June 4, 2010

Well, only 4 more days until I become a Mother-in-Law. It seems so crazy that so much time has passed and my little one is old enough to marry. But, here we are. I'm so happy for Craig and Paula. They seem so well suited for each other. This will be a new phase in all of our lives. As far as the wedding, we're practically ready, just a few more things to check off our to-do list. It will go fast but I'm hoping to take sage advise from my sister and enjoy every minute. I can collapse once we're back home :)
  • doodleallthe
    I hope that's me.
    By the way, you will be an awesome MIL!
    I can't wait!!!! Almost finished packing.
    Love you!
    by doodleallthe at 05/31/10 11:15PM
  • bama_momma_prezz
    SOOOOOO happy for you!! You will be a great mother-in-law :) You have a very nurturing and loving spirit. I hope everything goes off without a hitch. Love you so much :)
    by bama_momma_prezz at 06/01/10 1:52PM
  • lastoflakewood
    by lastoflakewood at 06/02/10 11:19AM
  • say_no2unibrows
    I didn't know Craig was getting married. That is great! Congrats!
    by say_no2unibrows at 06/04/10 12:01PM
  • say_no2unibrows
    She lucky to have such an awesome MIL!
    by say_no2unibrows at 06/04/10 12:01PM

Feasts of Sorts

Wednesday ended our gospel meeting in Auburn. Brother Robert Harkrider and his wife came for a much too short Sunday through Wednesday gospel meeting. It was so wonderful. He brought us lessons from I John. So much of the scripture he used (not just from I John) he spoke from memory. He taught the College Class at our house Sunday night and had a great lesson using Daniel as an example. What a great week we had - a spiritual feast!

Thursday afternoon we left heading for Virginia. We spent the night in NC with Tommy and Wicky. It was so nice catching up with them and talking OSH curriculum with Wicky. My cousin in VA is getting married tonight. We came knowing that there's a good possibility for snow - a lot of snow. We woke up to whiteness outside and it continues to snow! We were hoping that it wouldn't come quite this far. The wedding is at 6:00 tonight and I hope we're able to get there! We did have a feast of seafood last night, the waiter showed us how to efficiently get meat out of crab legs. We had a fun time. It was too dark to see any of the sights at Williamsburg or Jamestown and today - everything is closed. We might just have to come back to see the sights.

Feast of family - Mom's first cousins and my second cousins all got together last night in the hotel. We're all staying at the same place, so if we're snowed, we surely won't be bored! Mom with her cousins is just a sight to see. I can't explain it but it's fun to watch. We all have a great time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and safe travels if traveling.
Love, Denise

  • doodleallthe
    who? who?
    by doodleallthe at 01/30/10 9:59PM
  • mother_hen
    Glad you had a good time and made it home safely! Enjoyed dinner with Craig and Paula last night.
    by mother_hen at 02/04/10 6:56AM

You have to love pancakes

It's great living in Auburn. It's even better if you're an Auburn football fan. Yesterday was the Auburn University football homecoming game which means . . . pancake breakfast. We had a great turnout and yummy pancakes and eggs. It was so nice being with Christian friends, many of whom have moved on and left Auburn.

Only a few weeks until Thanksgiving. I am much to be thankful for. Hope everyone has a great week.
  • janjan
    Wish I could have been there! Matt brought me a yummy plate! =)
    by janjan at 11/08/09 6:27PM
  • aucowgirl
    love love loved tis weekend!
    by aucowgirl at 11/08/09 11:15PM
  • doodleallthe
    You ARE "much to be thankful for!"
    Glad you had a nice weekend!
    We drove from Bowling Green to Lakeland Saturday!
    by doodleallthe at 11/09/09 7:06PM
  • say_no2unibrows
    So sad I missed you when you were in Athens. We will have to make it down for Homecoming one year soon, just for the pancakes.
    by say_no2unibrows at 11/11/09 10:15AM

"... I never said you were punctual"

Okay, my good friend and I were talking. She mentioned that I was conscientious. Well, that made me feel bad because I alway run late. I told her that I'm late to most everything except for getting to the church building. She immediately said "I said you were conscientious, I never said you were punctual." Well we had a big laugh and I told her that was definitely blog worthy.

Other blog worthy news: Craig and Paula came to Auburn for the weekend. They will get to go to the Auburn football game and tailgate.
The wedding date has been set: They plan to get married June 4, 2010.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Love, Denise
  • janjan
    June 4! how exciting!!!
    by janjan at 10/01/09 11:00AM
  • auamy
    I miss you Denise. Patrick and Erin told me that y'all did the Scav Hunt. Can I say, I think that is totally cool, but it wasn't that much of a surprise. I just wished y'all had done it when I was down there.
    by auamy at 10/13/09 8:24AM

Pushing the Envelope!

Most mornings Walker wakes me up. I'm really not a morning person at all! Yesterday he woke me up, again and said "you're just pushing the envelope, pushing the envelope!" He gets up, has his morning time and goes to work plenty early enough to read the paper before worktime begins. I, being not-a-morning person, wake up and hurriedly shower, get ready and rush out the door. Some mornings I'm amazed that my hair can actually dry in 2 minutes :)

As I was trying to wake up in the shower, I was thinking, not something I do very early in the morning. There is a spiritual application to what Walker said. Do we try to push the envelope in things we do, places we go, friends we have, organizations that we belong to? Do we try to see how much we can get by with, or how little we can wear? Do we get as close to sin as possible? We should not try to be like worldly people but spiritual people. Do people know that we are Christians by our conduct?
  • miss_cleo
    So....how many minutes earlier are you setting your alarm clock? ;) Serioulsy, great post, thanks!
    by miss_cleo at 08/18/09 9:36PM
  • teachin2kids
    I'm not an a.m.'r either! How in the world will I get back to teaching next year having to get up ar 5 or 6? Makes me tired thinking about it. Maybe I need to start my own school that starts at 10am!?!?!?
    by teachin2kids at 08/19/09 10:18PM
  • mamap
    This is so like us. Greg IS a morning person and Laura and I are NOT (one of the things we loved about homeschooling). It has been a tremendous adjustment for us leaving for Athens at 6:45 every morning...especially when we are going to bed between midnight and 2:30 each night after homework is done... :( BTW, I really appreciate your application lesson and wholeheartedly agree.... It was good to see you guys at that very joyful wedding... :)
    by mamap at 08/27/09 9:21AM
  • mother_hen
    Happy Birthday, Denise!
    by mother_hen at 09/02/09 6:22PM