It's been a few days...

So here you go.

- Since mid-September 2008, I've had around 7 weekends off due to Hurricane IKE recovery at the plant. We're pretty much done, and it's a HUGE relief.

- We bought a 2007 Honda Pilot in Tyler, TX. It's Maroon and fantastic.

- Our latest project has been revamping the office which is going swimmingly. So far we've built a desk, added a bookcase, added a counter-top level table for sewing, and hung 6 VERY stubborn shelves. They are "level".

- I've picked up running again which is great. The iPOD Shuffle and sermons/lectures online are a great combination. My latest favorites are Ravi Zacharias and N.T. Wright.

- Young people Bible class at the congregation is going well. We're about to pause in June for a month-long Bible study in Romans with Paul Earnhart. Good stuff.

- I'm trying to read more. Right now I'm on "How to Speak, How to Listen", and I've got two books waiting in the wings. Any suggestions.

- Somebody at work told me my wife was very pretty. I married UP.

- Any questions?

Heaven's getting closer by the second...
  • jdickens
    I enjoyed Mark Levin's Liberty & Tyranny. I'm in the middle of "Economics in One Easy Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt...and it's really good
    by jdickens at 05/26/09 10:11PM
  • jess
    It was SO good to see you guys - guess you made it back safely! :)
    by jess at 05/26/09 10:17PM
  • ward
    I'm presuming that you've already read How to Read a Book if you're on ...Speak...Listen. If not, I highly recommend that one next.
    by ward at 05/27/09 9:29AM
  • isaacgholman
    yay for maroon cars! i had a maroon toyota corolla from 2000-2008, and i was so proud of it!
    by isaacgholman at 05/28/09 9:54PM
  • entheos
    I'll get back to you about a book rec.
    by entheos at 06/06/09 9:56PM
  • hannahnelson
    Hello Billiam
    by hannahnelson at 07/21/09 7:07PM
  • denisemccaskill
    Congrats! :)
    by denisemccaskill at 04/05/10 11:26AM
  • jess
    It shouldn't be so quiet over here!! ;)
    by jess at 04/05/10 1:40PM

I found some cooked fruit I like.

Having Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off was great…back to work today, on call tomorrow and Sunday *fingers crossed everyone looses my phone number*.

The in-laws are in town which is wonderful. Julie is 3 for 3 in spectacular meal cooking. 7 people and 1 blind dog that loves to hear the sound of his own bark. Good stuff. The brother-in-law got a surround sound system…we tested it with The Dark Knight. I had never seen The Dark Knight…one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

I finished 6-6-2 in the regular season of our fantasy football league. Two Ties!! And I made it to the championship game (and got crushed).

I was listening to someone on the radio talk about this Madoff goof-off who took everyone’s money in a Ponzi scheme. This guy on the radio made an excellent point about one of the largest Ponzi scheme’s ever to exist and go unnoticed in history: Social Security.

Julie bought this “Would You Rather?” game…it’s pretty interesting. The game itself is ok…I’d much rather just read the questions and sit around debating which is better.

Today’s interesting deep thought question from the game: Would you rather know your own future and not be able to change it, or know everyone else’s future and not be able to tell them?

New Year’s Resolutions next time.

Heaven’s getting closer by the second…
  • billiam
    How about the major details (spouse, # children and how they turn out, moves, hard times, deaths).
    by billiam at 12/26/08 10:43AM
  • lp
    we used to play a game called "will i never" and one person stood in the middle with everyone sitting aound and made statements of someting they have never done and whoever has done it has to get up and fight for a new chair...whoever is left standing is the new person in the middle...loads of fun
    by lp at 12/26/08 3:10PM
  • jess
    Thanks! Merry Christmas to you guys too! It sounds like you had a great holiday - we did too! :) I got Justin the Dark Knight, and we're excited to test it on his new system too! Isn't the movie amazing? Heath Ledger was just phenomenal.
    by jess at 12/28/08 7:57PM
  • acurtis
    Adam got a PS3 and Dark Knight for Chrismas. It was WONDERFUL! I was scared silly through the whole thing. I would definately not want to know futures...of anybody.
    by acurtis at 12/29/08 6:40PM
  • coulter
    I really thought I was going to get that game this year. Glenn is always on top of the latest debate games.
    by coulter at 01/02/09 3:29PM
  • werdna
    I got that game for Xmas too. We've enjoyed playing it. It's funny how heated some of the debates can get, ha.
    by werdna at 01/07/09 11:48AM
  • dirk
    know everyone else's and not tell them...
    by dirk at 01/14/09 11:46AM
  • dirk
    I enjoyed fantasy football this year, and my team exceeded my expectations and did pretty well... though I didn't win it all. I was fortunate enough to have picked up Steve Slaton and Matt Ryan in the later rounds, and they turned out to be great. Drew Breeze did great too, as it would be a bad game for him if he had less than 20 points. Fun stuff.
    by dirk at 01/14/09 11:49AM
  • jess
    Am I sensing some sarcasm...? How've you guys been lately?? Miss you both!!
    by jess at 03/31/09 10:17PM

Colossians 3:17

i am thankful for GOD'S WORD. sometimes i don't even feel worthy of being allowed to read it, and yet it's there faithfully.

i am thankful for THE REVELATION TO JOHN and the teenagers helping me study it. we've talked about angels, demons, and the real battles...great stuff i wish i'd talked about at their age.

i am thankful for a lovely, patient, intriguing wife that makes home a haven of rest.

i am thankful for this job, even if i haven't had a 2-day weekend in three months.

i am thankful for this job, even if i have to be at work the last thursday and friday of november.

go titans.

go state.

time to go eat.

heaven's getting closer by the second...

*** UPDATE ***

I got up at 4 this morning (like always) to go workout, and there's 3 INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND!! Seeing that much snow is great, but it's even greater to hear native Texans talk about it. I feel bad for people who didn't grow up with a good snowfall or two a year...deprived children.
  • coulter
    I am glad you are still thankful for your bible & bible study during the midst of these busy times. How have you found time for The Revelation, lunch breaks?
    by coulter at 11/29/08 7:26AM
  • lol_smile456
    Missed u at Thanksgiving! Hope u & Julie are doin good :)
    by lol_smile456 at 11/29/08 1:20PM
  • isaacgholman
    what do you think about croom? who is going to be the new coach???
    by isaacgholman at 12/03/08 11:11PM
  • isaacgholman
    fulmer!?! no way!!!
    by isaacgholman at 12/04/08 11:50AM
  • nickomundo
    I have the URL for Valrico. Do you know any of the other's? If not I'll just start doing searches for them.
    by nickomundo at 12/15/08 6:58AM
  • dirk
    Glad to hear that your iron gym is serving you well. I am loving mine, and no damage so far. It's so handy, and such a good deal.
    by dirk at 12/15/08 10:08AM
  • dirk
    We got a little bit of snow here in the Austin area, but nothing compared to that. It is funny to see people's reactions to it. A couple of year's ago we had an ice-storm and work was shut-down for 2-3 days.
    by dirk at 12/15/08 10:10AM


Here's the update...quick style:


Personal: Julie and her sister evacuated to Memphis for 10 days; I evacuated to THE Starkville, MS to the MSU v. Auburn crazy football game...came back the next day. House OK, one shingle bent upwards and some fence fell over. Had power, cable, and internet less than 14 hours after hurricane...must be living right. :)

Work: The opposite. Our levee at the plant is 10' tall. We had a 10ish foot surge. The levee was breached and topped, filling the plant with a nice riverwater/seawater mix for 3 days. Result...a nightmare mechanically, and I'm only getting every 14th day off (plus a few hours every Sunday morning). The destruction is amazing, but so is the current restoration effort. Ridiculous.

Work will be crazy probably until Feburaryish...sorry if you don't here much from me.

How many times did your company get trashed during the VP debate? Mine got five...woo!

My main problem with the Bailout situation is this: Where is "oversight" going to come from? Congress? Government can't keep other financial systems like Freddie/Fannie or Social Security in order, so how will their oversight help? I say split the $700 Billion and AIG's assests amongst every U.S. citizen. The economy would bounce back REALLY strong after all the stupid people blow their money.

The Revelation is still incredible...becoming my favorite book.

Heaven's getting closer by the second...
  • pontofoxburrofloamsdown
    Here is the link to the guy I mentioned tonight. Entertaining and lots of facts.
    by pontofoxburrofloamsdown at 10/05/08 8:48PM
  • lol_smile456
    I was prayin for you guys in the hurricane.
    by lol_smile456 at 10/12/08 12:09PM
  • coulter
    ok, well its coming. I'm doing a lesson on How Should Christians Vote. I'll be leaning heavily on your sermon outline & Edwin Crozier's. Thanks for having the guts to speak up & sharing that with me. I'll e-mail you mine when it is finished.
    by coulter at 10/20/08 11:46AM
  • snorman
    i guess for my purposes I should have said housing market instead of economy
    by snorman at 10/28/08 10:59AM
  • lol_smile456
    Happy Anniversary!! :) ♥
    by lol_smile456 at 10/30/08 12:45PM
  • coulter
    Hey, why is gas so low?
    by coulter at 11/15/08 8:51PM
  • coulter
    is it low b/c they have you working 6 days a week w/ no overtime?
    by coulter at 11/17/08 9:14PM
  • coulter
    I'm good, teaching a class on Daniel & trying to get a new series of posts to put up, before that, a post on how 'Christians' voted is pending.
    by coulter at 11/17/08 9:14PM

Quick Nerd Alert

For those interested in the potential destruction of Europe, the Large Hadron Collider will be launched for the first time tomorrow morning.

Short version: This machine is 27km; the goal is to get protons up to 99.9999% the speed of light, run them into each other, and see what happens.

Full Story.

Favorite quote from the full story: "The great thing about this experiment is that we know we must find something new because our current theories don't explain what will happen at LHC. We have some guesses which may or may not be right, but whatever the results, the LHC will herald a new age in our understanding of physics."

Translation: We. don't. know. what. will. happen.


Ike's kinda coming this way.

I upset a Catholic visitor in Bible class Sunday...but we studies for 15 minutes b/w it and worship, and he's going to come back. Win win.

Work is busy, but fun. A new job is always tough but fun I guess.

I've already started on one of my 2009 New Year's Resolutions: set a personal record in the half-marathon. Gotta beat 1:25:39. Southeast Texas heat is hot

Heaven's getting closer by the second...
  • lol_smile456
    i like how you always end your entries with heaven's getting closer by the second.
    by lol_smile456 at 09/09/08 8:54PM
  • acurtis
    (Adam) And don't you love the theories about miniature black holes!?!
    by acurtis at 09/09/08 8:57PM
  • staci
    That article scared me a little. Maybe that's how the Lord is going to destroy the Earth...
    by staci at 09/09/08 9:10PM
  • jess
    Yeah that LHC thing is crazy - Justin warned me about the pending destruction a few weeks back. That's great about the Catholic!
    by jess at 09/09/08 9:11PM
  • billiam
    I don't understand how a black hole can be small and still swallow everything. Don't be scared of the earth's not like we can stop it. Blame the French.
    by billiam at 09/10/08 6:38AM
  • nottoscale
    Sounds like we get to wait until next year for the high speed collision... oh well. I was kinder hoping to wake up to a smallish crater in France :)
    by nottoscale at 09/10/08 6:59AM
  • julie
    by julie at 09/10/08 7:47AM
  • billiam
    True. I was just trying to induce panic.
    by billiam at 09/10/08 10:35AM
  • shamgar
    I have read several articles on the LHC. I'm excited about the results. The power it will consume is enormous. Pretty sure they said the same danger was possible before the Trinity Test - though it was top secret.
    by shamgar at 09/10/08 4:24PM
  • shamgar
    Oops thats Swizerland... sorry spain.
    by shamgar at 09/10/08 4:24PM
  • charleysimmons
    It just powered on and began accelerating. They haven't slammed the particles into each other yet... That's when the really interesting stuff happens... mini-black holes, killer strangelets, cats and dogs raining from the sky... the end of the world*. (* - denotes sarcasm)
    by charleysimmons at 09/11/08 12:30AM
  • entheos
    read all the articles you want - I contend until you watch the LHC Rap Video you can't truly appreciate this amazing experiment! :-)
    by entheos at 09/11/08 2:16PM
  • billiam
    "I'm about to drop some particle physics in da club." Awesome.
    by billiam at 09/11/08 7:03PM
  • nottoscale
    In case you begin to wonder at any point:
    by nottoscale at 09/12/08 12:43AM
  • nottoscale
    (from jodi's... http://pleonast/jodimn)
    by nottoscale at 09/12/08 12:45AM
  • savannahnicole
    who is this?,and why am i on your friends list? I don't mean to be rude at all!!!!!I was just wondering
    by savannahnicole at 09/15/08 3:21PM
  • lol_smile456
    haha....i think the u and savannah thing is funny :D
    by lol_smile456 at 09/17/08 6:02PM
  • savannahnicole
    haha!! its totally ok!! i was just a little wierded out cuz i didnt know you but i guess we could be frendz!!lol(i'm always up for new frendz)
    by savannahnicole at 09/18/08 7:14PM
  • savannahnicole
    btw:how old are you cause if your like 16 i guess you don't want anything to do with me!!!!!haha
    by savannahnicole at 09/20/08 4:06PM
  • williamdawson
    I am taking Human Anatomy & Phy this semester. I am really liking it so far, so it may be a possible career idea.
    by williamdawson at 09/29/08 8:58AM