finding the one

You never believe people when they tell you "oh you will the one who acts just like you, and is your other half." For 8 years I didn't believe it, because I never thought that person existed. I thought I was going to live my life in the hamster wheel of dating...breakup...and on the list goes. That all changed when I met Paul Buchanan, my fiance and in 4 1/2 weeks my husband. I never realized someone else was out there who would understand my sense of humor, can get as crazy on caffeine as me and was a Christian,who helps build me up when I am weak. There are many other things I can say about us, but I sum it up as saying he is the one. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life by his side not only as a wife but also a helpmeet. I never knew what it was like to feel so comfortable with someone and that makes it easy to be myself. Everyday I am thankful he is in my life, and its one day closer to marriage. The wedding date we did move up to March 14th 2009, 4 months after our engagement date. I have not written in a while but I will try to keep up now. :)

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another random blog entry

I dont keep up with this like i should, I know that. The last couple weeks have been crazy. I have a job, wohoo! Bad news, its only part time and they already slashed my hours this week :( I am going to be trying to find more work, I probably will reapply at the job i quit last month.
I did get to meet Paul's parents that went excellent!! They like me which is sweet! I also got to meet his friends, they're cool too, probably shocked because we are so much alike.
We also got the place for the wedding my parents backyard!!! The date has been changed to August 29th, and that's not getting changed again for sure!
Today, since it is exactly 12am is Thanksgiving, so happy Thanksgiving everybody! Later Paul's coming over, then we're going to weekday bible study at Medina, that will be cool! It seems each Thanksgiving gets better than the year before!
So yeah I guess that's about it for tonight

i will try to be more diligent!

  • dadmcpherson
    Hi, great seeing you a few weeks ago.
    by dadmcpherson at 12/08/08 2:32PM

Getting Married!!

Everyone probably already knows, but I wanted to add it to my pleonast blog, since I havent written in about a month. Today 11-14-08 Paul asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and even though its been 12 days that we've dated it already feels like a lifetime. We both have waited so long to find each other, its still surreal to finally have someone who you can tell everything to. The date is set for May 2 2009, and soon we will be sending invitations out. Its a "come as you are wedding" nothing fancy at all. We already know people may be negative about it, but we are prepared. As always we leave the relationship in the Lords hand, and everything will work out. I am super excited, but I do need to get some sleep, I have to be back in Medina early tomorrow, more errands and wedding things to complete!!

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    by deusvitae at 11/15/08 12:43PM
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    Hey, you do your wedding YOUR way!! :) Congrats!! :)
    by mama4joy at 11/17/08 11:47AM

Do you ever wonder???

Yesterday I lost my job. I had quit my call center job for a temp-to-hire position. Found out it was my last day. That was fine because they said "data entry work" turned out I was opening mail for get this 8 hours a day. Add in getting up at 3:30am it wasn't what I wanted at all. I went back to the company they have nothing right now in my "field." I'm not getting down on myself, I have so far applied and sent my resume to 6 places since yesterday. My friend Beth where she works is hiring I submitted my resume and she put in a good word so **hopefully** it will work out. If not I'll keep praying something works out soon!

And Im also asking for prayers from everyone that something works out asap...I myself am praying alot and i mean ALOT. Work is major important especially with bills to pay, and also since I wanna move out. So thanks in advance for all the prayers :)

So anyway Im heading to bed, more job apps tomorrow!!