Hi! I'm updating my pleonast! lol

Lubbock is awesome.
School is awesome.
Life is awesome.
Your mom is... never mind.

Speaking of which, I decided what I want to be for Halloween. I thought of the scariest thing that exists on the entire planet and decided I'm going to wear a name tag that says, "Hello my name is Your Mom".

isn't that frightening?

  • fishstick101
    by fishstick101 at 10/28/10 2:53PM
  • ittybitty
    by ittybitty at 10/28/10 3:39PM
  • ethantweedie14
    Hi!!! Welcome back!!!! ;)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is indeed epic!!! :D
    by ethantweedie14 at 11/01/10 8:08AM
  • Pocahontas♥
    Your FACE is frightening.

    by Pocahontas♥ at 11/09/10 5:28PM
  • pyro9
    ^ his life is frightening!
    p.s. are you going to edna the 26th - the 3rd? cause we're going to edna then
    by pyro9 at 12/02/10 2:33PM
  • ittybitty
    You seriously need a new post. Just sayin'.

    Signed, the Posting Police.

    lol, jk. XD
    by ittybitty at 03/05/11 2:47PM

Ok this is pretty cool... and short! So watch it!

http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/blog/the_dagger/post/Shot-from-top-of-Vulcan-Monument-may-be-longest-?urn=ncaab-259831 is where you can find the story about it.

Less than three weeks...

...until I move up to Lubbock. I'm excited!

It's crazy that it's coming up so fast though. Trying to make sure I get everything done beforehand and that I see everyone here in Victoria before I leave.

I added one more class (a little 1 hour class) called Introduction to Library Research or something like that. It basically just teaches you how to utilize all of the resources that the campus library has to offer. They say most people there don't know how to use it all, which slows them down when researching and such. So this should hopefully save me time. This brings me up to 15 hours, so a pretty standard load for the first semester.

I highly doubt anyone is actually watching the music videos I've been posting, so I'm gonna quit putting them on here for now. Ha!

How are y'all?

  • ittybitty
    *Gasp* A new POST! :) Although, I REALLY have no room to talk... ;-)
    by ittybitty at 07/31/10 9:18AM
  • rachel_jeanne
    i know how excited you are to be a tortilla tosser, and im excited for you(:
    by rachel_jeanne at 07/31/10 10:11AM
  • rachel_jeanne
    how can you go to tech and not even know all about it?! tsk tsk! haha. (: texas tech tosses tortillas at rivals and stuff. i dont know if they still do it (i think they do, but im not sure) but i do know they did it when i was just a little girl. it all began in '92 when an espn commentator said the only things in lubbock were tech and a tortilla factory. so the students decided to make a joke, i guess you could say, when they played A&M and they tossed tortillas onto the field.
    by rachel_jeanne at 07/31/10 8:48PM
  • pyro9
    by pyro9 at 09/27/10 9:47PM

College is soon... O_o

I move in to the dorm at Tech in a little over six weeks (August 19th). Weird, eh?

I'm really looking forward to it, but it's gonna be strange living away from home. I'm gonna miss every one back home for sure. College will be great though! I have decided that my major is going to be in Communication Studies with a concentration in Interpersonal Communication (probably). I actually have my schedule already as well. My classes are:

Latin I (5 days a week- ugh! But it's a 5 credit hour class, so I guess it'll be worth it. Shouldn't be too horrible anyway...)
Interpersonal Communication (to introduce me to my major!)
U.S. History (from 1877) (Honors)
Microeconomics (Honors)

for a total of 14 hours. That should be plenty for the first semester.

And now... we need another music video. How about... FAMILY FORCE 5! Just for pure randomness :P

I am well aware that it is not anywhere near Christmas, but their version of "Carol of the Bells" is amazing. That's my favorite Christmas song and they make it so off the wall that it's fun to listen to.

  • Pocahontas♥
    College, eh? Wow...you must be old... ;)

    I am very proud of you, and all you have accomplished thus far. You're going to have
    an amazing time at Tech!! :D

    (As for Family Force 5 ...*shakes head*) :P

    by Pocahontas♥ at 07/06/10 8:07PM
  • pyro9
    wow. college. has it been that long?
    by pyro9 at 07/09/10 7:25PM
  • tia
    I move in to FC two days after you do... ahhhh! college!!? SCARY. but VERY exciting. :)
    by tia at 07/11/10 10:05PM


It has been rumored that an update has been seen around these parts. If you see it, let me know. I need one...
  • ittybitty
    Heeheeehehehee... How're you doing?
    by ittybitty at 06/23/10 9:14PM
  • ethantweedie14
    haha! How are you? :)
    by ethantweedie14 at 06/25/10 7:33AM
  • ittybitty
    Oh, that's not good. Are allergies triggering it?
    by ittybitty at 06/25/10 9:18PM
  • ittybitty
    I'm fine. :)
    by ittybitty at 06/27/10 9:12PM
  • fishstick101
    hey should the camp have a twitter page?!?!?!? i think its a great idea and so we can check up on it and stuff
    by fishstick101 at 07/01/10 2:28PM
  • pyro9
    what's up
    by pyro9 at 07/02/10 10:19AM
  • pyro9
    by pyro9 at 07/02/10 10:19AM
  • Lyssie_lou
    hello Daniel ;p
    by Lyssie_lou at 07/03/10 10:35PM