I'm Gonna Be A Mommy!

Married now 2 years and 3 months and 7.5 weeks preggo :). God has blessed us greatly. I will try to write a decent update in the near future.
  • dear2deer
    We are so excited for you and Paul.
    by dear2deer at 08/24/11 11:59AM
  • bestill
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so happy for you!!
    by bestill at 08/24/11 5:30PM
  • worker_at_home
    Well, look who posted...............finally!! hee hee Congratulations again! And thank you so much for the call............we love you both! Or should I say ALL!!!!! 8)
    by worker_at_home at 08/24/11 5:51PM
  • heidiw
    I saw this on Facebook. I'm so excited for you guys! I am sure that you guys are going to make wonderful parents, with God's help, of course!! Praise the Lord for this little blessing!
    by heidiw at 08/24/11 9:59PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Sure am happy for you and Paul! :)
    by onelittlecandle at 08/25/11 6:58AM
  • kattath
    by kattath at 08/25/11 1:55PM
  • sallyanne
    Thank you!
    by sallyanne at 08/28/11 5:21PM
  • she_seeks_wool
    YAy! Saw the news on FB...so happy for you two...BTW...Mommie CLass is Cancelled for today. We will resume on SEpt 22nd. 10:30 That time seemed to work better for all
    by she_seeks_wool at 09/08/11 11:53AM
  • worker_at_home
    Thinking of you all.................8).................say hi to Jeremy for us.
    by worker_at_home at 09/13/11 1:54PM
  • dear2deer
    I had a meeting earlier tonight and when I left Eric was helping Kelsey with her math homework. She was working with fractions and decimals. When I get home they were working on science and converting milli, centi, deca, hecto, etc. Kelsey says "I remember what Ms.Alice told me about these last year." She remembered your little reminders. :)
    by dear2deer at 09/21/11 1:29AM
  • brownie
    I had a dream that you and Paul were at A Thousand Voices and i was so excited to see you. Paul was greying in my dream and you were about 7 months pregnant. lol. when are you due, btw? there are so many people having babies here at mountain view. It's like the Baby Boomer of the church. :)
    by brownie at 09/29/11 7:02AM
  • worker_at_home
    Your "update in the near future" is about like mine.......late!! tee hee. Hope you are doing well.
    by worker_at_home at 10/04/11 3:33PM
  • tab
    It was alright :) I went with Andrew and the girls and my back up plan was to go with Melissa :)
    I saw The Help and it was a great movie!! I would love to go see it again!! But I don't think it's going to be in theaters much longer.
    by tab at 10/11/11 4:36PM
  • worker_at_home
    Hey you, how are you feeling? Hope all is well with your little family. Send some pictures of your growing self! 8) Hi to Paul too!
    by worker_at_home at 11/03/11 5:37PM
  • laurar209
    Almost out of the second and into the first?!? Whoa... where is time going??? When are you due again?
    by laurar209 at 12/22/11 8:36PM
  • worker_at_home
    Hope you are doing well too!!
    by worker_at_home at 12/30/11 11:05PM
  • sallyanne
    Thanks for the anniversary wish!

    I hope you are feeling well!
    by sallyanne at 01/13/12 9:29AM
  • she_seeks_wool
    You are absolutely GLOWING!!! So enjoyed our visit :)
    by she_seeks_wool at 01/31/12 2:15PM
  • brownie
    Duluth, Georgia!
    by brownie at 09/11/12 7:19AM
  • bestill
    Bring James and a stroller and we'll go explore the park!
    by bestill at 09/12/12 4:17PM

A Review of the Past 5 Months Before Starting A New Life

The 6 months that have past since my last post have been wonderful and packed full of many things. I experienced:

-The hardest semester of my college career: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Spanish 2 (2 years after taking Spanish 1), Great Books: Ancient and Medieval, Religious Thought 2, Women in the Bible, and Hebrews. The first 3 classes just about did me in with all the work and studying involved.
-Many wonderful Bible studies and marriage studies with Paul
- Dress fittings with Mrs. Moyer; Gift registering; Invitation-making and sending; pre-marriage counseling with the McNabbs; bridal showers from South Livingston and my congregation here in AR; etc.
-Fun times with girls like Ashley Ray, Rachel Connelly, Holly Gilbreath, Christina Hubbart, Allison Konrad, Holly Adkisson
-Some enjoyable times shopping and chatting about wedding plans, marriage, and girly stuff with Jenny Diestelkamp.
- Many wonderful times both inside and outside of worship services with the amazing people that make up the South Livingston congregation. Some of the best memories are those of monthly Bible studies with about 8 other women from the congregation at one of their homes. I gained much from the chance to learn from women older than me, and also from the experience of getting to lead an adult study for the first time.
-Finding out where I was going to live and work after getting married. Paul agreed to work with a congregation in Pekin, Illinois (just south of Peoria).
- Lots of traveling.
- A crazy, busy, awesome spring break. We went to Indiana to see Paul’s family before heading to Illinois. He preached in Pekin on Sunday and I got to meet the congregation and see my future home (house is provided by church). We spent Monday furniture shopping and moving our purchases into the house with the help of some of the brethren. Then we left on Tuesday to go to Arkansas, where we spent time with my family and packed up as much of my room as we could so it’d be ready at the beginning of May. On Friday we went to TN and met up with the lady who is hosting the wedding at her house, hung out with my matron of honor Kristen and did some shopping and wedding planning, and met up with the friend who will be making my cake. We stayed the night at some friends’ house and then headed to Florida the next morning.
-A crazy, “it flew by so fast I didn’t even know it was happening” finals and graduation week. Was glad that my parents were there all week to help. Got emotional at graduation, but not as emotional or hard as it would have been if I’d graduated with my original class last year. Had a rough time saying goodbye to our family at South Livingston.
-Left FC at 2pm on Friday with Paul’s car and a uhaul trailer and drove till 6am to get to Arkansas. Took a 2 hour nap at my house, and then with my brother’s help, unloaded the uhaul trailer into our carport, took it to Jonesboro and exchanged it for a small uhaul truck, then came back and loaded all of my bedroom furniture (minus the bed) into it, ate lunch, and loaded my boxes. Then took a 5 hour nap. Spent time with family that evening. Then left for Illinois on Sunday morning. Stopped in Missouri for church services, and kept driving till we got to Pekin for evening services. The congregation helped us unload the uhaul truck into our house after the service. I was up there for a few more days, staying at the house of some friends from the congregation and helping Paul unpack boxes and buy things for the house. Then my dad came up to see the house and meet the congregation on Wednesday, then drove me back home to AR on Thursday.
-Enjoying the last few weeks at home with my family and getting ready for the wedding.
-Going up to Illinois this past weekend with my mom for one last trip to bring a carload of more presents and the rest of my belongings. She helped me and Paul unpack the things and put them away. The three of us also attended the lovely wedding of Nathan and Jenny Combs. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to, and it was really nice to see so many friends and relatives. It was almost a mini-family reunion, and mom and I were excited to see a lot of relatives we don’t often get to see. Mom and I left on Sunday afternoon after morning services and lunch, and got back to Arkansas late that night after some scary stormy driving.

-In spite of all the crazy traveling and business, it is nice to know that Paul is already moved into our new home and has started his work with the congregation there. Almost everything is unpacked and set up. We're already familiar with the town, the congregation, and have even met several of our neighbors. This is a huge blessing and will make the adjustment a little easier.

My family and I will be leaving early Thursday morning to go to TN, and Paul and his family, as well as all of our attendants, should also be arriving on Thursday as well. The wedding is on Saturday at noon, and hopefully the weather forecast will stay positive. Paul and I will be honeymooning in Nashville for 3 days after that, and then heading back up to Illinois. I’d appreciate your prayers for safe travels, good health, and our marriage in general :).
  • smallgreenbug
    Well, thanks, Alice for the pleonast groups, unfortunately, they are all private-ized. I appreciate it though.
    by smallgreenbug at 10/13/10 3:22PM
  • granny
    Nice to met you. It looks like you are to become a beautiful bride and a brand-new preacher's wife. What a glorious life you have ahead of you. Such a privilege it is to serve not only your husband but to serve with him throughout your days. I am praying that it be so.
    by granny at 10/16/10 1:22AM
  • granny
    I'm smiling...because after entering I happened to notice the date -- but didn't write any more hoping you would come back and see me :)
    I'm so very glad you are happy.
    by granny at 10/16/10 12:57PM
  • stargazermom
    Hi Alice. It was nice to meet you yesterday! I was looking on your facebook page and it looks like we have a lot in common, especially ST TNG and Stargatge. Have you ever seen Dr. Mercola's website? He is a natural doctor and I get his weekly emails. He talks a lot about organic food and natural living. In fact, we are about to buy 1/2 a grass fed cow in November. I'm very excited about filling my freezer with that.
    by stargazermom at 10/21/10 6:42AM
  • worker_at_home
    I so wish we could have seen you and Paul last weekend, but next time for sure.......................I hope!!! Much love to you both.
    by worker_at_home at 10/28/10 2:51PM
  • worker_at_home
    Glad you like it! We were pretty impressed with it. We are hoping to come down this weekend to visit s/b again............hope to see you two also!
    by worker_at_home at 11/03/10 4:03PM
  • worker_at_home
    You are most welcome.....I love you, and your sweet husband too!
    by worker_at_home at 01/25/11 9:32AM
  • worker_at_home
    Please wish your sweet husband a belated happy birthday from me! And love to you both....8)
    by worker_at_home at 02/14/11 11:56AM
  • sallyanne
    I've noticed that, too. I was hesitant to mention it (which is part of why I included a disclaimer warning against debate)...but I think it is a VERY important book!!
    I added you as a friend! I hope you don't mind!
    by sallyanne at 02/25/11 5:29PM
  • worker_at_home
    I was just thinking of you two and wishing I could see you. You both are special to me.......much love. 8)
    by worker_at_home at 04/01/11 2:35PM
  • worker_at_home
    Oh, I'm so excited!!!!! It will be so wonderful to see you both! I can't wait!
    by worker_at_home at 04/12/11 12:18PM
  • worker_at_home
    will do............but you may have to give me a couple days..........this is gospel mtg week and tomorrow is grocery day..........i'm on my way to the kitchen now...........love to you both!
    by worker_at_home at 04/21/11 4:24PM
  • smallgreenbug
    That's a good song, Alice. I had to look up the lyrics, but I do know it well :)
    by smallgreenbug at 06/11/11 7:10PM
  • dear2deer
    Hi Alice! You really need to update. Hope you had a nice birthday. :)
    by dear2deer at 06/12/11 3:28PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Hey! Wish you all could come too, but I understand. :) Enjoy the time with Paul's folks! And let me know sometime when you two could come and we could probably work something out.
    by onelittlecandle at 06/22/11 12:27PM
  • bestill
    Yum, strawberries! We have some little green tomatoes. Our pepper plants don't look like they are maturing well. I had a lettuce plant die, too, but the others are fine.
    by bestill at 06/24/11 10:30AM
  • smallgreenbug
    Well, milk still needs to be the majority of her nutritional intake for AT LEAST the first year (whether that's my milk, or formula...which she wont take). She actually does over-eat a lot of the time. People have always told me that babies wont ever over-eat, I think that she just enjoys food so much, and she eats it so quickly, that she does end up over-eating, and then spitting-up/vomiting some of it later, i try to nurse her first, that way I know she's getting what she needs, and then she can get what she wants after that. And speech therapy is going pretty well so far. It's a 6-month program, and he's SLOWLY building up a vocabulary, but I will probably post more on that later :P
    by smallgreenbug at 07/03/11 9:45PM
  • smallgreenbug
    Well, most of the time when I'm telling other women about my growth in feet, they always ask "And they never went back down?" Suggesting that their feet didn't grow quite so noticeably, and that they were surprised it wasn't a temporary pregnant swelling thing. It seems to just be another one of those personalized pregnancy quirks for myself :P
    by smallgreenbug at 07/12/11 7:02PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Did you all have a nice 4'th of July?

    Yeah, I try not to turn on the air till it gets to about 85 or so; I'm usually comfortable up to that point. I usually wait to turn it on till shortly before Jarret gets home so that the house is a little cooled off for him, instead of being extra hot from making supper. At night-time we run it for a while, too, as neither of us sleeps well if we're too warm.
    by onelittlecandle at 07/13/11 7:21AM
  • she_seeks_wool
    Hi Alice...I sent you a message on FB...hope to see you tomorrow!
    by she_seeks_wool at 07/13/11 6:11PM

Winter Break

This past winter break was the most awesome I had ever had.

Me, Paul, and Melissa drove up to Arkansas together, making a detour to see Kristen (one of my best friends and matron of honor) and her husband. She's been insisting on meeting the fiance for quite a while now :P. We stayed at their house for the night and got to stay up late talking and catching up.

We got to Arkansas the next day, shortly before Paul's family arrived from Indiana. Our parents got to have a reunion (they knew each other back in college) and it was fun to hear them get reacquainted and share old college memories. They stayed in AR for a few days before heading back up to Indiana with Melissa. Paul got to preach at my congregation on Sunday evening. He had preached there before, to fill in for my dad, so my dad got to hear him preach for the first time.

Paul stayed at my house for the next 5 days. We got iced/snowed in for a couple of days with my family and got to go "skating" on our own personal ice rink on our driveway. We had planned to go up to Illinois for Paul to meet with a church up there who is considering taking him on as a full-time preacher; however, due to the intensity of the weather and ice up there, they decided it'd be better for us not to travel since they might cancel services anyway. So instead, we headed to Indiana to surprise Paul's family, since the weather and road conditions were good for their area. We stayed with them for about 4 days. We got a lot of good food, got to watch several movies and play a whole lot of card and board games. I also got to experience -15 wind chill for the first time in my life. I was pretty excited to finally experience real northern cold, even if they only had a snow shower and some ice while I was there :P. We celebrated Christmas with them early by opening presents and having a huge Christmas lunch on New Year's Eve, before leaving to get back to AR that night.

We got to spend an awesome Christmas day with my family filled with food, presents, raking leaves, and singing hymns together before bed. Then Paul left the next morning to get back to Florida. I spent the last few days home working on putting together our wedding registry and cleaning out/decluttering my room, among other things. My family also hosted a New Year's Eve party for people from church and the party didn't end until 1am! Then the very next morning I got on a plane to come back to Tampa!

Highlights summary if you don't have time to read the above:

Getting to know Paul's family better and start feeling like part of the family :)
Spending 2 out of 3 weeks of the break with Paul
Getting to spend time with Kristen
Getting to see snow/ice covering the ground in AR
First -15 windchill experience
Playing more card and board games in 3 weeks time than in my entire life combined
Getting to celebrate Christmas 2x with both of our families
Great devotions every night with Paul and my family
New Year's Eve party at our house with people from church
Getting ready for our wedding and marriage!

And realizing just how much God has richly blessed me!

How do you sum up 10 exciting, eventful months into one blog?

I don’t know. But here goes.

This past spring, I did my first teaching internship with a Kindergarten class at Lewis Elementary. The school, teacher, and kids were all awesome. However, despite that, I realized during this time that teaching (in the context of a large class in a public school) was not for me. I was miserable and stressed out, more than my other fellow student interns. The idea of going through 2 more internships made me want to puke. I kept thinking, “if I’m doing this badly with an easy class, and a great teacher and school, what’s going to happen when I get placed with a bad teacher or a class with a lot of ADD and ESOL kids?” I still wanted to work with kids, but something like tutoring or being a paraprofessional, which don’t require a B.A. But after spending 4 years in school, I didn’t want to leave without a B.A, and I was determined to still graduate in May 2009. Getting the Liberal Studies degree with components in Psychology and Religious Thought/Church History, along with an (already completed) Elementary Education component was the only way I could do that. I consulted with FC's career advisor and my Elem. Ed. professor before making the decision, along with a lot of thinking and praying. Changing degree paths was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, especially that late in the game, and months after I made the decision I still wondered if I did the right thing. However, I can now say that I know I’m happy with the decision I made, and there’s not really any room for regret now.

The end of spring semester was hard. I was watching all the people left from my freshman class graduate with their B.A.s; so many of my friends were leaving. Jen and Dominic Venuso were moving to Minnesota. My wonderful roommate and friend Laura was moving back to Indianapolis.

This summer, on June 13th and 14th, I had two of the most eventful and exciting days of my life.
They included: driving to TN to go to the last night of a gospel meeting held by my old congregation (with the visiting preacher being a man and his wife who moved away shortly before we did and who were like my second parents for 10 years of my life); driving to Athens, AL to meet up with Paul (who had come up to be a groomsman in Kevin and Karen Markum’s wedding), then leaving him to go to Huntsville to visit one of my best friends for her birthday party, and then while trying to make it back for the wedding, getting so badly lost 2x that I miss the wedding and only make it to the reception; then driving with Paul up to Opryland Hotel to have dinner and walk around the gardens, and getting proposed to in the Cascades atrium in a beautiful spot next to the top of a waterfall, then walking around in a happy state of bliss afterward. I still can't believe I'm marrying such a wonderful man :). I love you.

This fall semester was highlighted by: living on the upper-d floor of the new, wonderful Terrace Hall with Christina Hubbart as my suitemate; getting the traditional cold shower courtesy of christina, Ashley Ray, Rachel Connelly, Holly Gilbreath, Allison Konrad (fellow upper-d floor friends); having fun times with the above-mentioned girls throughout the semester; adjusting to the academic rigors of Liberal Studies and having to learn how to write research papers and essay tests all over again; loving my Liberal Studies classes (especially Social Psych with Dr. Dickey) despite the challenges; getting to spend more time with my future sister-in-law; getting to spend a lot of fun time with my awesome brother Daniel when he flew down for a visit for several days; getting to share in the excitement of Move-in day for the new Boswell Hall and walk through and marvel at it; having marriage studies and Bible studies with Paul every Saturday morning at Lettuce Lake; catching “the plague” and having the worst stomach flu of my life (along with 1/2 of the student body); attending Holli "Cundiff" Curry's wedding; having Thanksgiving in FL with Paul, my grandparents, and other family in the area; getting to use our season passes to Busch Gardens many times and learning to tolerate, and then love, roller coasters; getting engagement photos taken by a wonderful lady in our congregation; teaching the stories in Acts to the Pre-K class at South Livingston every Sunday morning; figuring out date (May 30th 2009) and place (community center in La Vergne, TN), attendants, number of guests, colors, officiant, etc. for the wedding. It’s been a whirlwind.

Post to come later about the best winter break ever :).
  • melissakae
    WHEW! that's a lot. So glad you updated!!!!

    It sounds like there are a TON of wonderful people who decided to stay at FC for their B.A.s. HOW exciting!
    by melissakae at 12/31/08 1:23PM
  • bibbit18
    that is a really fun and full 10 months
    by bibbit18 at 12/31/08 10:40PM
  • prtbone
    I love you :)
    by prtbone at 01/01/09 12:34PM
  • babyelephant
    Hi! I did not realize you are still in Florida! I guess we'll get to see you at lectures! Have you met my little sister, Caroline Roberts? She lives in Sutton. She and her roomie, Shannon O'Rear are in Lindz's and my old room, 208. Congratulations on the engagement! Do you have a date set?
    by babyelephant at 01/04/09 6:39PM
  • bonnielass
    Wow, sounds like you've been busy, I know how that is! I can't believe there's only a little over a month left before I get married (I'm so excited!) and Melissa Lynn is getting married this Saturday, time passes by fast! Sounds like you have a lot done, I'm excited for you, hope all continues to go well. May 30th is coming just around the corner! How exciting!
    by bonnielass at 01/06/09 10:07PM
  • smallgreenbug
    oh I've had mr. Fannin before, his isn't the class that I am worried about...it's all the other classes with all of the other teachers (I have a different teacher for each class, I just realized that)
    by smallgreenbug at 01/08/09 9:05AM
  • smallgreenbug
    does indeed sound like a busy several months, but when you stretch it out of that long of time, it probably didn't seem busy during
    by smallgreenbug at 01/08/09 9:09AM
  • engelishgentleman
    LOL at your excitement over -15 degree weather!!!
    by engelishgentleman at 01/11/09 11:27PM
  • hmjmom
    Your winter break sounds wonderful! I miss the snow, but not -15 windchill!
    by hmjmom at 01/12/09 5:43AM
  • brownie
    Alice! I was just thinking about you and Paul. Alyssa and I were talking about the time we all stayed at the Stathams. that was so much fun. I miss you boocoos!
    by brownie at 01/12/09 4:42PM
  • babyelephant
    ha! How ironic!
    by babyelephant at 01/14/09 4:55PM
  • bonnielass
    Sounds like you have it all planned out! Hope all continues to go well!
    by bonnielass at 01/14/09 10:31PM
  • bonnielass
    Things are going well, I'm going to go and hopefully tell the rental place about renting chairs by this weekend. I'm going to get flowers for the crousages and bootineers. My bridal shower is this weekend (one of them, the other one I'm not supposed to know about at work, will be in February sometime. One more month, I can't wait! I'm kind of stressed just because I've got a lot going on, school, work, wedding, and Trax (mine and Larry's puppy), so it's stressful, but it's going good, it definitely keeps me busy and on my toes :)
    by bonnielass at 01/14/09 10:36PM
  • ward
    Thanks and thanks. I wasn't sure (and to some degree still am not) how this one was going to go, with some of the classes being a little less structured than I'm used to.
    by ward at 01/15/09 5:06PM
  • bonnielass
    I'm not sure I can juggle all of that either, I'm just kind of going with the flow for right now, and hoping that I can juggle it well! Kris Gardena is doing our pictures (he's Larry's second or third cousin), and he did a few engagement pictures as well. I'm so excited I can't wait, less than a month left, I can't believe it!
    by bonnielass at 01/18/09 8:35PM
  • bonnielass
    Thanks, he is a purebread long haired Chihuahua, when I tell people that, they are like, no way, that's not a chihuahua! It's funny!
    by bonnielass at 01/24/09 10:26PM
  • dominic
    Hey, now that you've used it a while, what do you think of the ESV study bible?
    by dominic at 04/02/09 11:29AM
  • snoopy
    mmm, I don't know what they are doing -- all I know is that they are homeschooling :)
    by snoopy at 04/20/09 10:07PM
  • brownie
    so can I come to your wedding?
    by brownie at 05/18/09 10:50AM
  • brownie
    okay, then I hope to be there on Sat! Love you!
    by brownie at 05/25/09 8:51AM

Final Update and Concerns About Brother

---2/28/08----(Ignore date above; I've drastically changed post)

My brother is out of the hospital and doing much better, although it'll be a while till he's completely back to normal. He's started classes and seems to be doing pretty good, which is great. I'm just worried now that he'll push himself too hard and wear himself down or relapse. He hasn't started working again yet and won't for a few more days, but we're hoping that he can change jobs or do less physically draining work on his current job.

Thank you so much for all the prayers.
  • engelishgentleman
    Through a company.
    by engelishgentleman at 09/27/08 9:22PM
  • hmjmom
    You really need to update! :-)
    by hmjmom at 09/29/08 5:59AM
  • cowgirljen
    It's not September, it's October! ;-)

    We will probably keep the house at about 45-50 degrees, so whenever it gets colder than that is about when we will turn on the heat.
    by cowgirljen at 10/01/08 3:51PM
  • pokyribble
    no problem! I don't get to show the dress off very often. :) And I'm glad you like Critter Castaways! I had never seen the show before I started working it, but I love it. You should definitely come see it next time you're at Busch Gardens...maybe I'll be working that day. :)
    by pokyribble at 10/04/08 4:59PM
  • mastermind9879
    Hey Alice, good to hear that your brother is doing well. I hope that you and paul are doing well. Well come to my account sometime.(reminder, i am Jeff, Pauls little bro).
    by mastermind9879 at 10/04/08 6:16PM
  • trefe_something
    yeah, usually you would have to take general psych first, but because I/O is an every other spring course, that we HAVE to have to graduate, Mr. Yoho is waving the general psych requirement for me, and I guess whoever else is in the same spot as I am...since we fulfilled our behavioral science credits, just not with psych...
    by trefe_something at 10/27/08 10:15AM
  • mastermind9879
    Don't worry, I'll be at the wedding.
    by mastermind9879 at 11/14/08 3:38PM
  • bonnielass
    You're engaged, Congradulations, when is the wedding?
    by bonnielass at 11/18/08 11:03AM
  • bonnielass
    Awesome, that's exciting! Mine is February 14, 2009, Have you bought your dress yet? How are wedding plans coming?
    by bonnielass at 11/18/08 10:26PM
  • bonnielass
    Thanks for the prayer!
    by bonnielass at 11/18/08 10:27PM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    Fair enough, thanks for saying so ;)
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 11/19/08 3:58PM
  • bonnielass
    Sounds like you are on the ball, six months before the wedding is about when Larry and I got our registry stuff done too, you're not behind, don't even worry about that, I always think that way myself, but realize that I have more done than I should have by this time and that there are somethings that you can't do until a couple of months before the wedding.

    I'm registered at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and JCPenneys
    by bonnielass at 11/20/08 11:42AM
  • bonnielass
    You can register at one place or you can register at a couple of different places, how you and your fiance want to do that is up to you.
    by bonnielass at 11/20/08 11:43AM
  • bonnielass
    Awesome, So what kind of colors (or theme) were you thinking of for your alls future place?
    by bonnielass at 11/23/08 11:28AM
  • bonnielass
    Larry and I were leaning towards Black, white, Silver (gray) for the colors for our apartment. With the exception of our bedroom, which will be in Brown and Black, and then the main bathroom, which will be in Bamboo, and tanish brown color
    by bonnielass at 11/23/08 9:54PM
  • waynardferguson
    Glad to hear somebody read it. I was beginning to worry that my comment had once again gone unnoticed.
    I may get to work with him this summer actually. Its all still very tentative right now.
    by waynardferguson at 11/25/08 1:06AM
  • waynardferguson
    It's 11:54. I just got your message and sent you a study guide in your email.
    by waynardferguson at 12/09/08 10:54PM
  • waynardferguson
    The wedding is currently set for December 30th--near the end of this month.
    by waynardferguson at 12/09/08 11:41PM
  • brownie
    I do love the Carpenters!
    by brownie at 12/15/08 9:57PM
  • mastermind9879
    Thanks, and I hope you will have a fun time with us. Say hi to daniel for me. He is quite an awesome guy.
    by mastermind9879 at 12/17/08 7:34PM