im gettin' to bed early tonight
  • jacobm
    Hey Eric!
    by jacobm at 05/19/08 8:22PM
  • jmetzger
    Honestly, CPR was boring. But I hope yours was ten times better!!
    by jmetzger at 06/10/08 8:05PM
  • captain_nate
    UPDATE!!! YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!
    by captain_nate at 06/17/08 7:45PM
  • runforrest
    no I haven't found one yet...haven't really looked. waiting on someone to respond:)
    by runforrest at 07/28/08 10:21PM
  • runforrest
    tell me about it so I can talk to my husband about it.
    by runforrest at 07/28/08 10:22PM
  • jamiemmoon
    tell me about it just in case she doen't want it.
    by jamiemmoon at 07/29/08 4:38PM
  • bookworm14
    I guess I'll see you down in Florida after all.!
    by bookworm14 at 08/09/08 8:33AM
  • preachermon
    Hello Mr Birthday man... congrats from C-ville
    by preachermon at 08/12/08 8:41PM
  • purdy_2010
    You haven't posted in a year. That's so sad.
    by purdy_2010 at 09/20/08 5:33PM
  • da_bubbles
    We kinda miss u. U should Update
    by da_bubbles at 09/22/08 6:04PM
  • cudger
    Glad to hear you went to bed early. When will you be here, and do you have any special T-day requests?
    by cudger at 09/28/08 11:27AM
  • cudger
    You got it! Are you coming alone?
    by cudger at 10/21/08 8:28PM
  • cudger
    well you didn't exactly name them right, but you can have them just the same
    by cudger at 11/01/08 8:47PM
  • cudger
    Hewo ewic. Looking fowad to having you heah.
    by cudger at 11/23/08 3:14PM
  • cudger
    Have a Happy Turkey Day ! ! ...You better
    by cudger at 11/27/08 7:33AM
  • skatergirl_roxy18
    Hey why is my name Brandy Crazy Smith huh huh Eris huh?
    by skatergirl_roxy18 at 01/23/09 10:05PM
  • skatergirl_roxy18
    by skatergirl_roxy18 at 01/23/09 10:06PM
  • kathrynmae
    you owe me starbucks punk.
    by kathrynmae at 06/24/09 11:18PM
  • noby_wan
    Hey, this is Noble Thompson from IN Camp. How you doin?
    by noby_wan at 07/10/09 3:30PM
  • captain_nate
    Yer a dorkface. Just sayin'
    by captain_nate at 07/15/09 12:53PM


is in florida!!!

its awesome here. ahhhhh!

ill post more soon.
  • flychic
    Oh no. That stinks.
    by flychic at 08/19/07 4:18PM
  • captain_nate
    glad you got down there safe! we'll catch up on everything once i get back to school ^__^
    by captain_nate at 08/19/07 6:21PM
  • sarahsmile
    Little eric is all grown up and in college!!!
    by sarahsmile at 08/19/07 9:01PM
  • phoenixfire
    by phoenixfire at 08/19/07 10:37PM
  • purdy_2010
    LoL. I will:)
    by purdy_2010 at 08/20/07 7:33AM
  • sils
    good for u
    by sils at 08/20/07 9:52AM
  • blessings_of_a_mom
    You will love it, as long as you don't mind NO SNOW.
    by blessings_of_a_mom at 08/20/07 11:09PM
  • sarahbee
    Hey Bro, I can't wait to hear how its going!! Hope you are having fun and making lots of friends!!
    by sarahbee at 08/21/07 8:21AM
  • purdy_2010
    Hey! Thanksgiving...Hide & seek....the meadow....and the outfits seen on my blog....YES!
    by purdy_2010 at 08/21/07 6:01PM
  • duodamsel
    *sniff* *sniff* I hope you will have a great time and learn lots.
    by duodamsel at 08/22/07 9:11AM
  • lah90
    Hey, haven't talked to you in forever! I'm so glad you're at FC! Have fun! I'm coming down for in November, I'm excited! I just saw that you did High School Musical. That's cool! I love the fluffy autograph pen. :D
    by lah90 at 08/22/07 11:36PM
  • captain_nate
    in regards to anna's last...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    by captain_nate at 08/23/07 10:40AM
  • purdy_2010
    I know a few people down there w/ you! Charlotte Trefethan, Dougie Broadwell, Heather Merkle...
    by purdy_2010 at 08/23/07 3:59PM
  • da_bubbles
    So forget anything? I hope you and your lists worked in makeing sure everything was taken with you! Oh I finnaly got my cell i'll have to give you the number on aim at somepoint.
    by da_bubbles at 08/24/07 4:18AM
  • midge78
    Hey bro, I hope you're having a great time at FC!! We miss you, can't wait to see you in October!
    by midge78 at 08/27/07 9:49AM
  • captain_nate
    ok, so post time...
    by captain_nate at 08/28/07 1:07PM
  • purdy_2010
    by purdy_2010 at 08/28/07 4:24PM
  • purdy_2010
    I can't wait until October!!! I get to see you in a Tux:) I'm so excited!
    by purdy_2010 at 08/28/07 8:21PM
  • da_bubbles
    Post time!!!!!! eric come on tell us all about your busy hectic schedual
    by da_bubbles at 09/01/07 9:07AM

trip to chicago...

i went to chicago with some friends on saturday as a goodbye eric day. this time we were perfectly safe and didnt get held up at gunpoint as i did in a previous trip to the windy city. the closest we came to danger was when a bum screamed at us a weird grunting sound as we walked by.

anyhew, we took advantage of the cloud gate (millenium bean) at millenium park. the millenium bean is a huge giant chrome bean in the middle of the park. its pretty cool. here are some pics we took by it.

heres what an end of the bean looks like

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
heres me trying to push my reflection

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
caitlin and i

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
heres an upsidedown reflection of me

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
heres the 6 of us who went
abbey, cait, dave, me, dianne and matt

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • sarahsmile
    Why is it that we never see a REAL photo of you....do you have some huge scar down your face or something that you're afraid to show in pictures?
    by sarahsmile at 08/13/07 9:46AM
  • blessings_of_a_mom
    Those are really neat pictures. Glad you had a good time.
    by blessings_of_a_mom at 08/13/07 9:58AM
  • phoenixfire
    by phoenixfire at 08/13/07 4:49PM
  • duodamsel
    Mandi was SOOOOOO sad to not see you before you leave.
    by duodamsel at 08/14/07 2:58AM
  • captain_nate
    that is sweet. i want to go there and do that too!!1
    by captain_nate at 08/14/07 4:40PM
  • midge78
    Hey neard, can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! Your LAST day before school!!!!!!
    by midge78 at 08/16/07 9:01AM
  • captain_nate
    i cant rember when you said you were going to school....so tell me again.....
    by captain_nate at 08/17/07 3:51PM
  • captain_nate
    ..yer prob already there....
    by captain_nate at 08/17/07 3:51PM

1 week

ok, so FC is now officially less than a week away.

anybody whos gone to FC have any advice for me? dos, donts, etc.
anybody have any college tips in general? please share! i need to know!
  • phoenixfire
    haha...no advice really...just have a good time and make it worthwhile...lol any advice for me?
    by phoenixfire at 08/11/07 1:39PM
  • captain_nate
    learn to balance work and play, and budget!
    by captain_nate at 08/11/07 2:25PM
  • purdy_2010
    Stop in NC and see your friend Anna before you get there.
    by purdy_2010 at 08/11/07 3:31PM
  • da_bubbles
    Hang out with your friend amanda cause she hasn't seen you in FOREVER i would so Miss work to hang w/ you!!!!!
    by da_bubbles at 08/11/07 10:28PM
  • blessings_of_a_mom
    I agree with Nate. Balance is the key. If you don't learn it quickly you will find that college is more stress than you bargained for. Also stay on top of your homework.
    by blessings_of_a_mom at 08/12/07 12:47AM
  • flychic
    Pick the right friends and have a good time but don't neglect your classes!
    by flychic at 08/12/07 9:56AM
  • da_bubbles
    I know I didn't read it till now and I was so upset that i missed you this morning :( dang it :(
    by da_bubbles at 08/12/07 9:41PM
  • sarahsmile
    I'm super duper excited for your journey into the world of Florida College!
    by sarahsmile at 08/12/07 10:21PM

something mildly amusing...

10 days 20 hours 51 minutes 12 seconds till fc
  • silly_nickel
    Wow...Eric...how on earth did you find that? That was incredibly stupid lol and yes, I did sit there and watch the entire thing. Six minutes of my life that I'll never get back. *shakes head sadly*
    by silly_nickel at 08/07/07 12:12PM
  • da_bubbles
    Yeah i spent 6 entire minutes watching it to.Oh hey BTW who did you play in high school Musical. cause my mom and i have been wanting to know for a while
    by da_bubbles at 08/07/07 12:50PM
  • captain_nate
    by captain_nate at 08/07/07 4:07PM
  • purdy_2010
    Ahhh! I'm gonna miss you SO much!
    by purdy_2010 at 08/07/07 5:09PM
  • da_bubbles
    Really? ah man my mom and i thought you would of been perfect as the brother of Sharpe(sp) uh!!!! Umm i donno where my mom was at But i opened at work sry!! Man i can't belive i missed you Grrr!!! but hey maybe my mom and i could come see you before you leave!!
    by da_bubbles at 08/07/07 8:53PM
  • duodamsel
    I'd love to meet in the middle w/ you and your mom sometime......still got a free day somewhere???
    by duodamsel at 08/08/07 4:41AM
  • flychic
    That is hilarious! Have you ever watched the other chinese show where they interpret it in English?
    by flychic at 08/08/07 6:58AM
  • fhbandnerd88
    hahaha thats awesome...i love the last one, they broke it! 10 more days! woot
    by fhbandnerd88 at 08/08/07 1:39PM
  • flychic
    Charlotte has the tv so everything is good to go. There's a remote with it but I don't know if it will work or not.
    by flychic at 08/09/07 6:31PM
  • duodamsel
    It's always in the Last Place You Look. LOL!
    by duodamsel at 08/10/07 10:54AM
  • flychic
    hey, did you every get the video of us three on that bungee ride?
    by flychic at 08/10/07 7:49PM