06/21/11 7:11AM

Pawpaw (James Atkins) passed away last night around 1:30 am. Please keep this family in your prayers for comfort in the coming days.
  • teelduo
    We love all of you. Many prayers
    by teelduo at 06/21/11 7:30AM
  • teelside
    A very good family ... a very great loss. XO
    by teelside at 06/21/11 7:34AM
  • split_rock
    I'm so sorry. He will be missed.
    by split_rock at 06/21/11 11:16AM
  • carawatsonfranklin
    Praying for the whole family.
    by carawatsonfranklin at 06/21/11 5:26PM
  • kristindoula
    I'm so sorry.
    by kristindoula at 06/23/11 9:15AM
  • kamille
    I am sorry.
    by kamille at 06/25/11 8:31AM

6/19/11 Update

Things are not going well again for Pawpaw. They have had to put the ventilator back in and he is very jaundiced. Please pray for comfort and peace for him at this point.
  • split_rock
    So sorry to hear of this setback. Prayers.
    by split_rock at 06/20/11 8:32AM

6/17/11 Update on Pawpaw

They were able to remove his breathing tube today. They raised the head of the bed up and for the first time in 16 days he wasn't laying flat on his back. Many prayers still needed, but things seem to be headed in the right direction!
  • nthnswmn
    Glad to hear of improvement!
    by nthnswmn at 06/17/11 9:51PM
  • split_rock
    Good news!
    by split_rock at 06/18/11 2:59AM
  • teelside
    by teelside at 06/18/11 7:51AM
  • kamille
    Great news.
    by kamille at 06/18/11 4:53PM

6/9/11 Update

From Diane this evening: "The CT scan was done this afternoon and looked good. He remians stable but was very weak at 6:00 pm. Please continue to pray for him that he gain strenth and that kidney and liver function will return to normal."

Just recieved at 10:00 "Please Pray. Oxygen levels and blood pressure have dropped requiring that he be put back on the ventilator and continuous dialysis."

  • split_rock
    Hoping the night brought improvement.
    by split_rock at 06/10/11 4:49AM
  • teelduo
    prayers and much love
    by teelduo at 06/10/11 10:30AM
  • kamille
    Sending prayers. (I saw this on another blog.)
    by kamille at 06/11/11 2:52PM


He is off the breathing machine but is very weak. Please continue to pray, they are working!!!
  • teelduo
    Each step forward is a WONDERFUL STEP!
    by teelduo at 06/08/11 2:38PM
  • split_rock
    That is a HUGE step!
    by split_rock at 06/08/11 3:02PM