What Do You Want for Lunch?

Mommy: Caleb, what do you want for lunch?
Caleb: Umm....a cheesestick....
Mommy: And what else?
Caleb: NO! NO cheesestick! I want worms!
Mommy: Well, the ground is pretty hard to dig for worms right now....how about pork chops?
Caleb: NO, I want a spider!!
Mommy: OK, go get the one near the steps...Oh, right, I swept that one up yesterday....Hmmmm, maybe there's some more spiders out on the porch for you...
Caleb: (goes to the front door and looks out the window at the porch) NOPE! No more spiders....
Mommy: Sorry, maybe when spring comes....

  • mattdevore
    You guys...
    by mattdevore at 01/21/10 6:22PM
  • friedaj
    Lot's of protein
    by friedaj at 01/25/10 10:10PM
  • valleryy911
    spiders will tickle your tummy
    by valleryy911 at 02/03/10 7:28AM
  • lorileigh
    There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.... I don't know why she swallowed a fly.... I think a song is an order, dear Caleb.
    by lorileigh at 02/15/10 9:12AM

Caleb learning to ask for help going potty

I like...

I love backhoes and loaders and I love loaders and backhoes.


I like doggies. And I love kitty cats. And I love horses. And I love cows. And I fink I like somefing wiff oranges.
  • friedaj
    You sure like lots of stuff. I hope I am in the "I Love Frieda" group. That last hug I got sure was a sweet one.
    by friedaj at 12/28/09 10:21PM

Hey, Grandma and Papaw DeVore have a BACKHOE!!!

  • drdivore
    The man was here today running the backhoe and another man came with a BIG truck filled with back fill. The men sealed the basement walls outside with hot tar and insulation shields.
    by drdivore at 12/21/09 5:51PM
  • friedaj
    I bet Caleb would like to have been there too
    by friedaj at 12/22/09 6:14PM


Violet, you don't say gumpy fings! And you 'spect me!