Go Gators!!

That's all. (8:05 pm)

They did! (12:33am)

And, yes, this is all you came here for. Such is the curse of a boring life.
  • textilet
    I came here for this?
    by textilet at 01/08/09 9:22PM
  • derbydi
    Happy for you guys!
    by derbydi at 01/09/09 5:05AM
  • textilet
    Hehehe! Good for you, Joe!
    by textilet at 01/09/09 5:49AM
  • bruski
    Yay! CHOMP!
    by bruski at 01/09/09 10:41AM
  • cali_dude
    woop woop...never thought of myself of much of gator fan! Shhh...dont tell Melinda! She still thinks I sm a USC fan ;)
    by cali_dude at 01/10/09 6:39AM
  • justg
    well, there you go...a brilliant post! really. it is a great time to be a florida gator!
    by justg at 01/12/09 6:11AM
  • cali_dude
    ha, yeah I though so too, but I couldnt think of a way to make it any shorter. haha...wish yall could come to the wedding. I know Melinda would like and my parents would too!
    by cali_dude at 05/12/09 10:58PM
  • on_eagles_wings
    Time for another new and highly entertaining post! :)
    by on_eagles_wings at 05/23/09 9:14AM
  • the_dow_dad
    Hey Joe! We really enjoyed being with you, Juline and your sweet girls on Sunday.
    by the_dow_dad at 08/26/09 9:16AM


Well, I'll have less opportunity to be on here. My employer (a major American company responsible for many of you having the infrastructure to get to the 'nast) has clamped down and removed access from many public "social networking" sites while on a company connection. So, my lunchtime habit of reading while eating is over. And, lately, evenings are increasingly filled.

In other news, I did my first evening of part-time work in the FC Library tonight. Got to work an hour and a half with her. I'm sure she was thrilled. She's on her way... I hope she has as much fun as I did.

  • justg
    Try to make the time! We woud miss you!
    by justg at 08/22/08 7:54AM
  • didow
    Sorry about the clamp down on internet use. What a bummer. Although I imagine it gets abused a whole lot in the work place.
    by didow at 08/22/08 12:53PM
  • kaceyatthebat
    Is it just me? I never whisper in a library! I mean, I don't yell or anything and I try to be respectful, but uh, whispering is horrible for the voice, you know?

    I hope you enjoy working at FC again. :)
    by kaceyatthebat at 08/22/08 9:11PM
  • kasa_mom
    When are your hours at the library? I'll try to get my daughter to go by and say hi.
    by kasa_mom at 08/22/08 9:21PM
  • tanja
    How sweet that you got to work with your daughter. I have always thought it would be fun to work in a library.
    by tanja at 08/24/08 10:56PM
  • fourkings
    booo.. I feel your pain. They did that to us as well at TMC.. They didn't think that it was professional with us sitting in the halls and checking our email! lol anyway.. that means that on my 12 hr work days.. I'm incognito!
    by fourkings at 08/25/08 3:05PM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    So... when we gonna chat?
    by 71lespaulcustom at 08/27/08 11:01AM
  • mattmanua
    I'm sure. We'd be more than happy to send him down there to you.
    by mattmanua at 09/02/08 7:57PM
  • kailua
    Today is Christopher Mongeon's Birthday!
    by kailua at 09/11/08 12:01PM
  • maucknot
    Not gonna happen. Georgia and Florida game will decide East champion.
    by maucknot at 09/25/08 5:16PM
  • maucknot
    Good call on the "bury GA"--I was sooooo wrong. Your Gators didn't allow you to enjoy it, however. What was going on in the secondary?
    by maucknot at 09/28/08 3:40PM
  • oudegekkemens
    Isn't it sad your daughter can get maintenance to her abode but you cant? We recently switched satellite providers from DirecTV to DishNetwork. Dish claims they have more HD and better DVR's. But ever since getting Dish I have had nothing but problems with the DVR's. They reboot arbitrarily, the record a 1 hour show for 3.5 hours or they start recording at 7 minutes past the hour.

    So after the 3rd replacement a tech suggested I might have an electrical issue. I plugged it into a new plug and all was well, UNTIL, the AC came on. So I called some guy named "Electrician". Cause I'm scared to death of those little buzzing wires and decided to let an expert handle it. He comes tomorrow. Wish me luck.
    by oudegekkemens at 10/09/08 4:32PM
  • oudegekkemens
    As an elder or not an elder. If she was qualified and already in a position of power like Sarah Palin is now, I think I could not only vote for but support her in a secular endeavor.
    by oudegekkemens at 10/11/08 8:54PM
  • backtoblack
    Joe without the "E" is Jo. Not cool. Rose without the "E" is Ros. BORING! I can see why it would bring such turmoil. An "E" is very important!
    by backtoblack at 10/12/08 12:56PM
  • midnightblues
    Thanks! Yes, I believe that he has chosen well and I am happy for him. I am also looking forward to finally having a daughter.
    by midnightblues at 10/13/08 10:53AM
  • maucknot
    Florida/Georgia game will be huge.
    by maucknot at 10/14/08 7:41AM
  • verny_mack
    Happy Birthday!
    by verny_mack at 10/19/08 12:42PM
  • kasa_mom
    Happy Birthday yesterday!
    by kasa_mom at 10/20/08 5:14AM
  • maucknot
    Leaving tomorrow. Go Gators (can't believe I just said that). Auburn fans always pull for Alabama's opponents!
    by maucknot at 11/28/08 6:11AM
  • derbydi
    Have fun on your trip!
    by derbydi at 12/04/08 11:16AM

From the "Be careful what you ask, lest you get it" department:

This AP story, "Man sues Tenn. church over spiritual fall", really slayed me. (Bonus points if you get the pun; double bonus if you get the historical origin and context)...

Seems Matt Lincoln, while praying, asked God for "a real experience". The force with which the 'Spirit' worked caused him to fall to the floor where, because no one in the church was there and ready to catch him [maybe the spirit wasn't moving them into place fast enough?], he hit his head. He's now suing the church for 2.5 million in order to cover lost wages, medical bills from two surgeries, and pain and suffering. [One can only assume he needs a better lawyer; apparently his present one wasn't able to locate the alleged "Spirit" on which papers could be served, thus having to settle on said "Spirit's" surrogate. (Additional bonus points awarded to any who can provide below the requisite "why can't a lawyer find the Spirit" joke.)]

There are just too many other ironies for me to enumerate... but you can have at it.

  • backtoblack
    I heard this story on the "Paul Harvey" show (Yes I listen to Paul Harvey...pretty much all my life.) It was one of those all you can do is shake your head things.
    by backtoblack at 07/20/08 9:39AM
  • backtoblack
    BTW incase anyone is interested, Paul Harvey has not been hosting his own show lately as his wife, Angel passed away. In his place has been his son Paul Harvey Jr. and Mike Huckabee. They both have done a very good job!
    by backtoblack at 07/20/08 9:42AM
  • dbsmelser
    Probably so. I would not have wanted to be flying up in those clouds. Turbulence I really like. Storm and Lightning, no.
    by dbsmelser at 07/24/08 9:27PM
  • bruski
    Some memories leave an indelible imprint on the mind, don't they?
    by bruski at 07/25/08 6:04AM
  • textilet
    I REALLY wish you could have come with us. Six free tickets and a free parking pass RIGHT outside the gate. Very nice!

    The musicianship was really something else! You should treat yourself to a concert if you ever get the opportunity. Kent will go with you! lol
    by textilet at 07/30/08 5:04PM
  • the_ghost
    my dad and I checked the line to the house, but no such luck. It would have been nice to dig through dirt instead of kitchen floor.
    by the_ghost at 08/01/08 7:46AM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    Hi Joe, just noticed your comment about WLC's article. Glad you enjoyed it. "Spot on" was a good choice of works ;)
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 08/01/08 10:52AM
  • cali_dude
    ahah! I was thinking the same thing!
    by cali_dude at 08/01/08 3:57PM
  • fourkings
    Book reading slumber parties sound GOOD!!! lol
    by fourkings at 08/02/08 8:36PM
  • laughing_eyes
    by laughing_eyes at 08/02/08 10:04PM
  • create_a_way
    this makes me think of the homosexual in MI who is suing Zondervan, and another Bible publisher, for $80,000,000 for printing that homosexuality is a sin, and thereby causing him emotional duress.
    by create_a_way at 08/07/08 1:49AM
  • charliesangel
    i know i don't comment on your blog much, but i always LOVE when you comment on mine. so, please continue to do so :) Think of you and Juline ALOT, you know.
    by charliesangel at 08/07/08 8:07PM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    Would love to talk about whatever, whenever! You can get my email address off my user page.
    by 71lespaulcustom at 08/13/08 11:23PM
  • cindyloowho
    I'll give dana your regards. she is doing ok. the girls are doing great. Dana just had to have some neck surgery and is in recovery, but she's plugging right a long.
    by cindyloowho at 08/14/08 3:08PM
  • AlanL
    It was the young boys in the verse who didn't care about the Sultans, who were a trumpet playing band. "Too much competition too many other places, but not too many horns can make that sound."
    by AlanL at 08/15/08 6:32PM
  • justcallmejoe
    Do you remember where you did the driving school?
    by justcallmejoe at 08/16/08 1:03PM
  • justcallmejoe
    The other issue is that we're going down to 1 car anyway, so the person who got the ticket probably won't be listed as a primary driver.
    by justcallmejoe at 08/16/08 1:04PM
  • justcallmejoe
    I see. I just don't want to pick a fake site that takes your money and runs. Then I'd feel like a sr. citizen from an npr story.
    by justcallmejoe at 08/17/08 7:45AM
  • bruski
    Good to see you on Saturday!
    by bruski at 08/19/08 5:19AM
  • the_dow_dad
    It was 'very' good to be with you and Juline. Thank you for you hospitality!
    by the_dow_dad at 08/19/08 10:24AM

Just in case, I'll put you on my list...

No, not my friends list... this one:

You've Been Left Behind (http://www.youvebeenleftbehind.com) - because no one knows the day or the hour.

Yep, these folks have filled a gap on the Interweb - shilling a service that not only stores my important documents, but -- if you're on my list -- promises you'll get one last message from me (with whatever documents I deem important enough to send you) when the Rapture occurs.

"How will this happen?", you ask. Silly Luddite! These are modern times! There now exist servers...

"programmed and run by Christians, for Christians... set up to send documents by the email, to the addresses you provide, 6 days after the "Rapture" of the Church. This occurs when 3 of our 5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period. Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the system."

Forget the theological questions... what are the implications of me leaving you off? Worse yet, what if I add you now, but then (as I'm allowed to do) edit you off my recipient list at a future date?

  • joes_wife

    That is totally weird.
    by joes_wife at 06/19/08 10:42PM
  • deusvitae
    Utterly ridiculous.

    What if these believers are not rapture-certified and 3 of the 5 or more get left behind? I don't know if they've thought this one fully through. :D
    by deusvitae at 06/19/08 11:35PM
  • jerzgirl
    So, if I'm on your list does that mean you assume I will still be HERE after this so-called "Rapture"? It sounds a tad insulting! :)
    by jerzgirl at 06/20/08 5:19AM
  • joes_wife
    ^^^That's what I was thinking ;)
    by joes_wife at 06/20/08 12:13PM
  • blagosloven_chovek
    You've hit on one of the imponderables! What if I receive my own email? The implications are mind boggling.
    by blagosloven_chovek at 06/20/08 1:56PM
  • jerzgirl
    You made me "LOL"
    by jerzgirl at 06/20/08 2:07PM
  • emersonk78
    Yes, I do know the Wares. Just saw them a few weeks ago when James was dropped off and picked up at camp Takula.
    by emersonk78 at 06/20/08 2:13PM
  • cmvermont
    didja really pay the $40 subsciption fee?
    by cmvermont at 06/24/08 5:05PM
  • blagosloven_chovek
    ^^^I believe I should ask them to bill me upon use of the service. ;-)
    by blagosloven_chovek at 06/24/08 5:08PM
  • textilet
    Thanks for the commiseration. Fortunately, the AC repair was on the house and not the car that we've decided to donate.
    by textilet at 06/24/08 5:32PM
  • jimmybuck
    Boy if I were a hacker, I'd love to make that fire off.
    by jimmybuck at 07/05/08 5:07PM
  • jimmybuck
    Was that around June 23?
    by jimmybuck at 07/06/08 6:42AM
  • the_ghost
    you know, that song does make alot more sense when from the woman's perspective and not the man's. I think Erin could have written that song as well. :)
    by the_ghost at 07/08/08 5:12PM

The new hurricane season's here! The new hurricane season's here!

Ok, so I'm five days late. But, just got my new insurance policy in the mail, and it just brought it to mind again. Yes, I got the ol' "We seek to reduce our concentration of risk in your area. Unfortunately, this means we will not be renewing your policy" letter this year. (And, now that I have an air conditioner that has actually lasted for 20 years, I had no one willing to insure our abode, so was routed to Citizens - the Florida insurer of last resort.) So, now paying 234% more than I was just 7 years ago, when we first purchased this house, I'm ready... right?

If anyone wants to visit, we'll be here..., waiting... just come on down:

  • deusvitae
    More good reasons to live outside of hurricane country. :D
    by deusvitae at 06/05/08 2:23PM
  • mritchie47
    :( I know a good insurance agent that you can contact, at least :)
    by mritchie47 at 06/05/08 2:38PM
  • kaceyatthebat
    lol, nice map.
    by kaceyatthebat at 06/05/08 3:07PM
  • kaceyatthebat
    But it's so EXCITING to stock up on bottled water and canned goods while you pray for your life and your house as the tree outside the rattling window comes parallel with the ground.
    by kaceyatthebat at 06/05/08 3:08PM
  • deusvitae
    Oh, we get tornados, but it's not like they just come out of the sky while it's sunny out. Storms let you know the potential exists. :D
    by deusvitae at 06/05/08 3:40PM
  • justg
    Maybe I'd better call my company, Nationwide...wonder if the letter got lost in the mail? Yikes!
    by justg at 06/05/08 3:59PM
  • jlmanager
    by jlmanager at 06/05/08 5:33PM
  • jerzgirl
    Such a FUN season -- if you live through it! :)
    by jerzgirl at 06/05/08 5:37PM
  • ben
    Ouch - sorry about that.
    by ben at 06/05/08 6:44PM
  • fourkings
    What a GREAT picture!!! LOL I'm laughing.. However... I'm really sorry about the rate hike.. seriously.. WE totally understand and feel your pain. Don't ask us what our HO Insurance rates are here! LOL can u say ridiculously low...
    by fourkings at 06/05/08 9:05PM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    The good news is that you are paying nowhere near an actuarially sound rate with the reckless government-suppressed rates in Citizens.
    by 71lespaulcustom at 06/05/08 9:15PM
  • joes_wife
    I'm with you honey :)
    by joes_wife at 06/06/08 8:29AM
  • begooddontspit
    Ha, I not so hot on Citizens. After working with them for over a year (working for Brian and Paige), they really should be a last resort, but that's not encouraging...so scratch that comment... YAY CITIZENS!
    by begooddontspit at 06/06/08 9:28AM
  • on_eagles_wings
    I would almost take being in a hurricane in Florida over being in the stagnant humidity of Tennessee. When you get hot enough, you can run to the ocean. We are kind of land-locked! :)
    by on_eagles_wings at 06/09/08 10:43PM
  • pdawg
    Thanks! We're looking in the Piedmont and Yukon areas.
    by pdawg at 06/10/08 2:30PM
  • ssw
    hello! i am doing great. i'm back in IL, but i'm looking for a job out in northern colorado & hoping to move in the next month or two. i keep up w/ you guys on juline's blog. your girls are getting so big! i hope all is well w/ you, too!
    by ssw at 06/10/08 9:37PM
  • melissal
    Sounds like you'll have to cut that trash can up and hide it in an opaque bag for them to take it.
    by melissal at 06/11/08 12:03PM
  • laughing_eyes
    Winthrop was wonderful :) -- that picture looks rather wet.
    by laughing_eyes at 06/11/08 9:17PM