Hey there!

Goodness, I am totally horrible about keeping up on here. My apologies, if you've been wondering about me. SO MUCH has happened in the time between my last post and now, most of which I would rather not revisit. If you have any questions, private message me. Or ask a mutual friend on Fakebook.

Suffice it to say, God is loving, gracious, merciful, and the Savior of my soul. I thank Him daily for all His compassionate care.

If there's anybody still out there, holla!
  • kailua
    Well helloooooooooooooooooo!

    What a delightful surprise to see your name lit up!

    I was just looking at your pleo picture the other day and thinking about you.
    by kailua at 04/20/17 11:45AM

Time flies, Part 2

My goodness, but I am terrible about keeping up on here! Well, here goes a quick catching-up:

July brought a very fun trip to Honeyman. I'd have to say, for myself anyway, the best trip I have been on so far. The weather was great, the company was great, the food was great, and it was relaxing and no mishaps. I credit the last bit to the fact we didn't drive Monstro! (the motorhome) My beautiful daughter turned 26, (am i that old? Yes, yes I am.)

August brought our little Miss Sarah Mae Story to the world, safe and sound and chubby! The boys can't get enough of her, and love on her constantly. She is an answered prayer, and a blessing to all of us. (Robyn, if you can post a picture, feel free. I forgot how. lol) Jon became a "double big brother', and Levi became a "little big brother", a title which he loves, and Jon doesn't quite like not being the only big brother anymore. Haha! August also was the 29th anniversary of our engagement. wow, we're old! lol

September brought some not so cool news for me, with really crummy timing. A week before I turned 50, I found out that I am diabetic. Just barely, but still. I didn't handle either very well, and am still trying to get my attitude in the right place, and get control of this thing. There's nothing I can do about turning 50, but there is a LOT I can do about the rest of my birthdays, and having lots more of them. I'm told changes are 90% mental, so I'd better get my brain in gear, and get my backside moving! sigh. September also saw Jordan going back to Oregon State to finish up his degree in Music Education. Getting used to a new routine there, as well, since he is still living at home. Not bad, just new. :) Also got to spend some time with Ashley and Sam while they were here. Always warms my heart to see her! And Sam is a doll boy!

October started with Jon's 6th birthday. He changed my name to "Nana" the day he was born, and I love it. He is a smart little man, and I love seeing the "lightbulbs" go off when he learns something new! His birthday party consisted of pizza with just family, and arcade games at Pietro's. Jordan found the game with the best payout, so we got a ton of tickets for Jon to spend! He got a nerf football with the rocket tail, and candy that he shared with Levi. That was followed by his "friend party" at the house, just hanging out and playing with his friends. Best party idea ever-invite your favorite people over to hang out and have fun! Why put so much pressure to have all these games and entertainments, when they just want to hang out? Brilliant! As for the rest of my October, Saturday we get to see Jordan's last quartet performance, and time for me to get serious about my health. Hopefully my next post will have some better things to report in that realm.

So to sum up, I'm going to get busy doing good! Who's with me?!
  • beavermom
    by beavermom at 10/08/14 7:08PM
  • kailua
    I was excited to see your name lit up!

    Just look at that sweet face! Makes me want to kiss those little cheeks :-)

    Congratulations on all of the wonderful things in your life!

    I am glad you aren't terribly diabetic. Sounds like a good plan to get in under control :-)

    When my brother found out - his count was in the 900's! I did not even know it could go that high!

    I will pray for you my friend (((hugs)))
    by kailua at 10/08/14 8:21PM
  • trekkiemom
    Beautiful post! Lots of change in your world! :-) So happy for your family!
    by trekkiemom at 10/09/14 1:39PM

My how time flies!

Guess I have been neglectful of my pleo peeps, haven't I? Please forgive me, but it's been a crazy busy year so far. To an unorganized otter like myself, it's a tad bit panic inducing at times! LOL! But all is well, and I am still brainstorming on my writing project. I am also trying to keep up with my childrens' projects and activities, and find some fun time for myself. (insert skeptical laughter here) July is going to FLY by with all it's busyness, and then August will bring Little Miss Story making her entrance into the world! I.CAN'T.WAIT!! If my suggestions are of any merit, I might suggest an additional middle name for her, Blessing. Just a thought. Well, hopefully I will be back here in a shorter amount of time passing than the previous span. Until then, blessings to all of you!
  • cyber_space_cadet
    So exciting about your "Blessing" Story. ;) Congratulations in advance to the whole crew.

    It was nice to see your name turn white. I've missed you since exiting FB.
    by cyber_space_cadet at 07/02/14 7:02AM
  • magnolia
    I had no idea Robyn was expecting, I am so happy for them! That is really wonderful news.
    by magnolia at 07/02/14 8:17AM
  • kailua
    Congratulations on the grandbaby! I was great to hear from you :-) (((hugs)))
    by kailua at 07/05/14 12:40PM
  • beavermom
    I've missed you all too! Yup, 3-ish weeks to go till I have a grand daughter!
    by beavermom at 07/10/14 3:29AM
  • beavermom
    Oh and a bit of bragging rights here: Jordan's collegiate quartet, U-BET! just competed at International competition last week, and got 6th place!!!!! In the world!!!!! SOO proud!!
    by beavermom at 07/10/14 3:34AM
  • kailua
    Oh that is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! You should be proud. That is quite an honor. Congratulations to all !!!
    by kailua at 07/10/14 3:43AM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    WOW, that is super exciting about the competition! Congrats!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 07/12/14 9:53AM
  • kailua
    Thanks for the hug.
    by kailua at 09/02/14 1:33PM

Happy 2014!

2013 is over, and we have a brand new year with no mistakes in it. (yet) I ended last year and started this year with a yucky cold. woohoo. And because I was sick, I did not get to have the Little Men overnight to party with me,which really bummed me out. So I am striving to get well and have them as soon as possible. I didn't make "resolutions" this year, as much as commitments to myself. I am working harder at losing my last 30 pounds, getting off my BP meds, and eating and living in a more healthy way. I want to get back into more spiritual habits, and doing more things that are fun for me. Most of those start with getting less cluttered and more organized, more sleep and less TV, more music and less noise, more fresh air and less unnatural light, and I find that I really am not happy without any kitteh in my house. I will remedy that situation very soon. And of course, I will post pictures! I really miss Skye, and haven't been without a kitty for this long since we were first married, (27 1/2 years ago) and our apartment didn't allow them. We were there for 6 months. As soon as we moved into our house, I got a kitty. Skye has been gone for 2 months. I.need.a.kitty!

So, here is to 2014! May it bring all the things you need, some of the things you desire, grace and strength for the hard times, and gratitude and humility for the good times! Fill it with prayer, fill it with service, fill it with singing, fill it with God.

Let's do this!!
  • kailua
    Thank you so much for the New Year wishes. It sounds like you have great plans for your 2014!

    You mentioned losing your last 30 pounds. How are you losing weight?
    by kailua at 01/08/14 2:34PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Loved this! Love YOU.
    All of the same hopes and wishes for you and yours in 2014. (I couldn't express it any better than you did in your second paragraph, *wink.*)
    by cyber_space_cadet at 01/08/14 2:38PM
  • beavermom
    kailua, I am doing Weight Watchers. Dot, HUG!
    by beavermom at 01/08/14 2:57PM

This has been.......

...one of the BEST Thanksgivings in a while!! Not that there has been anything wrong with prior Thanksgivings. It is my favorite holiday, and I relish every moment of every one. But this year, ALL my peeps were home for the holidays, and we had an extra person join us as well! I love that my family and their friends love one another, enjoy each others company, and desire and enjoy spending time together. Blessings of good company, good food, fun, and singing together make good memories and tie us closer. I love love love Thanksgiving!! This Momma/Nana's heart is full!
  • kailua
    This is such a heart warming post. Thank you for sharing your warm, fuzzy thoughts. It sounds perfect and I am glad for you.
    by kailua at 11/30/13 8:49PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    I am so glad that you enjoyed your holiday so very much!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 11/30/13 9:01PM
  • trekkiemom
    by trekkiemom at 12/02/13 1:10PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    I really wish I could take decent Cardinal pics to show you. It's SO beautiful when they all descend in the yard like that. AND they're right outside the window. Unfortunately there is really no good way to take pictures without opening the door, and the door is so close to where they all tend to congregate that, the second you touch the knob, they all fly off. :-(
    by cyber_space_cadet at 12/23/13 11:11PM