball wrong or has a different opinion than you. I grew up in a house like that. Stupid was my name all my life. It isn't such an uplifting name but I agree , it will be a great influence on how you view yourself.
    by momchapet at 11/16/08 9:05PM
  • momchapet
    Your children will be people and according to you , they will need to be called stupid because at times you will think they are. My heart is breaking for them already. You will find lots of experiences where you think they ( at all ages) used bad judgement or acted in ignorance or without all the information. This blog just hit a nerve with me because I don't think that word is a good one at all, in any case..
    by momchapet at 11/16/08 9:15PM
  • ninja_penguin
    Children are rarely stupid. Instead, they are probably more ignorant than anything. They rarely know better (mostly because the parents are too lazy to teach them any better). In my defense, I could never call a child stupid. Ignorant, yes, but never stupid. Stupid should be reserved for people who should already "know better" or claim that they do. Children cannot fit into that category if you follow my reasoning.

    Also, I am sorry to cause you such distress over this less-than-serious posting.
    by ninja_penguin at 11/17/08 11:15AM
  • momchapet
    no worries.
    by momchapet at 12/01/08 1:29PM
  • whipsmile
    hahahaha! Perfect.
    by whipsmile at 12/11/08 1:54PM

All Apologies

It's days like this which make me think about Jesus.

I'm a pretty smart guy. I always have been. When other kids were outside playing ball, I was in my basement reading encyclopedias and memorizing dictionaries. I mastered multiplication and division before most kids learned to count. I believe the things which I believe because I put a lot of thought and effort in researching a subject before I believe it. I have this strange confidence in what I believe despite this inferiority complex I seem to have, whatever it is. I just always "know" I am right.

However, that is not what gets me in trouble. My pride (which I "know" is wrong) gets me in trouble. Too often times, I think that people haven't come to the same concluisions as I have because they haven't looked at it as much or as hard. As a result of thinking like that, I am prone to think negatively about people and demean them in my mind (and sometimes, even outside of my mind).

In Mark 6:34, one of my favorite passages (and, apparently, one I don't comprehend as much as I thought I did), Jesus saw a great multitude and "was moved with compassion for them." He was "moved with compassion" because they were so lost. These were people who were confused and didn't know things and didn't practice God's ways fully or correctly. Yet, Jesus saw them and had compassion on them. He showed His compassion by teaching them many things, things they needed to hear. He didn't get frustrated with them because they were "so stupid" or surprised and disheartened because they "just didn't get it." He had compassion on them because He loved them.

In Philippians 2:4-5, Paul tells the Philippians to "Let each of you look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." Jesus came to this earth to "look out for the interests" of everyone who has ever lived, namely to seek and save that which is Lost (Luke 19:10). In vss7-8, we see the extent to which Jesus went to "look out for the interests of others;" Jesus humbled Himself to come and live as a man and even to die on the cross even though He was God Almighty.

In Galatians 2:20, Paul says, "I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who lives but Christ lives in me; and the life that I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." I really need to change some things in my life before I can say that about myself because it does not look like the Jesus of the Bible is living in my life. I do not have enough compassion for people who are "smarter" or "stupider" than myself. I get frustrated and disheartened when people who I think "should know better" don't understand what I believe I do. I am not nearly humble enough because I have not been "looking out for the interests of others" the way Christ did, humbling Himself to servitude to the will of God, even to the point of death.

Lord, please forgive me and help me to do better. Help me to think of others like Jesus thought of me. Help me to treat others the way Jesus treated me.

May those I have offended forgive me of my uncaringness and arrogance, knowing my renewed effort to serve them better in a kinder and more loving way.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have forgiven me, then I thank you for that as well.

I love you all. I will try to love you more completely.
I love you. May I never treat you the way I have treated others.


Yesterday, I was surfing Pleonast and I was just surprised at how many people were happy that Obama had won. Granted, many were younger people, but still, there were some that were my age and even older. I was just amazed at... really, at how stupid these people are. I don't mean to degrade anyone, but rather express my frustration and despair at the state we have come to in this country.

I saw people saying, "Finally, America isn't racist because we elected a BLACK man to be our President." Really, is that why so many people voted for him, because he is black and so many people have "white-guilt" for slavery no one living has been involved with instead of looking at his merits and policies? Yeah, that sounds bright! If that is the case, we are still a racist nation. Until we can see an individual as a person and not a "white guy" or a "black guy" and allow affirmative action to rule our lives, we will continue to be a racist nation.

I saw people saying, "It isn't a Christian's responsibility to get involved with government." Really? If the original role of government was to allow and protect people to serve God and to punish the wicked for impeding their service, why wouldn't Christians be involved in government?! Christians are people who (should) know what God wants more than anyone and (should) know what is right and what is wrong more than anyone else. Christians SHOULD be the ones in power because they are the ones who (hopefully) will operate the government in the way God had originally intended. However, too many Christians are out there saying we should stay out of politics. In the pulpit, yes. In the political arena, HEAVEN FORBID! Once again, very bright!

I saw people saying, "Yeah, Obama won and he's going to fill my gas tank and pay my mortgage." Is that really the government's job, to fill my gas tank or pay my mortgage? Of course not! That is not what the founding fathers designed this union to be, a welfare-state for those too lazy to work (but, not too lazy to abuse "the (flawed) system")! Do we not know ANYTHING about American History, OUR HERITAGE?! If so, this gives me a great idea about free energy: we dig up our founding fathers, wrap them in copper wire, re-bury them in-line with an electromagnet and generator and let their continual "rolling over in their graves" power the WHOLE NATION!

I even saw someone say, "What is so bad about Socialism, anyway?" YES! They were SERIOUS! "What is so bad about Socialism?" ONLY EVERYTHING! However, maybe the MOST important reason why Socialism is bad is one little tiny thing: IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!! It's been tried by the Russians, the Chinese, and now, Eastern Europe. You know what? It has failed every time and it will continue to fail for a number of reasons. One, for example, is that we all need to belong to something greater than ourselves. The primary complaint with Socialism is that it does not deliever on it's primary promise, namely "belonging" to something greater than themselves. In Socialism, only a few hold any power or authority and are included in any equal decision-making process while the other 99% are left to feel disenfranchised by it. Socialism is so bad on so many levels, how do people not get it? Do we know NOTHING about Political Science or World History? As a whole, we must NOT!

However, one of the most irksome things I saw yesterday was someone defending Obama's push towards Socialism by saying, "The government HAS to take care of these people because (the church) won't!" Really? Not only do we not understand the function of government, but we also don't know the function of the Church?! The Church is a group of saved people who encourage others (Saved and Sinners) to obey God; its function is NOT to meet people's physical needs (Romans 14:17)! Do we really not understand that as a whole?

I am just so frustrated and disappointed at the voters, the education system, and even some of the people who comprise the Church. Do we really not get it?! If we don't, hopefully, we will someday soon!

  • markolinux
    Curtis! This post made my day. My week, even. I know I know.... long time no be here. I was just arguing (well, commenting) on someone's blog about why Socialism didn't work, and why it isn't the government's job to take care of everyone. Now I read that it isn't the Church's job to take care of everyone either. I'll have to chew over that one, because I made the exact argument that you disagree with - that the Church has failed in it's task to take care of the needy. I see your point, and it is a good one. I just need to chew on it a bit before swallowing it. :^)
    by markolinux at 11/06/08 1:47PM
  • tu_madre
    i love you.

    in a non-prison movie sort of way.
    by tu_madre at 11/06/08 2:03PM