Casting Lots

Man rolls the dice, but God determines how they fall.

proverbs 16:33

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    you'll have to cut and paste bc i'm too lazy to link...

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    I miss you.
    by bulie at 05/07/10 1:39AM

Casting a net.

It is fine.
I am at RASP holding. I am waiting for training to begin on march 18th.
The best time to catch the sky is when the sun rises and the air is still crisp just starting to settle and the brilliant light slices across the white fluffy things.
If there were no spiders, would mosquitos and things that spiders eat rule the world?
I am a disciple.
My heart is in my hands.
I find the greatest comfort in being warm & dry.
Pain is a hidden treasure in life, for that is when you are most teachable.
i am loved the most when i invite people into my life.
I love the most when I see people as Christ sees them.

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    best reader's digest joke ever:

    walking down the hallway of an airforce base one day, something catches the eye of a visiting general. upon closer inspection, he sees that it is a dead mosquito plastered on the wall, and next to the deceased insect, a tiny piece of paper taped to the wall on which some one had drawn an arrow pointing at the mosquito and had written "navigational error"
    by fullofgrace at 03/01/10 5:33PM
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I hope all is well on your front. This life has its bumps and deals out its bruises but in the end if you endure there is hope, there is always hope through Christ. For all who care about me, and I have high expectations if you're reading this you do, I am humbled btw, thanks for being my friend and for calling me or sending me messages or letters from time to time. Its easy to feel alone when your far from where you come from. I have had a fantastic journey these last few months and I am anticipating what God has in store for this soldier.
I am finally in Airborne School. We shipped this thursday and have gone through all the processing and briefings and I am expecting to hit it hard on monday. I forsee alot of running and working out and jumping and sore body parts in my future. It is pretty cool, all of us here, especially the combat soldiers are atheletes, if you can't hold up you don't belong. We will qualify with 5 jumps including one night jump. Airborne All the way! Assuming all goes as planned I will be graduating with my airborne wings on February the 19th. If you're in or near Columbus, GA I would be happy if you stopped in for graduation. I am in Charlie Co 2nd Platoon, 1st stick. It is pretty cool because we have officers and NCO's as students with us and there are about 5 or 6 females in my platoon, which is wierd because I don't see alot of women these days, (I miss women, I only need one though, if she'll have me) but they aren't infantry so it's not like they'd be dropped into a combat zone like us grunts.

On some other news I met some amazing and I mean amazing christians here at Ft. Benning! I met Shawn who is a Major in the Army who flys Kiowas, some super cool helicopters. Well, he came to Airborne Hold on Sandhill to meet with the soldiers for Bible study. From there I met Mark a Leiutenant a fine man who has been generous and kind giving me rides and sharing good conversations and later i met Steve a Captain and one of the fittest humans I have ever met not to mention a very godly man. We have had some encouraging times studying the Word together and telling young soldiers about Jesus. I am thankful for them welcoming me into their lives and to God for His perfect timing. I have had the blessing of being welcomed into Shawns home, where I am typing this now, where he and his wife Marie, who is amazing, are raising 4 beautiful children. Their mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus to everyone and what better place than where you're at. It is fascinating and an answer to my pettions to God, I am grateful to all who remember me in your prayers. Shawn and Marie are moving to West Point next year to teach and share the gospel and their lives with the cadets and future officers, generals and leaders of the most powerful army in the free world. A wonderful opportunity, americas soldiers are sent all over this planet, if we can help equip them with the gospel and love of God good things will happen. Would you pray for Shawn and Marie and their children? Shawn has decided to leave active duty where he has served two terms in Iraq and Marie one term. It is no small thing to leave his active status but they see a great need and are willing to work for the kingdom. I gotta get back to base, I have guard duty. See you on the flip side. Love is the key.
Andrew Scott Lopez

  • skidget
    so glad you have met such wonderful people!
    by skidget at 01/30/10 9:31PM
  • ladidodd
    thanks for this update! so happy to hear you are being encouraged and i KNOW you are an encouragement to others there :) we're praying for you dear friend...
    by ladidodd at 01/31/10 10:48AM
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    Sounds like you are doing great. I am so thankful.
    by jamiemmoon at 02/01/10 6:33AM
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    will pray for you and your new family members :)
    by fullofgrace at 02/08/10 6:27PM
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    always so excited to hear from you, drew. glad to hear you're doing good. I hope you're in Texas around the time of May 7th! :)
    by sarahfay at 02/10/10 9:25PM

I wonder....

I am still waiting to go to airborne school here at Ft. Benning. I was told this morning that i would ship out and then thirty minutes later they were like ' Lopez, you're not shipping" so i will be here on hold for another week or two.... This two weeks will be filled by eating chow, reading books, sleeping, watching espn and the occasional news show, working out, formations & doing detail work and basically being at the whims of my superiors. I am looking forward to break'n on through to the other side.
Some thankful news, my pops, Charles has been out of work for sometime now and thanks to God the great provider, he accepted an offer to work for a hospital in Houston.
Remember there are so many ways to serve our God and it all starts from within. Be that good samaratin and help your fellow man, go the extra mile so that your story may inspire others to love and good deeds.

  • texanmandy
    It's so good to hear from you! Have fun hanging around before you leave for school! I'm really happy for your dad! :) We are thinking of you!
    by texanmandy at 01/14/10 2:15PM
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    waiting is the worst...
    by fullofgrace at 01/17/10 11:26AM

Dear Deer,

I was cruising around the other night and I saw a doe, a deer, a female deer... and she was beautiful and broken. I am assuming that this doe was clipped by a vehicle as she passed from the cover of the woods across the lanes towards concealment on the other side. What happens, when your shifted gears, and a four legged creature is tagged by your plastic/or carbon fiber bumber (unless you drive a truck). You see this creature, in all acounts is a pure animal, I mean how many deer have lied to you or cut in front of you at the super market, or for that matter broke your heart with a dear jon letter or committed violence in the name of pride? So my side point is that creatures are different than man, right? They do not threaten us with blind malice or empty selfishness. Creatures are lower in importance, in heirarchy even, but do serve a purpose in a scheme that is typically referred to as "Of Things"... but why wouldn't you stop and see what you can do for a creature in need. Perhaps it is dying... put it out of its misery, I'm not sure how animals senses are compared to humans but getting hit by a Honda has to hurt. I mean in all seriousness, it would have been a very sincere act to take a dear deer who was hit and kill it and use its meat and such for nourishment. I have always been impressed with the representation of the native american indians in films when they would kill a great animal like the buffalo or whatever and they regarded the life of the kill as sacred. I mean, sacred my be a deep word when placing it soley on the creature, but sacred when stopping to recognize the provider, the creator of the beast, that's sacred right? When there is a plate of food in front of me, silverware in my hand and a napkin somewhere in the vacinity, I often stop and offer my thanksgiving to the master for providing the food and the means to have it and prepare it. He is sacred to me, His name and His blessing, where ever they may come from could be considered as sacred and worthy of thanksgiving. It's all in your perspective. Perspective is a driving force, a powerful hurricane type force if you let it. our perspective can cause destruction or relief it just matters where you aim it. So next time you see somone who is hurt and broken, stop and pause and take your mind off of your own crisis, ('cause we are always going in and out of some crisis or another) and help them, ease their pain, comfort and encourage them. Sometimes we look at people, other men, women and children and see them as creatures of lower importance, farther down in the scale this heirarchy we've embraced in our minds, but they do serve a purpose in great "Of Things" scheme. Choose to see people how God intended them to be instead of wht they may have become. I need others to see me that way, don't you?
You may ask if i stopped for the doe that was hurt and the answer is no....there was already a police cruiser sitting there, but I think he had things under control. Perhaps he got some buddies help and they have a freezer full of deer meat...

I have been enjoying some R&R here in Spring,TX with family and friends alike. On monday the 4th i am leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again, really i don't have a clue. I am headed to Ft. Benning in Georgia for Airborne School and upon completion will be picked up for Ranger Training which is essentially the polar opposite of a walk in the park. The time frame of all of this is fuzzy, but I will eventually have some briefings on it and find out more. I ask of you this my dear readers... pray. Pray fervently, sincerely and act with purpose and hope in the lives you lead. Pray for me please, i covet your prayer on my behalf, remember the prayer of Jesus as recorded in the book of John. He prays intently for us, for those who would not see Him nor touch Him. I am undeserving, it is a special thing i believe to bring someones name up in your petitions to the Almighty, so if you do, i am humbled for there are many, many, many, whose name should be uttered ahead of mine. It will be lonely there, and I'm not gonna kid myself, its hard not having a sweetheart to call on, to lean on, it makes the love between me and my God so obvious and me so needy to walk with Him and know that Jesus intercedes the words and intents i have.

If it is His will, I'll be back and if I missed you this time around, i'll probably miss you the next time around... but then again you never know....
Que Sera, Sera.

  • fullofgrace
    every ranger that defends the deer from the wolves
    is himself a fawn
    in the eyes of a loving God
    who watches over him
    and listens
    to the prayers of his mother
    by fullofgrace at 01/03/10 2:15AM
  • whisperam
    Thank you for your service, Drew. Be strong and of good courage and I of course will be praying....
    by whisperam at 01/03/10 8:06PM
  • texanmandy
    I will be praying for you Drew! :)
    by texanmandy at 01/04/10 12:36PM