Some of my favorite shots of Nick and Ivy

  • purky
    Too cute!!!
    by purky at 06/12/10 6:39PM
  • shaneg
    I love each one the best!!!
    by shaneg at 06/12/10 8:56PM
  • tweedledee
    by tweedledee at 06/13/10 10:51PM
  • lol_smile456
    haha Nik!
    Ivy looks sooo peaceful sleeping.
    and that last pic. look JUST like a pic. of me and Aaron.
    by lol_smile456 at 06/15/10 11:59PM
  • sherry_everett
    They are both precious!
    by sherry_everett at 06/17/10 7:15PM
  • mullenpatch
    Did you say you went to Taylorsville Rd? Could you give my Grandma Jolly a hug? I'm Sheila. Thanks.
    by mullenpatch at 06/20/10 11:44PM
  • mullenpatch
    Thank you for giving her a hug for me. I've got to get up there to see her this summer. We're currrently moving and cleaning. I don't know the people you mentioned, but I do know Cary and Brenda Boyd, are they related?
    by mullenpatch at 06/28/10 10:51AM
  • shieldmaiden_rosa
    Love the pictures Mrs. Janet! :)
    by shieldmaiden_rosa at 06/29/10 11:14AM

Sad to inform you......

Many of you know Amanda, our daughter-in-law, whose mother has been fighting a battle
with cancer. Matt called early this morning to let us know Judy went to be with the Lord .
As I write he and Amanda are traveling to Memphis to be with her father. There are plans
for a memorial service, but the arrangements are not yet complete. Please continue to keep
Amanda & Matt and her family in your prayers during this difficult time.
  • kerrielee
    So sorry to hear this,we have them in our prayers.Let us know if we can help in any way.
    by kerrielee at 04/28/10 10:11AM
  • purky
    My heart goes out to her and Matt. I will pray for their comfort as well as safe travels.
    by purky at 04/28/10 11:39AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    Where did she attend in Memphis? We met several people there while Kelsey was taking treatments at St Jude.
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 04/28/10 11:47AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    That is why I asked. We saw Mrs. Judy all the time!! She always was so friendly and kind. She took a special interest in Kelsey. Please give the family our condolences and tell them she was such a lift to us every time we had to go get labs (which was often!) God bless you all!
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 04/28/10 5:10PM

New Granddaughter!

If you haven't heard there is a new addition to the Tosti family!! Ivy Elizabeth was born this afternoon at 2:20 EST. She
is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her in person. Just like when Nicolai was born we were able to see Ivy with the help of
Skype. It truly is the next best thing to being there!! Glad Lee's parents were able to arrive this evening and will be helping
out for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing Nicolai's reaction to his new baby sister. Marcie will post pictures as
soon as she can, so keep checking her blog. Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers for Marcie & sweet little Ivy.
  • lindseymarie
    How exciting! So happy for all of you! Can't believe you were already able to see her--the wonders of technology! Can't wait to see pictures!
    by lindseymarie at 02/20/10 10:10PM
  • raifhaus
    Ohh! Congratulations!
    by raifhaus at 02/21/10 5:56AM
  • purky
    by purky at 02/21/10 6:23AM
  • sherry_everett
    by sherry_everett at 02/21/10 1:45PM
  • lizsmith
    Congratulations! So happy for all of you!
    by lizsmith at 02/21/10 2:26PM
  • leaflady
    Congratulations to ALL of you, & welcome, baby Ivy! What a pretty name! How nice that they have a boy and a girl. :)
    by leaflady at 02/21/10 2:27PM
  • sherelyn
    Congratulations! I leave Thursday to go meet my newest grandchild!! I know you'll enjoy meeting the new addition! Aren't grandkids wonderful!!
    by sherelyn at 02/21/10 3:46PM
  • scottishstar7
    Congrats! Dad told us when we got home from Penny's wedding shower. Glad everything went smoothly even if she did come a week early. Love ya and take care!
    by scottishstar7 at 02/21/10 7:26PM
  • doogie
    Congratulations to all!!!
    by doogie at 03/06/10 12:57PM

Nick Likes Ice Cream (Updated)

Just want to let you know Lee, Marcie, Nicolai and Baby T will be flying back to the States today. Please keep them in your prayers for a safe flight
as they fly into Boston this evening around 6pm Eastern time. Baby T was not ready to reveal their gender during last weeks ultrasound. So... maybe
next time. :-) We are all excited to have them closer to us for a while.

Biting in to it

On his face

Enjoying ice cream

Oh No! It's gone!

Lee: Look what granddaddy has!

Nick: Help me granddaddy!!!!

All better

He also likes to chase it with lemons.

  • purky
    Said I would "never" be a homeschool parent. Well Cassie is officially homeschooled now!
    by purky at 09/26/09 8:35AM
  • kerrielee
    We missed you two today.How is your mom doing?
    by kerrielee at 09/28/09 12:05AM
  • purky
    What is the latest with your mom? Update on us: Both kids are homeschooled now:) I just have to get them up to where they should be. I don't think that will be too difficult as both of them are ready to go.
    by purky at 09/29/09 7:33AM
  • purky
    One day at a time sometimes one hour at a time!
    by purky at 09/29/09 12:07PM
  • kerrielee
    That's great hope they get here safely,hope your mom gets better soon,we are wanting to come hear Rick this week but our only free night is Wed.,it's pathetic I know.
    by kerrielee at 09/29/09 5:26PM
  • kerrielee
    Glad to hear there is some small improvement.You won't see us Sunday,we are going camping this weekend and will worship there.
    by kerrielee at 09/29/09 10:35PM
  • jody
    Everyone's here safe and sound! Just heading to bed now. ;)
    by jody at 09/29/09 10:40PM
  • raifhaus
    Couldn't figure out HOW my parents got to see L and M.... I'm figuring out that they were on their way home! Yeah!! The thought of those little cousins getting to know each other .... happiness!!
    by raifhaus at 09/29/09 11:10PM
  • snickers63
    My 'luck' held.... but I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you. Hoping it did not do more damage that we are yet to find out. :-P
    by snickers63 at 10/01/09 8:39AM
  • lizsmith
    How was Louisville, the meeting, cardmaking and grandbaby talking with Sharon??????
    by lizsmith at 10/01/09 11:35AM
  • jaydon
    It's so nice to have your daughter and Nicolai and Lee here. Hope this means you'll come this way for a visit soon.
    by jaydon at 10/03/09 4:43PM
  • vols_fan
    Thanks, if ya'll come Fri night plan on coming over for dessert afterwards i think I'm about to get Shane on board for that:}
    by vols_fan at 10/08/09 8:28AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    Thank you for your sweet words.
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 10/09/09 11:03AM
  • tweedledee
    THEIR gender?!?!?!? TWINS?!?!?!? =D
    by tweedledee at 10/11/09 9:10PM
  • shaneg
    I thought you were going to be in the boonies and not have netcess. I didn't think you'd catch me picking on my sis.

    We're thinking of you guys and praying.
    by shaneg at 10/18/09 8:38PM
  • tweedledee
    Thanks for letting us know! We are keeping you in our prayers around here! ♥
    by tweedledee at 10/20/09 3:20PM
  • purky
    I just heard the news about your Mom. You know that my prayers are with you and your family at this time that the Lord will grant you comfort. Love You All.
    by purky at 10/25/09 12:25PM
  • vols_fan
    I'm sorry about your mom, keeping you guys in my prayers, call me if I can do anything.
    by vols_fan at 10/25/09 3:43PM
  • purky
    Thinking of you during this holiday time.
    by purky at 11/27/09 6:00PM
  • grandmadiane
    You need to post some new pics of Nick and Company...
    by grandmadiane at 01/29/10 8:05PM

Greeting from across the pond.

Sorry to be so long in creating a post about our trip. Our time here has been non stop
from the start. We were very thankful for our safe travels, the only problem being our
arrival in Budapest without luggage. Thankfully it was delivered the next day by noon.

The first few days we rested and tried to adjust to the time change. I wish I could blame
my new hairdo on just being tired. Rachel, wish I had remembered why I needed to borrow
your curling iron for our trip last year instead of bringing mine this time. It is so sad to watch
your hair start smoking in front of your eyes on Sunday morning while trying to get ready for
services. :-(( You would have thought last year's monumental lesson of going shopping
alone and forgetting to take money was enough to last a life time. LOL

On the 6th-9th we traveled 3+ hours to a city in the eastern part of the country for the first
week of lectures. Wish I could say there was great interest here in spiritual things, but we
were very disappointed with no visitors or phone inquiries. It was very sad to watch people
going about their lives with what would seem to be no thought of their eternity. Last Monday
(20th-23rd) we traveled 2 and half hrs to a city in the southwestern part of the country. The
first night of the lectures there were two visitors, but sorry to say they only came once and
were the only visitors for the whole week. Lee recorded the lessons so he can put them on the
website, so hopefully those who are seeking God can use the website as a source in their search.
Continue to pray for honest hearts and open doors for spreading the Gospel in this part of the world.

We are having a wonderful time visiting with Nicolai and his mom & dad. :-)) We got to help
celebrate Nicolai's 1st. birthday on the 15th. Marcie will be posting pictures soon of his getting to
eat cake for the first time. He has become quite attached to his Granddaddy since our arrival. I
think he knows who is the real push over when it comes to getting what he wants. I just wish
Nicolai could help me convince his Granddaddy to let me post a certain picture from one of our
many times in the car. When we first got here Nicolai was just starting to take a few steps by
himself. Now, if he doesn't get in a hurry, he can walk across the room. They grow up so fast
and what fun it is getting to watch. Marcie gave him a big boy haircut yesterday and it has
really made him look older.

It has been such a blessing to have gotten to come to this part of the world now for a second
time. The main purpose for our trips are to help in the teaching here. Any sightseeing that
can be squeezed in is a added blessing. The day after Nicolai's birthday was one of those times.
In the states when you travel 4 or 5 hrs. by car you can be in another state very easily. Here
you find yourself in a different country. We have always wanted to see the Alps, so we planned
a quick trip to Salzburg, Austria. All I can say is WOW!! How can anybody say there is no God??
It is amazing how much you can see in a day an half. Lee and Marcie have adapted very well to
reading maps and figuring out where to go when the words aren't written in English. If we had
been on our own, well, let's just say it's been nice knowing you! It was a lot of fun getting to see
some of the places from the movie, The Sound of Music. Maybe you will be able to recognize some
of the places from the pictures. We stayed at night in a city just 10 miles from Salzburg in Germany.
Friday morning we drove for about an hour in the Bavarian Alps that are in southern Germany. The
pictures won't begin to do them justice.

These last few days will be very busy as well. We have planned for Tuesday another day trip to
visit two Christians that live about 2 hrs from here. Please continue to keep us in your prayers
as we will be flying home this Thursday. Thanks again to all of you that helped make this trip
possible. We look forward to seeing you but will miss the Tostis very much. Lee needs a medal
for putting up with his in-laws for a month and having to be the chauffeur during all our travels.
He is one in a million . :-) In her spare minutes, Marcie has been trying to teach me how to
post pictures. Hopefully tomorrow we can have success in sharing some with you.

Hope everybody will have a great week and Lord willing see you soon!

July Trip
  • purky
    So glad you are having a great trip. I think the same thing about the Rockies - How can anyone say there is no God? Praying for your safe return.
    by purky at 07/26/09 7:50PM
  • hogwash
    If I deserve a medal then so do you for slaving around the house while putting up with a constant barrage of verbal assaults. I've got a great idea: let's award ourselves with chocolate Ice-cream at Postakocsi!!!
    by hogwash at 07/27/09 4:49AM
  • raifhaus
    Wow! So happy that you've made the trip again, and had some time for a little travel, too.
    by raifhaus at 07/27/09 9:48AM
  • karliemichelle
    nice pictures! :) have a safe trip back.
    by karliemichelle at 07/27/09 5:35PM
  • lizsmith
    So wonderful reading this - I've been to Salzburg and am drooling over the photos. I love Europe!

    That is sad about the lack of spiritual interest. We must be praying. Safe journey home!
    by lizsmith at 07/27/09 5:49PM
  • kerrielee
    How beautiful,have a safe trip home!
    by kerrielee at 07/27/09 8:31PM
  • lol_smile456
    Nick's 1?? Aww. Wow!
    Looks BeAuTiFuL!!--can't wait to see ya'll :)
    by lol_smile456 at 07/28/09 3:40PM
  • shaneg
    All I can say is I have really enjoyed having a key to your house. I've had a great time while you were gone. You can come home now. :-)
    by shaneg at 07/28/09 10:10PM
  • larry_shannon
    Enjoyed reading about your trip & looking at the pictures. Nicolai has really gotten big! What an adorable boy! Keep my brother straight. You never know what will slip out of his mouth! :-)
    by larry_shannon at 08/03/09 1:39PM
  • kerrielee
    Thanks Janet!!!
    by kerrielee at 08/10/09 10:28PM
  • vols_fan
    OK so your've been keeping secrets from me, congrats on grandbaby # 2.
    by vols_fan at 08/11/09 7:54AM
  • sarahsellsshacks
    Congratulations on the grandbaby!! That is wonderful news!!
    by sarahsellsshacks at 08/11/09 2:22PM
  • larry_shannon
    So happy that you will be grandparents again!
    by larry_shannon at 08/13/09 9:13AM
  • lizsmith
    Congrats on grandbaby #2! But I don't know who is blessing you with this grandbaby #2????
    by lizsmith at 08/13/09 10:15AM
  • shaneg
    I think you are going to have to change your screen name to "borograndmom".
    by shaneg at 08/13/09 6:36PM