Wedding pictures!

  • plato
    Those pictures would be great if you weren't in so many of them... congrats again.
    by plato at 01/28/09 4:07PM
  • moe
    hey bro congrats
    by moe at 01/28/09 5:57PM
  • mj
    This are gorgeous. :) Thanks for sharing them, and belated congratulations to you! :)
    by mj at 01/29/09 8:31AM
  • plato
    Glad to hear it! But they don't care and won't listen, just like last year when phones were jammed and servers crashed due to the outpouring of pubic anger.
    by plato at 02/10/09 11:34AM
  • plato
    Agreed. Now we just have to vote all of the compromisers out as soon as possible.
    by plato at 02/11/09 11:15AM
  • serenity
    congratulations on your marriage. Wish you both the best and hope that it is a long and happy one. This is Carissa by the way
    by serenity at 02/13/09 5:41PM
  • plato
    Perhaps I could convince you to consider the information I just posted on my page...? Check out the Celente interview (13 minutes long).
    by plato at 02/14/09 11:49AM
  • plato
    No need for what? The gov't? The 10th ammendment? Despotism?
    by plato at 02/20/09 10:46AM
  • plato
    Check it. I do agree about it being unnecessary to restate it, but it has been so long since states have enforced the 10th that it's probably a good idea.
    by plato at 02/22/09 9:20PM
  • violet
    was that a question or statement? lol, maybe we will, maybe we won't (dodedodedodedode)....
    by violet at 02/22/09 11:42PM
  • kevin
    There is a post on "walking with God" that I think needs to be removed. It was a "reply" posted by Sadiemae to SassySarah. It is completely the inappropriate forum for this type of "reprimand." Take a look at it.
    by kevin at 03/03/09 8:07AM
  • plato
    by plato at 03/05/09 4:10PM
  • sarah_seaton
    Hey! How is the married life treatin' ya!?!? :)
    by sarah_seaton at 05/03/09 12:17AM
  • sarah_seaton
    So.... what? did you just drop off of the face of pleonast because you said "I do"?

    .... not cool, man. ;)

    miss ya. We need to *seriously* get together instead of just say "hey let's do this thing that we all know we'll never do"
    by sarah_seaton at 08/02/09 7:23PM
  • moe
    hey waz up how is life
    by moe at 01/09/10 10:35AM
  • capt_crunch
    hello, bibleguy. what news from the south? Tis naught but powdered ice and haughty snow that haunts these lands of automobile woe. A horse! a horse! My kingdom for a horse!
    by capt_crunch at 02/15/10 8:52AM
  • zach_dunagan
    Hey are you going to accept me in the group you have made called automotive_tech?
    by zach_dunagan at 02/26/10 2:22PM


wife loves movies so we watch a ton at home and some at the theater

marley and me...GO SEE! awesome movie

paul blart: mall cop....half funny, ok if you dont expect much
  • kevin
    We saw Defiance last night. Really liked it. A little slow at first, but a good story.
    by kevin at 01/17/09 11:56AM
  • plato
    How are you feeling now that your boy's in office? :P
    by plato at 01/21/09 1:18PM
  • plato
    by plato at 01/21/09 1:18PM
  • nature_girl
    thanks for the comment on the dating thing I posted:) it really helped me think
    by nature_girl at 01/22/09 2:24PM
  • brownie
    Yeah, my boyfriend and I went to go see Marley and me and I really liked how they put an emphasis on the husband and wife's relationship.
    by brownie at 01/26/09 5:11PM
  • andymuffins
    Appaloosa started awesome and gets bogged down, worse towards the end.
    by andymuffins at 01/26/09 6:28PM


is married

  • deusvitae
    Well, congratulations then!
    by deusvitae at 01/03/09 12:12PM
  • cruisingmom
    Congrats! How about a picture for proof? :·)
    by cruisingmom at 01/03/09 12:18PM
  • bibleguy321
    pictures maybe tomorrow or monday
    by bibleguy321 at 01/03/09 12:32PM
  • sarah_seaton
    WHOOO-HOOO!!! :) It was beautiful, Jason. I wished I could've taken pics. I would have some up by now... but when we got there, I realized that my batteries were dead and we didn't have any others. :(

    Congrats, again! And ya'll have a safe trip to the honeymoon. :) *hugs*
    by sarah_seaton at 01/03/09 7:36PM
  • Gods_Country_Girl
    YAY! I can't wait to see photos! :-)
    by Gods_Country_Girl at 01/03/09 9:05PM
  • the_brookester
    by the_brookester at 01/04/09 7:51AM
  • plato
    poor girl.
    by plato at 01/06/09 1:32PM
  • plato
    by plato at 01/06/09 1:33PM
  • plato
    Nice, but I won't be telling Kelly about that comment! (for your protection)
    by plato at 01/08/09 8:08AM
  • aleta
    Congratulations on your marriage to your sweetheart and best friend. I wish you all the best.
    by aleta at 01/09/09 11:34PM
  • andymuffins
    So when was your marriage date?
    by andymuffins at 01/12/09 8:29AM
  • bibleguy321
    Jan. 2nd, 2009
    by bibleguy321 at 01/12/09 12:00PM
  • greenlowrida
    married? how much u pay her?
    by greenlowrida at 01/14/09 10:14AM
  • moe
    congrats bro
    by moe at 01/14/09 2:24PM
  • greenlowrida
    lol, congrats man
    by greenlowrida at 01/14/09 3:27PM


we had a kid before we got married....go figure

actually, its deanna's xmas and bday present

  • cruisingmom
    Congratulations! What is the new additions name? :·)
    by cruisingmom at 12/28/08 2:48PM
  • bibleguy321
    Elle (pronounced L)
    by bibleguy321 at 12/28/08 3:55PM
  • sarah_seaton
    awwwwww! How cute!!! :) And yes, it is JUST like having a kid. I remember Mylo when we first got him. He'd wake me up about 4am wanting to be held. It was crazy.
    by sarah_seaton at 12/28/08 8:20PM
  • andymuffins
    Looks just like you.
    by andymuffins at 12/31/08 12:47PM
  • plato
    Let's hope it doesn't smell like him.
    by plato at 12/31/08 5:53PM

Most important vote last night

was not the presidential was

It makes me smile just to read it.
  • sarah_seaton

    You just made my day!!!
    by sarah_seaton at 11/06/08 2:32PM
  • plato
    Remember all the reasons you said the bailout was a good idea? Well, I guess those arguments didn't convince the man that created them...
    by plato at 11/17/08 1:13PM
  • plato
    by plato at 11/17/08 3:23PM
  • plato
    So, I was thinking about my tone in my first post to you and decided it was too "I told you so"-ish. When then pondering my reasons for having such an attitude, I realized that it is in anxious hope that you will realize that you have been lied to, and then react with righteous indignation towards the liars. So, 1.)sorry for my tone. What would be more appropriate is a pleading approach- pleading that you would re-examine these "politicians." and 2.) GET MAD AT THESE GUYS! Even if you still agree with your first stance that the bailout in its passage form was a good idea, see that they disagree with you now and are going to blow your money on something else without anyone's permission! More perfectly, I would encourage you to consider the Austrian Economics approach that predicted the situation we are in and is telling us how to fix it! (See the video I posted on the blog before this one.)
    by plato at 11/17/08 7:25PM
  • plato
    This is one such Austrian-
    by plato at 11/17/08 7:27PM
  • plato
    Yea, I had seen that and it DID make me want to puke! !?!?!??!
    by plato at 11/21/08 2:44PM
  • andymuffins
    Have you set a date?! And when is it?!
    by andymuffins at 11/25/08 8:47AM
  • andymuffins
    NO I DIDN'T YOU LOON! I'm leaving for Colorado on the second you igmo, how am I suppose to make it now? You're going to have to reschedule, I don't want to hear it, do it now...
    by andymuffins at 11/26/08 12:22PM
  • andymuffins
    Of course Colorado is more important than man seriously, I'm taking 2 other guys with me and everything is already purchased, it'd be tough to back out now.
    by andymuffins at 11/26/08 5:42PM
  • sarah_seaton
    yeah, I think it was my phone. I get like NO reception in this house.... sorry.
    by sarah_seaton at 12/08/08 11:34PM
  • sarah_seaton
    Hope you had a merry Christmas!!!
    by sarah_seaton at 12/26/08 4:43PM