Headbands with Pigtails and Bows

I was ask to try and figure out how to make these new headbands that are the new style and so tonight I did. They are lace headbands with fake hair on them to look like pigtails and with bows to make it complete. I think I did a good job for my first try. Savannah loves it. It is perfect for those moms whos little baby's don't have hair (like Savannah when she was little) and for those who can not get their little ones to put their hair up in pigtails.

  • carolattheriver
    She is sooooo cute!
    by carolattheriver at 09/07/10 9:02PM
  • joc
    Aw! That is really cute! That should be a good seller.
    by joc at 09/07/10 10:05PM
  • jenkegley
    It looks great! If you hadn't said what it was, I would have thought it was her real hair!
    by jenkegley at 09/07/10 10:58PM
  • bferguson
    Thanks everyone
    by bferguson at 09/08/10 9:35AM