We have a house!!!

So our house is finally built!!! Now i'm in the midst of unpacking everything!!! Ahhhhh... So i know i owe all of you both wedding pictures and pictures of the new house....so when i find my camera...and the disk with all of the wedding pictures on it will post them. I hope that everyone is doing well!!! Becca
  • deusvitae
    Congrats. :)
    by deusvitae at 09/26/07 10:14AM
  • jdieman
    Good news.
    by jdieman at 09/26/07 10:48AM
  • jaimer
    by jaimer at 09/26/07 1:33PM
  • katesters
    hey! thats super exciting!! Do you love it? :) Glad to hear all is well! I miss you guys -- you need to come visit!
    by katesters at 09/26/07 1:33PM
  • smilin_ashley
    I miss you! We need to talk sometime. Call me whenever you please. I'm gonna have to come see you over christmas break or something!
    by smilin_ashley at 09/26/07 5:54PM
  • jesjon1512
    Sounds great congrats!
    by jesjon1512 at 10/03/07 12:06PM
  • ta_da06
    THat is so exciting
    by ta_da06 at 10/08/07 6:43PM
  • newt
    Hey it's Geoffrey.
    by newt at 12/14/07 9:41PM
  • katesters
    hey! tomorrow is your birthday! AND next week is our gospel meeting ... you should come see us on Friday!!
    by katesters at 03/13/08 3:29PM

Quick Entry...

Hey ya'll Jared's dad had heart surgery on Friday morning....Please keep him in your prayers. He's doing well still on lots of pain meds so he's acting goofy....but he should be getting to go home hopefully in a couple of days!! Talk to ya'll later! Love, Becca
  • deusvitae
    We pray that Jack gets better!
    by deusvitae at 08/05/07 7:42AM
  • curlie
    Sorry to hear that. Please keep us posted!
    by curlie at 08/05/07 12:11PM
  • sar
    Glad he is doing well!
    You need to put some wedding pictures up for us to see!
    by sar at 08/05/07 2:47PM
  • heidiw
    I'm gald that everything went well with his surgery. Love you!
    by heidiw at 08/05/07 9:01PM
  • jesjon1512
    Sorry to hear that glad hes doing better though...I will keep the family in my prayers. Miss you guys!
    by jesjon1512 at 08/06/07 10:38AM
  • katesters
    I hope everything keeps going well!! So, I have this CRAZY idea ... I'm not sure how I would work it, and maybe it'll never happen ... but it would be AMAZING if I could find a way to come "job shadow" you one day. lol
    by katesters at 08/06/07 12:28PM
  • smilin_ashley
    i miss you becca ann. I may have to call you later.....love you so much!
    by smilin_ashley at 08/25/07 3:27PM

A Quick Note...

I just wanted to send out a quick note to say hey to everyone....we got back from Florida later on Sunday night....and the last couple of days we've been pretty busy just getting some stuff done...yesterday we picked out colors for the house....it was lots of fun....i could tell that after a while Jared got bored!! Anyways...i will write again in the very near future (hopefully) and will try and post some weddin' pictures!! Talk to Ya'll later!! Love ya, Becca
  • sar
    Congratulations! Glad things are going well for you! Post pictures!
    by sar at 05/31/07 7:12AM
  • heidiw
    I'm glad that you are doing so well! I really miss you guys and I am that you you both got back to the midwest safely!
    by heidiw at 05/31/07 3:30PM
  • smilin_ashley
    I miss you already! Hope you're having tons of fun!!! See you soon - are you coming to the shower next weekend?? Or just the wedding. We should hang out Friday after the rehearsal dinner!!! Can't wait! Love you BAFM!
    by smilin_ashley at 05/31/07 7:30PM
  • smilin_ashley
    I miss you. I GET to SEE YOU SATURDAY!!!! YAY! We should do dinner or something. Exciting! AND i dont know if anyone told you, but that evening after the shower is a goodbye party for Tenneil and Jesse (and a little baby shower type thing too) at the park. So you should stay for that! I LOVE YOU! Call me!
    by smilin_ashley at 06/04/07 10:17PM
  • smilin_ashley
    Oh yeah and I have pics...I'll put them on facebook!
    by smilin_ashley at 06/04/07 10:23PM
  • jesjon1512
    I saw that you had facebook so I added you!
    by jesjon1512 at 06/08/07 2:14PM
  • smilin_ashley
    hope you can stay!!! see you tomorrow!
    by smilin_ashley at 06/08/07 6:21PM
  • smilin_ashley
    i miss you....call me!
    by smilin_ashley at 06/11/07 9:45PM
  • katesters
    I can't wait to see you this weekend :)
    by katesters at 06/13/07 5:41PM
  • cindymarie1970
    ok, so you are married now. How are you? Let me know your new last name.
    by cindymarie1970 at 06/26/07 7:45AM
  • cindymarie1970
    by cindymarie1970 at 07/11/07 10:10AM
  • katesters
    GUESS WHAT! I'm gonna call you tomorrow night (if I remember). Actually, I'll be calling Jared since i don't have your cell number...but talking to you. lol. I have questions! lol
    by katesters at 07/11/07 9:49PM
  • katesters
    oops...I forgot to call you. I'll call you later ... maybe ... sunday afternoonish?! lol SOMETIME I will be calling you! :D
    by katesters at 07/13/07 3:55PM
  • rosemarie
    hey Becca! this is Katie K.! how are you? I hope all is well! I haven't seen you in ages!!!
    by rosemarie at 07/21/07 10:56AM


This week has been pretty busy....Yesterday Jared and i drove up from St. Louis....not horrible except for the torrential rain that came pouring down right outside of Springfield, IL!! Anyways we got to Rockford safely around 7:00. So today though was really busy for me... I went and had a pedicure done this morning by Jared's cousin Amber who is awesome!! She also did my eyebrows that so terribly needed to be done!! Then I went back to Grandma's and picked up Jared and took him to get his hair cut. Then we went for lunch at Beef-a-roo....yum!! Then i dropped him off back at grandma's and i went and had my nails done. That took a while, then i went back to grandma's and Jared and i went for a nice walk...i like walking...except when dark clouds come rolling in...we were fine though. Then of course we went to bible class...and after that i went to Amber's house so we could do a practice run on my hair for Friday!! It looks so good!!

So today, Thursday, everyone is coming to Rockford, my mom, dad, and my brother, my sisters and their husbands, and Jared's sister and his brother and sister-in-law....basically everyone!!! AHHH there are several last minute things to do...pick up tuxes, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner...and the list goes on!! Which is probably a good excuse to go to bed now!! I'm so so so excited!! I can't wait to get married tomorrow!! I LOVE JARED SO MUCH!!!!! Well i hope that ya'll are doing well and i'll talk to ya'll soon!! Love, Becca
  • sar
    Have a wonderful day! Enjoy yourself, don't stress!
    by sar at 05/17/07 7:30AM
  • jaimer
    I am sure your wedding will be wonderful. Have a great time.
    by jaimer at 05/17/07 8:43AM
  • katesters
    I am sooo siked for you and Jared! Can't wait till tomorrow :) love you!!!
    by katesters at 05/17/07 9:28AM
  • curlie
    I am so excited for you guys. Have a wonderful day! :) Love you both!
    by curlie at 05/17/07 10:51AM
  • jdieman
    Excellent! Remember to have fun on your big day.
    by jdieman at 05/17/07 11:40AM
  • deusvitae
    Hope all goes well. :)
    by deusvitae at 05/17/07 12:36PM
  • steph
    congrats i hope u have a blast.
    by steph at 05/17/07 6:19PM
  • malissa
    It is so hard to think of you getting married...You are frozen at "moments " from the past. When you were 2 and I first moved to WI ...I thought you were the cutest little girl I had ever seen. Or at right about 13 ...when you were such wonderful fun to spend time with, making cookies. I am happy that your today is filled with wonderful memories too.May God bless everyday of your life together with joy. I love ya!
    by malissa at 05/17/07 11:33PM
  • smilin_ashley
    I Love you sooo much, AND I get to see you THIS AFTERNOON! I can't wait. You are getting married today, AH! It's so happy - just so you know, I will cry, cause I'm like that, I got teary just reading this and everyone's comments, ha. Anyway, moral of the story - I love you, congrats, and Good luck "Mrs. Meier" (you'll need it with Jared, hehe).
    by smilin_ashley at 05/18/07 7:30AM
  • abe_07
    dum, dum, du, dum... that was the wedding song as you will soon be walking down the aisle.
    by abe_07 at 05/18/07 9:02AM
  • curlie
    Thinking of you today! :) Can't wait to see pictures. :)
    by curlie at 05/18/07 11:43AM
  • bubbles
    I'm so sorry I couldn't come! I really wish I could, but stupid finals had to get in the way...:( anyway, congratulations and have a wonderful wedding and week! I love you both! Wish I could be there!
    by bubbles at 05/18/07 2:10PM
  • heidiw
    Congrats!!! The wedding was beautiful! I love you!
    by heidiw at 05/19/07 1:37PM
  • emh1990
    Hey Becca, this is Elyse, Jessica F's Little Sis!
    by emh1990 at 05/19/07 6:45PM
  • deusvitae
    Congratulations. :)
    by deusvitae at 05/19/07 8:58PM
  • squirt
    Hi! this is Kaylee.Your wedding was so pretty.Congrats!!
    by squirt at 05/21/07 5:10PM


I'm so excited!!! In 10 days i'm going to marry the most wonderful man in the world!! I'm just doing last minute things for the wedding...making sure that everything is in order...no matter what happens on that day it will be perfect because i'm going to marry Jared!! Speaking of Jared his last final is on Thursday and he graduates on Saturday!! I am so excited for him!!! Ok....well i'm not really doing anything else of interest...just looking for a job and settling in down here in St. Charles!! I love it here!! Well i hope that everyone is doing well and i'll talk to ya'll again soon!! Love Ya, Becca :)
  • b_mac
    Yes Becca is in Good ol' St. Charles. Yahoo!
    by b_mac at 05/09/07 9:16AM
  • b_mac
    Thanks for the encouraging words, fast food really is a nasty business.
    by b_mac at 05/09/07 9:16AM
  • curlie
    So excited for you guys! Please post pictures of the wedding! WOOHOO!
    by curlie at 05/09/07 10:09AM
  • mickeydee_003
    But we ate a whole bag of chips together and you didn't mind then.
    by mickeydee_003 at 05/09/07 8:53PM
  • katesters
    I am uber excited about all this -- and for you! :)
    by katesters at 05/10/07 9:29AM
  • heidiw
    See you at the wedding!
    by heidiw at 05/12/07 6:49PM
  • abe_07
    Very exciting!
    by abe_07 at 05/14/07 8:49AM
  • jesjon1512
    Oh its so close congrats you guys!!
    by jesjon1512 at 05/14/07 10:23AM
  • smilin_ashley
    3 days 3 days 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by smilin_ashley at 05/15/07 9:57PM
  • mrsc22
    Wow, it's almost here! How exciting!!! I'm sorry to miss it, but you'll have to show me pictures sometime. :)
    by mrsc22 at 05/16/07 12:22PM