Yes, this is an update....

I AM ALIVE... :)

This is going to be very random...!!! (surprise there, huh?!?:)

Everything is going well. I am settled into my new job and loving it.

Exciting events coming up...

Miriam is here for a visit!!!
Oct. 25th -- Her wedding!!!
Football Season -- The doctors who I work for are HUGE buckeye fans and every friday we get to wear jerseys and jeans. Which is way fun!!! O.H.I.O.!!
A possible trip to BG to visit certain people :)

Also, I have a very good friend and we'll call him "Sam." He is struggling with some things in his life right now that he knows he needs to change. I would like to ask everyone if they could remember him in your prayers. He's got a heart of gold, he's just having a hard time giving up some of his past friends.

Well, I guess that's it. I'm going to try and be better about getting on here more but I'm making no promises... but i'll see you all in another 3 months... if not before! :)

Now, you tell me something interesting... :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!
  • chickadee
    Happy birthday!
    by chickadee at 01/16/09 8:54AM
  • stevenswife
    Happy Birthday--I hope you have a wonderful day.
    by stevenswife at 01/16/09 9:08AM
  • deusvitae
    Happy birthday. :D
    by deusvitae at 01/16/09 9:27AM
  • hannahk
    happppppy birthdayyyyy! (: (:
    by hannahk at 01/16/09 10:07AM
  • anitaj
    by anitaj at 01/16/09 12:05PM
  • aleta
    Happy Birthday, Abby!
    by aleta at 01/16/09 2:23PM
  • mimi71
    Happy Birthday!!
    by mimi71 at 01/16/09 8:21PM
  • fmr1222
    Happy Birthday!!
    by fmr1222 at 01/16/09 8:49PM
  • katiebee
    happy birthday!
    by katiebee at 01/17/09 9:35AM
  • red_captain_jessi
    Hope ur bday was awesome... Cya at services tomorrow!
    by red_captain_jessi at 01/17/09 6:32PM
  • thecube
    Happy Birthday CAMP SISTER.Happy Martin Luther King day also.
    by thecube at 01/19/09 10:16AM
  • thecube
    So what's your favorite color? I love Black and Gold because of the Pittsburgh Steelers also I love blue because my team was Auesome this year.
    by thecube at 01/31/09 3:02PM
  • thecube
    But the I think about camp I realize that I should of played juniors peace and love.
    by thecube at 01/31/09 3:02PM
  • lilah
    I am really behind, Hope you had a great BD, would love to see you sometime! Take Care! Love you!
    by lilah at 02/08/09 8:36PM
  • cnh42's been almost 6 months!
    by cnh42 at 03/06/09 10:58AM
  • sprmom
    thanks for the wonderful shower, you 2 were so thoughtful, I had a great time!
    by sprmom at 03/24/09 10:21AM
  • alp1926
    I see you're on.
    by alp1926 at 07/02/09 12:08PM
  • shwesles2011
    hey call me on cell or talk to me on here about what is goin on next week and if u have enough space to do activities and have a cookout
    by shwesles2011 at 08/01/09 11:43AM
  • marie
    Was great seeing you.
    by marie at 09/14/09 7:13PM
  • simonc23236
    I'm starting to think you are not alive again
    by simonc23236 at 10/12/09 6:45AM


Please check my mom's blog for a prayer request.
  • aj1210
    It was great to see you this past weekend!
    by aj1210 at 06/06/08 4:26PM
  • britt22
    Thanks for comin girl! Love ya
    by britt22 at 06/07/08 10:34PM
  • caraboo
    next week???? are you coming to the beach also!!?!?!
    by caraboo at 06/14/08 12:24PM
  • duchess
    hey abby!!
    by duchess at 06/15/08 9:51PM
  • britt22
    Hey....Can I see some of the pics you took from the wedding?
    by britt22 at 06/22/08 12:52AM
  • cowgirl_bek
    glad we got to see you! :)
    by cowgirl_bek at 06/27/08 6:11PM
  • shel6y
    Glad Tinker is doing so well. Chloe is not mad in the least surprisingly.

    Has she eaten any of your blankets yet?? She has a bad habit of sucking on "material" when she sleeps and making a hole in it! Beware. :)
    by shel6y at 07/17/08 9:28PM
  • 21_lanes
    Abby, are you still in Dayton?
    by 21_lanes at 07/28/08 8:09PM
  • rox_my_sox_07
    abby, i miss you!!
    by rox_my_sox_07 at 08/11/08 1:32PM
  • butterbob74
    hey this is dwight nice meeting you last week i was gonna say bye but didnt
    by butterbob74 at 08/11/08 5:32PM
  • alp1926
    Where is this NYE party you seem to be planning going to be? Down there or here???
    by alp1926 at 08/13/08 2:09PM
  • hannahk
    i miss you.
    by hannahk at 08/13/08 4:17PM
  • hannahk
    ^ & tinker (:
    by hannahk at 08/13/08 4:17PM
  • buelalberta
    by buelalberta at 08/14/08 11:17AM
  • gogators08
    good you?
    by gogators08 at 08/14/08 11:54AM
  • nickc23236
    by nickc23236 at 08/15/08 8:49AM
  • take_the_wheel
    i miss you too, abby
    by take_the_wheel at 08/17/08 7:51AM
  • shwesles2011
    hey abby this is wesley and it was great getting too know u at camp and hope too see u next year or i might have too come up and see u guys sometime
    by shwesles2011 at 08/19/08 10:29AM
  • shwesles2011
    we will try and do that sometime cause Jordan is goin to Ohio state and it is not that far away from there
    by shwesles2011 at 08/19/08 11:37AM
  • kendalls
    do you still have the same email? let me know I gave your email address out....ttyl
    by kendalls at 08/27/08 9:06AM


I GOT THE JOB!!!! :) :) :)

I'm soooo excited!!!! Thanks for all your prayers! They were answered! :)

Have a blessed day!
  • red_captain_jessi
    me 2.. I think we're going sled ridding today!! fun fun!
    by red_captain_jessi at 02/27/08 12:34PM
  • alp1926
    Well, thank you. Just shoveled out the driveway. I may not be able to lift my arms by morning.
    by alp1926 at 02/27/08 1:18PM
  • sarahpet
    I'm so happy for you!
    by sarahpet at 02/28/08 4:06PM
  • nickc23236
    Hey!! I miss you so much
    by nickc23236 at 02/28/08 5:42PM
  • alp1926
    Gonna call me sometime????
    by alp1926 at 02/28/08 7:43PM
  • hannahk
    thanks i just called you!!!!
    by hannahk at 03/07/08 5:04PM
  • hannahk
    why didn't you pick up?! =D
    by hannahk at 03/07/08 5:04PM
  • nickc23236
    nothin to exciting...just school.
    by nickc23236 at 03/08/08 7:52PM
  • jesspico
    yep, Britts told me you got it!! So happy for you! Miss you, Abbs...
    by jesspico at 03/16/08 10:34PM
  • hannahk
    me too me too!!!!!! =)
    by hannahk at 03/19/08 3:36PM
  • thethreat
    cool hi abby its nettie
    by thethreat at 03/21/08 7:22PM
  • hannahk
    abbbbby. hey! i miss you :)
    by hannahk at 04/01/08 8:26PM
  • nickc23236
    Hey!! Miss you so much...hannah told me uya had a bf :)
    by nickc23236 at 04/09/08 8:28PM
  • nickc23236
    Are you coming to the banquet?
    by nickc23236 at 04/09/08 8:28PM
  • jay
    wow you posted, well sorta . . . nope, but i think i can You tube it :o)
    by jay at 04/11/08 9:11PM
  • jay
    Congrats on the job, again . . . one... oops 2 mos. later!
    by jay at 04/20/08 4:22PM
  • sprmom
    HI abby, we will have to do lunch again sometime soon!
    by sprmom at 05/06/08 7:52AM
  • alp1926
    Thank you! It was a great Mother's Day.
    by alp1926 at 05/12/08 6:46AM
  • cheesebiskut
    lol oops.. yeah that was me.... haha
    by cheesebiskut at 05/13/08 2:00AM
  • simonc23236
    Hey Abby
    by simonc23236 at 05/16/08 8:06PM

Life... :)

Always an adventure...!!! I haven't updated in forever AND a day!!! :)

Everything is going pretty well for me. I'm back in school. Still don't like it, but for school it's ok. I've met a lot of new people. By far, the social aspect is the best part of school! ;)

I'm still working at Boston Market (unfortunately) but I'm looking for a new job. I had an interview about a week ago for a doctors office. I am praying so hard that I get this job. I think I would be so good at it!!! And a huge plus is she works there. :) They said they would let me know if I had a second interview between 1-2 weeks. So, any prayers would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

The sweetest thing happened in my bible class. I teach the 3-5 year olds. Last week I asked them if they would pray that if it's God's will that I get this job. I didn't say anything last night. And the little girl who said the prayer remembered!!! :) It just made my day! I love those kids so much!

They are coming to visit and possibly him in a couple of weeks! I'm excited! I've already started planning the weekend! :) CAN'T WAIT!!!

Well, I guess that's all for now!!! :)

Have an awesome rest of the week!!!
  • dr_worm
    Good luck on the job.
    by dr_worm at 01/24/08 10:19AM
  • split_rock
    Hope the job search goes well!
    by split_rock at 01/24/08 10:27AM
  • alp1926
    How sweet. I've been praying, too. Not only for THAT job but for a good opportunity to come your way.
    by alp1926 at 01/24/08 11:02AM
  • splitmesoup
    carissa has never come to visit me here. she must like you way better.
    by splitmesoup at 01/24/08 1:10PM
  • alp1926
    Thanks for calling.

    :) :) :) :)
    by alp1926 at 01/24/08 2:41PM
  • bassman
    hi abby, we never actually met, but i remember you, how are you
    by bassman at 01/25/08 8:46AM
  • rebekah
    you posted!! miss you!
    by rebekah at 01/25/08 10:03AM
  • nickc23236
    hey abby good luck on the "Hunt".
    by nickc23236 at 01/25/08 1:32PM
  • hannahk
    woo i see you soon! :) :)
    by hannahk at 01/25/08 1:38PM
  • jay
    Congrats on the potential for job. . We will be praying. Did you come up with any songs? I was trying to think of something funny, but am going to have to resort to the internet :o)
    by jay at 01/26/08 12:06PM
  • thethreat
    hi abby itz'nettie
    by thethreat at 01/26/08 5:34PM
  • emmybear
    yay:) i hope you get that job!!
    by emmybear at 01/28/08 8:49AM
  • alp1926
    Good luck!!!
    by alp1926 at 01/28/08 11:39AM
  • red_captain_jessi
    Hey Abby! Are you coming up here?
    by red_captain_jessi at 01/28/08 8:00PM
  • rissaj
    I have words for you!!!! Why in the world did I not know you were going home??? UNACCEPTABLE! Call me, love you.
    by rissaj at 01/30/08 9:08PM


My mom's surgery went very well!!! She's all settled in a room now and Lord willing will be coming home tomorrow! :) She's a pretty strong lady!!! :)

Have a blessed day! :)
  • alp1926
    January 16, 2008 -- You're 21 today!!

    With Love,
    Mom, Dad, Beth, and Hannah
    by alp1926 at 01/16/08 6:17AM
  • mimi71
    Happy Birthday!
    by mimi71 at 01/16/08 6:18AM
  • split_rock
    Happy Birthday, Abby!
    by split_rock at 01/16/08 6:44AM
  • dr_worm
    Happy birthday.
    by dr_worm at 01/16/08 8:21AM
  • deusvitae
    Happy birthday. :)
    by deusvitae at 01/16/08 9:15AM
  • my3sons
    Happy Birthday to you sista'!!!
    by my3sons at 01/16/08 9:37AM
  • dsh
    Happy Birthday! I'm a friend of your mom too.
    by dsh at 01/16/08 9:38AM
  • katiebee
    Happy Birthday!!!
    by katiebee at 01/16/08 11:54AM
  • aleta
    Happy Birthday!
    by aleta at 01/16/08 12:06PM
  • bballliz
    by bballliz at 01/16/08 12:35PM
  • soundandfury
    As happy birthday followed by exclamation marks seems to be all too common- Happy birthday?
    by soundandfury at 01/16/08 1:58PM
  • mercedesbills
    happy birthday! =D
    by mercedesbills at 01/16/08 2:19PM
  • hannahk
    Happy Birthdayyyy!!!!
    by hannahk at 01/16/08 4:37PM
  • cwissylah
    Happy Birthday...from Tim and Christi McPherson. You have a great family.
    by cwissylah at 01/16/08 9:50PM
  • britt22
    What happened yesterday? lol
    by britt22 at 01/17/08 12:24PM
  • nickc23236
    Happy Birthday!! What would life be like if you weren't born!!
    by nickc23236 at 01/17/08 1:37PM
  • alp1926
    Please tell Kay that her cinnamon drops were a huge success. (They were in the care package she sent me.) She wrote on the bag that they were great for pancakes, and they were. Both girls and Dad like them. I haven't eaten any yet. Wish you'd been here for a taste.
    by alp1926 at 01/21/08 1:46PM
  • alp1926
    Also, please tell her I am enoying the basket very much, too.
    by alp1926 at 01/21/08 1:47PM
  • split_rock
    Hungry? How're you doing?
    by split_rock at 01/24/08 9:21AM
  • caraboo
    i know! i'm a bad friend :) i've been really busy, but that's no excuse. i need to get up there, i will soon, i promise! :)
    by caraboo at 01/24/08 9:48AM