Remember the days...

Remember the days when it seemed like everyone that you knew from church or such like was on pleonast? and how you checked to see if you had any "highlighted" names on the side? Yeah that doesn't happen anymore. Facebook has taken over. RIP pleonast..
  • tweedledee
    So long, farewell...
    by tweedledee at 09/05/10 4:38PM
  • jenlew21
    I'm backkkkkkk!! :D I am also on facebook...but been very busy!! :)
    by jenlew21 at 04/08/11 2:15PM

This is what me and Cortney rock out too while we're crusin' around town :)

  • rioriver
    Lol, I was expecting it to be something bluegrass...
    by rioriver at 01/01/10 6:00PM

12/20/09 9:31PM

Check out me and my girlfriends picture in the corner. She's a keeper :)

09/28/09 8:24PM