Emily and Maya and I had a great week in St. Louis last week. I spoke in a weeklong meeting at the Kirkwood church there. They have morning services also so it was a busy week, but Maya did incredible and it was very encouraging. Back in Burnet now. There will be a sacred selections fundraiser in Memphis on June 5 & 6 so if you're in that area look out for more details on that.
  • curlie
    Wish we could have met up with you at some point between your meeting and when Ethan spoke on Sunday. It was great to meet the brethren there finally after hearing all of the good things about them from Emily. Glad you made it home safely.
    by curlie at 04/28/09 2:38PM

Great Fundraiser for Sacred Selection

the fundraiser was great! hopefully it will become an annual thing. Be looking for it next year.

  • curlie
    Congratulations again!
    by curlie at 09/23/08 11:30PM
  • melmibelle
    she is so beautiful!!!!
    by melmibelle at 09/29/08 8:03AM
  • tnerbydoom
    Great picture. We are really happy for y'all.
    by tnerbydoom at 10/02/08 9:30PM
  • coultersmom
    congrats to new mommy and daddy! And maya
    by coultersmom at 10/03/08 10:12PM
  • dwboyd
    Great picture!
    by dwboyd at 02/07/09 6:02PM