Finally - Motherhood.

It's been awhile. I guess it's understandable considering what has been our life the past six months :P

Things are finally becoming normal, well at least our *new* normal with Miss Gracie. We've been on survival mode for way too long, so it's very nice to have the energy to go everyday things. My mom had been staying with us pretty much since Gracie was born, but full time since my surgery. She was able to go home last week. We miss her being around and so thankful she was able to come and take care of us. I had my last appointment with the surgeon yesterday - our ordeal is now officially over.

I'm home with Gracie now, and Lord willing I'll be able to stay home with her. My job wants me to come back, and they're wonderful people to work for, but my place is with Gracie now. I'm looking forward to having a little more time to do things for the congregation here.

What are your favorite ways to edify and encourage brethren?

Sending my love until next time...

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  • teelside
    I am always encouraged by your good hugs... Best tools? Good study, free discussion, kind words and sincere interest in welfare of the brethren. We can't help others if we don't know what God says and where we and they are. XOXOXOXO xoxoxoxo (little tender ones for Gracie.
    by teelside at 02/02/12 1:25PM
  • mamabear
    You have definitely been through a lot this last 6 months. So glad to hear you are mending, and on the swift road to recovery. Just don't be tempted to break the speed laws on that still need time to recover and get back into your every day routine. It has been quite a while since that was normal! Looking forward to meeting Gracie :-)

    As for edifying and encouraging the brethren - I think Mrs. Peni has a good answer. Your own personal study is important, so you will be ready to discuss when someone has a problem and comes to you. Don't let that go by the wayside now that you have a baby. It may be harder to find the time, you just have to be more inventive :-)

    You have a good start. Build up your own strength, then you can build up others!
    by mamabear at 02/03/12 9:57AM

"She smelled pink"

Well the arrangements for our little girl continue. I've picked a crib set, now I just need to decide what else I want to go with it. My sister-in-law has flooded me with little girl clothes (not that I mind), and we haven't even had a shower yet and have already experienced such loving generosity. I'm about a week and a half away from my third trimester, so my mind is revolving around this little girl. She's moving a good bit these days, Jeremy has finally been able to feel her. I can't wait to see her face and hold her. I can't wait for her to meet all the people who love her so much already.

Sending my love until next time...
  • teelside
    Sweet, sweet, sweet pink.
    by teelside at 08/06/11 8:13PM
  • comade
    So happy and excited for you guys!!
    by comade at 08/06/11 8:54PM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 08/06/11 9:45PM
  • kayhack
    Great! So glad for ya! :)
    by kayhack at 08/07/11 4:44PM
  • arual
    Isn't planning out baby stuff exciting? =D
    by arual at 08/08/11 7:58AM
  • thewifeofbud
    by thewifeofbud at 08/08/11 11:57AM
  • CalvinBoyGenius
    by CalvinBoyGenius at 08/09/11 9:26AM
  • mamabear
    We can't wait to see her little face :-)
    by mamabear at 08/09/11 11:28AM

A child is a sign that life should go on.

Well we had our big ultra sound yesterday. The Lord has blessed us with an amazing little girl. We are beyond excited and comforted knowing she's healthy. God is an amazing God giving us something so amazing to witness and experience. Now we shop... : )

Now the other hand of our news of late. My grandmother passed away yesterday morning. She had a massive heart attack last Tuesday. She stayed in the hospital over night then was sent home with Hospice. She fought for about a week and then passed. My mother seems to be doing ok right now. She's been staying with my grandfather since Sunday. My hope is that she'll be able to go home soon to rest before the services. My tears are for my mother and her heart ache. Thankfully, my brothers and I already had plans to be home this weekend (4th of July is our big family holiday). So this weekend she'll be surround by us, which I think will lift her heart. Prayers on her behalf would be appreciated.

Sending my love until next time...
  • comade
    Congrats on your little girl! So special.

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother =(
    by comade at 06/28/11 2:16PM
  • lorileigh
    Congratulations on the little girl! Hugs and condolences on the passing of your grandmother being sent your way.
    by lorileigh at 06/28/11 8:32PM
  • mamabear
    Congratulations on the little girl news :-) Shopping you will go....yes! What fun I have had shopping for all my little granddaughters! I shop for my grandsons, too, but they are satisfied with blue jeans :-)

    Your mom has been on my mind all week, ever since we got word of your grandmother's heart attack. I am glad you all will be home this week. We plan to be there Friday :-)
    by mamabear at 06/28/11 10:01PM
  • arual
    Such joy and sadness at the same time. Praying for you and your family!
    by arual at 06/29/11 8:22AM
  • rissaj
    soo excited for you both and that little girl! Have you thought or agreed on any names? Such sadness losing a grandparent; Ive gone through 2 in the last 6 montths. Youre right though, our parents are the ones that our hearts break for the most. Praying for you all for your own heartache and happiness!
    by rissaj at 06/29/11 10:22AM
  • big_bertha_blue
    Patty I'm glad to hear you'll be there on Friday. I know Mom will be happy to see you too, she loves you both so much.
    by big_bertha_blue at 06/29/11 10:53AM
  • thewifeofbud
    So happy for you and your sweet little family! And I will be praying!
    by thewifeofbud at 06/30/11 8:39PM
  • kayhack
    YAY! Congrats to you!

    Sorry about your GM!
    by kayhack at 07/02/11 8:02PM
  • teelduo
    many prayers for all of you in your loss!

    Congratulations to you and Jeremy. A wonderful little girl!!!!
    by teelduo at 07/04/11 1:01PM

Disturb Us, Lord

"Disturb us, Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves, when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little, when we arrive safely because we have sailed too close to shore. Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly to venture on wider seas where storms will show Your mastery; where losing sight of land we shall find stars. We ask You to push back the horizons of our hopes; we ask You to push in the future in strength, courage, hope, and love." – Sir Francis Drake - 16th century English sailor
  • teelside
    :) As my Uncle Bly would say, he was one "very thoughty" sailor.
    by teelside at 06/01/11 6:21AM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 06/01/11 1:01PM

13 weeks and counting

Well baby and my stomach continue to grow...

We had a great meeting with Wes Brown last week. I always love to hear that man speak. He did some excellent lessons of encouragement and family. I've always known this, but it really sunk in (and will continue to) the huge responsibility a parent has to their child's soul. I can give my child food, clothing, shelter and on and on, but if I don't lead and give them a knowledge of the Savior, it's all for naught. Donna made an excellent point in the lady's class. She said how awful it would be to have your grown child fall away from the Lord and the responsibility as a Christian you would have to that child. No parent wants to face that. So we have to teach our children when they're 1, 3, 6, 12, 17... what it means to serve the Lord. We teach them not only so they can have an eternal home in heaven, but so we never have to witness the heart ache of them leaving the Lord. I'm so thankful for the wonderful example of parents Jeremy and I have. We have the support of our parents, but also so many brothers and sisters in the Lord who are doing and have done an amazing job with their children.

So... any recommended reading for the expectant momma?

  • comade
    The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
    by comade at 05/18/11 9:41PM
  • teelduo
    The old book that my ob/gyn gave to me, What to expect when you are expecting is EXCELLENT!!!
    by teelduo at 05/18/11 9:50PM
  • sugarcane
    To Train Up a Child, and for birthing, Hypnobirthing- A Celebration of Life
    by sugarcane at 05/19/11 9:52AM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 05/26/11 8:26AM