SSS - Volleyball Night 06/09/13

Last night was a great night for Summer Sunday Socials. We had 47 in attendance and the weather could not have been more cooperative! It was supposed to rain at any point yesterday afternoon/evening...yet the weather held out until the last person left. Then, at about 9:30, it began to pour!

Because of the clouds and "pending rain", we were blessed with mild temperatures and cool breezes throughout the evening, and I guess that inspired some folks to really be competitive! Most of the teams were evenly matched throughout the night, and almost every game was a close one.

Our last round was different this time. I enlisted the help of a few "mystery judges" who watched the games during the evening. These judges observed the skills of all of the players and quietly prepared a list of the 16 most talented players of the night.

These 16 players were called onto the court to the sound of thunderous applause. Two captains were chosen, and the final round began. It was the most enjoyable match to watch, with possession changing frequently...and scores changing slowly! The final game was won 16-14, which was a tribute to the skills of BOTH teams.

Even though things can get pretty competitive out there, we still remember that the FIRST goal of these gatherings is to have some good wholesome fun, and to encourage everyone to participate. Even if you can't play well, you are welcome on any team. It's all about spending a good night with great people.

Come and join us next Sunday evening - weather permitting.

  • derbydi
    I'm going to actually play one of these days! It's fun to watch and socialize.
    by derbydi at 06/10/13 10:15PM
  • squeaky
    I just wish I could play. I would have trouble walking to the court but my heart would be in it. :-)
    by squeaky at 06/11/13 2:06PM
  • bruski
    We are SO glad that you and Stan can come! He makes a great line judge, and you are a great conversationalist!
    by bruski at 06/12/13 5:44PM
  • shannonwk
    I see the fun has begun!
    by shannonwk at 06/28/13 1:49PM

Summer Sunday Socials - Year 4

Well, tonight was opening night of our annual Summer Sunday Socials. (For those that don't know, SSS is an invitational evening of volleyball at our house after PM worship services.)

Here's how it works:
1. You must be invited to come. (Anyone who has previously been invited is automatically invited. Invitees can also invite others. If there is a doubt as to whether you're invited - YOU'RE INVITED.)

2. Stop somewhere on the way and grab some food...or bring your own picnic dinner. No food is offered here. We stay outside the entire time.

3. Bring a change of clothes. We are playing volleyball, so appropriate dress is important. (Some people enjoy wearing their "Summer Sunday Social 2011" shirts that contain the motto from that summer, "Play Hard - get whooped!"

4. Bring some drinks. People get hot out there! (I keep a cooler outside with bottled water - and suggest that each family donate a case or two of bottled waters for their "admission fee".) THANKS TO ROSS & MARLA FOR BRINGING THEIRS TONIGHT

5. The games start at approximately 7 PM. They end when we can't see the ball anymore.

6. Rain on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday cancels for that week. When in doubt, check with the person who invited you.

We had a quiet opening night tonight. There were 49 folks in attendance. This was a great way to start a wonderful summer. Some of you who read this - will you post a few photos, please?

See you next Sunday evening!
  • bigdeborah
    have fun! I enjoyed the one I was able to attend!
    by bigdeborah at 05/27/13 6:35AM
  • monk
    i'm trying to post a slideshow.
    great first social nite!
    thanks for inviting us.
    by monk at 05/27/13 1:30PM
  • kamille
    You didn't mention all the boo-boos people get. LOL I guess nobody got hurt last night.
    by kamille at 05/27/13 5:19PM
  • kamille
    If S. ever comes, she can bring HER 2 cases of water that are in my way in MY garage! LOL
    by kamille at 05/27/13 7:00PM
  • shannonwk
    You and Diane could always throw a fun party. :)
    by shannonwk at 05/27/13 9:24PM
  • sherelyn
    Fun times for all!! I agree with Deborah. We were there on the same night years ago. :)
    by sherelyn at 05/27/13 9:38PM

Diane's Birthday Weekend

I had some work in Gulfport, Mississippi on Thursday and Mobile, Alabama on Friday. So, I took Diane with me and we drove around the Gulfcoast into Florida. We settled into Panama City Beach (PCB) on Friday afternoon and got a nice resort hotel on the beautiful Emerald Coast. This was Diane's first trip to the pan-handle of Florida. We have always had relatives in central and southern FL so there was really no need to go to the Northwestern part of the state.

PCB was gorgeous, but we had to choose our "beach time" wisely to avoid some crowds that are starting to flow into Florida this time of year. I am not a very "sun-friendly" person because my skin tends to burn immediately and then peel off. My only tan comes from self-tanning lotions. (Probably a lot more healthy that way, right?) However, my wife LOVES the coast...the waves, the positive ions that come from the ocean...etc. So, I put SPF 70 on my arms, face and legs from the knee down...and we go strolling along the shoreline together in the evening as we watch the sun slowly sink into the gulf waters.

On Saturday night, we went to Destin (45 miles) to grill out with Jonathan and Tanya Halbrook & their four children, who had just driven down and rented a house over there for the week. How wonderful to go 800 miles away from home and meet up with friends! It was a great meal and the house they are renting is WOW! (Diane said, "let's just stay the rest of the week with them and maybe we can ride back with them too.") Jon & Tonya said that would be great, but we would have to decide if I was riding on Diane's lap or if she was riding on mine. Okay, we'll fly back home instead.

Diane celebrated her birthday on Sunday, and we enjoyed catching up with an old family friend of mine (Ben Liggin) who preaches at the church in PCB. We also enjoyed two birthday meals (one was mexican, one was seafood) at some nice locations. I also gave her some special jewelry from Hawaii - long story, not on this post - and we got to see and hear the ocean waves crash 24/7 from the balcony of our oceanfront room. (It is nice to wake up to the sound of waves crashing...a rare treat for us.)

It was a very nice relaxing birthday weekend. But, Diane has informed me that she has decided to celebrate her birthday ALL YEAR this year until the next birthday. Looks like I will have to get creative with little surprises here and there throughout the year!

Now, we are headed back to Kentucky. We LOVE PCB.

Happy birthday, Diane! I love you very much and enjoyed "taking you away" for your birthday.

  • derbydi
    Where are we going next??? I don't need long to pack!!!
    by derbydi at 05/20/13 4:06PM
  • kamille
    I wonder where the Halbrooks were. I missed you guys too but never wonder about you; you're always off somewhere & sometimes D. tags along. LOL
    by kamille at 05/20/13 4:11PM
  • shannonwk
    You have been a very thoughtful husband to treat D. to such a fun birthday. It's nice that she is no longer working and can travel more with you as you "work".
    by shannonwk at 05/20/13 6:53PM
  • shannonwk
    PS. Glad to see you back. It has been almost a year since your last post. Hint..Hint!
    by shannonwk at 05/20/13 6:54PM
  • squeaky
    Now you understand why we love Gulf Shores.
    by squeaky at 05/20/13 7:41PM
  • bigdeborah
    Sounds wonderful (especially the being with the Halbrooks part!)
    by bigdeborah at 05/20/13 9:15PM

Hello Pleo-friends!

I'm back.

Still can't stand Facebook. I get so frustrated when I get on there...however, I did get on recently (it said I hadn't posted in 326 days) and make a few comments to some friends.

Life at home has been good. I have been traveling less in the last 30-45 days, which has been nice for our family.

Diane and I celebrated our 27th Anniversary (July 12) in Colorado Springs this year. I absolutely LOVE the mountains, and Colorado Springs is on my "top 10 cities" list. I was going there on business, so my lovely bride came along and we took some extra time for ourselves. Wonderful, clean mountain air...with a lot less oxygen in it! On our special day, we went to the top of Pike's Peak. The next day, we went on the zip lines at Royal Gorge. They are the only "world-class" zip lines in Colorado - whatever that means - but I can say that this experience (our first) was fantastic. Then, our Anniversary Dinner was phenominal. We found a one-of-a-kind restaurant called "Marigold" that had the freshest, tastiest food...and a knock-out dessert!

As the school year starts, Gavin has been enjoying the fact that he is NOT in school (and has been rubbing it in to all of the teenagers at church.) He got a job at UPS and is going to work for a while until he figures out what he wants. I am happy that he decided to WORK while he figures out his life - instead of getting STUDENT LOANS while he figures out his life. This is a good plan for him. He hates school, so Diane and I have counseled him to only go when he is focused on what he wants.

Grayson is winding down his undergraduate studies at MTSU. This summer, he took a course where he spent a lot of time in jet simulators. He now has logged time on the Canadair Regional Jet - 200 Series. He also has his private, instrument, commercial, mulit-engine ratings...and is working on becoming a flight instructor (CFI and CFII). He pretty much knows what he that's easy.

Garrett is living on his own and still trying to figure out his life. He will also graduate soon with a degree in Psychology. In today's economy, those credentials will get you a job at Starbuck's. However, Garrett already has a good job in logistics (shipping) for a company that packs internet orders. He is somewhat financially stable, yet still "searches" for the meaning of life. We pray for him constantly, but know that it's really up to him to find his way. We watch from a distance and hope that he will find his way back to God and to his family.

Well, so much for a quick dose of our life. (I'll bet you're sorry I got back on here now!)

Take care, everyone! I'll have a lot more exciting things to post in the near future!

  • kamille
    Can't wait for the next post of exciting things.
    by kamille at 08/11/12 3:36PM
  • aleta
    Good to hear from you! I enjoyed reading of your family.
    (I've deactivated my fb account and don't miss it at all.)
    by aleta at 08/11/12 3:55PM
  • squeaky
    Well for me I am glad your back on . Now coax your sweetie into posting more. We're having a good time in rainy cool Michigan .
    by squeaky at 08/12/12 8:33AM
  • shannonwk
    So glad to read about all the boys. I keep wondering about getting on FB as it seems thats where most post their news and pictures but then I read comments like yours and Aleta's^ which reassures me that I shouldn't.
    by shannonwk at 08/23/12 6:01PM
  • rainout lines at the Royal Gorge!? sounds terrifying! did Diane actually do it?? pictures?
    by rainout at 08/24/12 10:56AM
  • derbydi
    ^C'mon, now! YES, of course I did it!!! You would love it, Rene!
    by derbydi at 09/16/12 1:48PM

Only at Wal-Mart

Last night, I spent a lovely evening with my wife, which included dinner and running a few errands.

She decided she needed a few items from Wal-mart, and we were getting some photos printed, so we strolled into the store.

As we passed the checkout area and headed into the heart of the store, we saw two female employees laughing as they were transporting broken down boxes on a dolly-cart toward the back of the store. They had stopped more than once already as flat boxes began to spill from their stacks into the floor and they had to retrieve them.

The younger one (maybe mid-to-late 20s) thought this whole event was hilarious...totally ignorant of the fact that they were blocking the main aisle and customers were trying to figure out a way to go around them. The older one (mid-to-late 40s) was laughing too, but seemed to have a greater sense of urgency to get to the back of the store.

Amid this chaos, Diane asked the two for help in finding a particular item in the store. The younger one stopped laughing and got a puzzled look on her face as she tried to mentally picture where she had seen this item. "I think it'll be somewhere in the Home section over there," she said, not sure of her own words. Then, she looked to her older colleague for support.

The "seasoned Wal-Mart professional" looked at Diane, pointed toward the right-rear of the store and said:

"It's somewhere over there in that vin-zility."

Needless to say, I immediately added this word to my vocabulary, and for the rest of the evening I kept Diane in stitches as I found new ways to "weave this new-found word" into our conversation.

I am still laughing as I type this! I just thought you would enjoy this little story. I hope it brightens your day like it did mine...

...and you all come to see us, if you're ever in the vinzility.

  • kamille
    Only at Walmart. LOL
    by kamille at 05/15/12 10:12AM
  • squeaky
    Only you would keep that in his vocabulary but it is zwonderful.
    by squeaky at 05/15/12 12:23PM
  • sar_bear
    LOL =)
    by sar_bear at 05/15/12 5:55PM
  • tennesseemom
    it's hard to find good help these days! And speaking of wal-mart go to google and type in people at wal-mart and you will see how some people dress to go Wal-Mart.....
    by tennesseemom at 05/15/12 8:16PM
  • sarai_31
    That's awesome!
    by sarai_31 at 05/16/12 9:03AM
  • kamille
    ^^I've often commented on how people dress (or don't.) They look like they have on their PJs. Usually, it's a tee shirt with lounge pants & slippers/house shoes.
    by kamille at 05/16/12 12:26PM
  • bigdeborah
    Hahahaha!!! I'm excited to be in your vinzility in only 3 weeks!!!
    by bigdeborah at 05/16/12 3:26PM
  • derbydi
    ^ LOL! Love it!
    by derbydi at 05/16/12 10:26PM
  • flgranny
    Thats just too funny!!!
    by flgranny at 05/17/12 6:07AM