• bekka
    Hi Beth welcome to pleo my name is Beckie and I live in Huron Ohio
    by bekka at 01/29/08 9:23PM
  • nornie
    Welcome to Pleo.
    by nornie at 01/29/08 10:03PM
  • mrs_rosshead
    Hello there, Beth. Welcome to the fun world of Pleonast, where getting to know each other is an adventure! ;)
    by mrs_rosshead at 01/29/08 10:11PM
  • deusvitae
    Welcome to Pleonast. :)
    by deusvitae at 01/29/08 10:21PM
  • cdillman23
    Welcome to pleo
    by cdillman23 at 01/29/08 11:20PM
  • scrappyhappymama
    Welcome to Pleo miss Beth, Sarah's friend. :)
    by scrappyhappymama at 01/30/08 12:32AM
  • mimi71
    Welcome to pleo! I'm Melissa; live in Wellington, Oh; attend services in North Ridgeville, OH.
    by mimi71 at 01/30/08 6:25AM
  • trashley
    Hi Beth!!!! How are you?!?!?!?! Wow! it has been way to long!!!
    by trashley at 01/30/08 7:54AM
  • norriej
    Hi Beth!! I'm Norrie!! Welcome to Pleo!! I used to live in Florence, Al, now I live west of N'ville!!
    by norriej at 01/30/08 8:53AM
  • purrph1
    Hello! I'm Amanda. I know Sarah from pleo.
    by purrph1 at 01/30/08 9:17AM
  • nillabarr
    Are you Andrea's cousin? My name is Jessica! I was in her wedding (I had the little boy!) :)
    by nillabarr at 01/30/08 9:22AM
  • sar
    Welcome to pleo. I also went to camp but I am sure it was before you did.
    You are right, it is called "soda" not "pop"!
    by sar at 01/30/08 9:57AM
  • mjintexas
    Welcome to Pleonast! Enjoy the fun.
    by mjintexas at 01/30/08 10:03AM
  • dederich
    Hi, Beth. Welcome to Pleo. I actually went to college with Sarah's mom. My name is Diane and I live in Spring, TX, northern suburb of Houston.
    by dederich at 01/30/08 1:12PM
  • bonkrs5
    I am good, it has been a long time.
    by bonkrs5 at 01/30/08 5:03PM
  • rissaj
    welcome :)
    by rissaj at 01/30/08 10:38PM
  • sarahsmile
    I think I went to FC with a Knutilla
    by sarahsmile at 01/31/08 3:48PM
  • sarahsmile
    I grew up in Hayden,AL
    by sarahsmile at 01/31/08 3:49PM
  • roseofsharon
    Hi there. Good to see you on! Miss Sharon from Iowa, I am.
    by roseofsharon at 02/02/08 7:56PM
  • roseofsharon
    I would like to see a phonetic pronunciation of your last name, please. :)
    by roseofsharon at 02/02/08 7:56PM