12/12/11 11:43PM

How do I reign in my thoughts?
They run away with out me it seems,
Chasing every worry, every anxiety,
Down every "what if" and apprehensive path.

How do I seize my every thought?
They appear to be beyond me,
Then the adversary taking opportunity,
Says "see, I told you" about my rampant surmisings.

How do you trust a truth,
When a lie seems more believable?
It wouldn't matter if you were gone,
No one would care. The thought contemptible.

Such are my thoughts.
Such they have been for years.
How to comfort a spirit weary from tears?
How to cheer a soul lonely, in fear?

The answers I do not know.
But to the truth I will hold.
My life, to a Savior I do owe.
He has prepared a mansion with streets of gold.

I am here to live for Him, always tested,
For He came and lived, being humiliated,
Offered His life so that death will be bested,
So that on Him my heart will have rested.
  • alwaysmilin
    did you write this?
    by alwaysmilin at 12/20/11 2:56PM

Fear God

How we have forgotten to fear the Lord, how unfortunate for us to lose our deep reverence for our God turning Him into a passive, doting grandfather figure who overlooks our every fault without a second thought and never punishes us for our transgressions.

The Youth Lectures this past weekend were about this very subject. I highly recommend listening to the sermons on the website or the podcast I think they still have.

Camp was amazing. Understatement of course. Not a perfect week, there was some tough stuff to deal with, but I hope my guys understand that I love them as my own soul and want nothing more than for them to become exactly what God wants them to be. I pray that I'm at least doing a passable job. It's great to see them grow closer together through the week, which we all definitely did. :)

I thank the Lord daily for them, and for the MANY MANY other things He blesses me with that I do NOT deserve.

What is grace?

What is grace?

Why do we forget about it? Why isn't in the forefront of our mind always? Why do we take it for granted? Why doesn't it shape every thought and action?
  • cabinmommajuju
    boy it does mine :)
    by cabinmommajuju at 06/30/11 11:35AM
  • alwaysmilin
    hmmm, good questions. I even wear it around my neck (literally, I have a necklace that says grace) and it has simply become another thing in my life that I barely notice. I think it is dulled by our sometimes sense of entitlement--not that I would ever consciously think I deserve anything from God, but as a Christian I take pride in the fact that Christ is my brother, God, my Father. And His/Their grace is so abundant, so...free that I can never do anything to deserve it, yet I never can deny it for I need it so much. Make sense at all? We forget the blessings we are given because they are daily, moment by moment He overflows us with opportunities to take hold of grace and call it our own...usually it is when we cut ourselves off from it that we realize how spoiled we have become. The trick is finding something to wake us up from the monotony daily so that we can be thankful around every corner, even in the shadows
    by alwaysmilin at 07/06/11 2:40PM

06/25/11 2:09PM

Psalm 32, 51, 103

I have a concern

This may be an unfounded concern, but nonetheless, a concern.

There seems to be an increasing number of young Christians (teenage and younger) that don't understand modesty. I see from time to time pictures of young people with their girlfriends/boyfriends in bathing suits together, at dances together, etc... That's still immodesty right? Not asking sarcastically. I've always been taught that tight fitting clothes, clothes that reveal the midriff, most of the thigh, or cleavage are immodest. Not necessarily because of some rule we find that says that these are exactly the guidelines, but because we try to protect ourselves and those around us from temptation. The question being, "are these still immodest?" comes from a concern that we are so desensitized to nudity that seeing a guy or girl mostly naked doesn't affect us.

I know how easy it is for guys to lose concentration, and I know girls are only slightly, if at all, different. So what's the deal? Why is it ok to be mostly naked with your girlfriend/boyfriend at the pool, beach, dance but not in your bedroom? I know that question is truly absurd, but why does the situation change what's accepted?

I'm considering posting this as a facebook note as more people will see it.
  • a_soldiers_wife
    Do it! post it! The young people of this generation of the church NEED to see this....It needs to be preached on more and the negative feelings that might come from the message don't need to be spared. (as in people getting offended).
    by a_soldiers_wife at 06/04/11 3:18PM
  • aggiechica
    Great thoughts Brandon, thanks for sharing!
    by aggiechica at 06/06/11 3:42PM
  • titan26
    you really should. there really isnt a difference. as you said even among young christians my age this seems to be an increasing problem. it bothers me. and its not that it even offends most of them when you tell them.. its just society has rubbed off on my generation so much that even among teenage christians the things of the world is climbing higher and higher and eventually might possibly cause these things to, in their mind, become just as accepting as Gods will.

    not sure if that all reads good but it took me a while to type it. so i didnt want to re read. (:
    by titan26 at 06/14/11 4:02PM
  • cabinmommajuju
    hi brandon! what are you up to this summer? i miss you too! Lord willing, i will see you in August @ the weddin? love you!
    by cabinmommajuju at 06/21/11 12:11PM