Some famous people who are members of the "church of Christ"

(or at one point had been) (faithful and not faithful) (both "conservative" and "liberal")

Randy Travis
Pat Sajak
John Cornyn (US Senator - Texas) - there's quite a few senators and representatives and judges
James A Garfield (20th president)
Amy Grant
Tom Selleck (yes, Magnum P.I.)
Colt McCoy (current Texas Longhorns quarterback)
David Robinson (basketball player)
Dwight Yoakam
Brandy (Norwood)
Bill Bates (for some of you old school Dallas Cowboy fans)
Cecil Cooper (manager for Houston Astros)
(Retired) General Tommy Franks (led invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq)
Forest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland, Vantage Point, etc)
Meatloaf (?!?)

This is according to Wikipedia (so it MUST be right)

Kind of pointless post, but I thought it was interesting.
  • jimandtyra
    My parents ran into Randy Travis at church in Hawaii. It was a conservative congregation on Maui.
    by jimandtyra at 12/22/08 10:03AM
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    ha! funny and interesting...
    by ericsgal at 12/22/08 4:15PM
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