Long time no see!

Well, it's almost been two years since I've even posted, so I figured I would update!

I'm in the big city of Memphis, TN and loving it!! Since my last post I've....

Gotten married (he cooks!!!)

Hired as a 5th grade teacher

Moved from 5th to Kindergarten

Found out today I'm moving from Kindergarten to 5th

Celebrated a 1 year anniversary!

My life has been pretty crazy lately, but I'm really enjoying it! My husband and I have been enjoying a wonderful life together! Life has given us lemons that's for sure, but we've had a lot of lemonade to make up for it! I'm really liking teaching, I miss my 5th graders and I'm so glad I get them back! However, kindergarten has been great for the week I've been here. I'd love to hear from some of you again so feel free to post! I'm also on Facebook (look me up Anna Douthitt Barbour)!

I hope all of you out there are well and have been blessed as much as I have over the last 2 years! Keep in touch and if you're ever in Memphis, please look me up and we'd love to have you!!
  • mpettes
    Hi Anna!!! :)
    by mpettes at 08/14/09 7:43AM

Life goes on

All right, I know it's been over a year since I updated so I figure I better update again. Things have really been happening since I've updated. Let's just say, I'm so happy that God had a plan for me and that it has slowly been revealed to me.

First, I moved to Collierville, TN (Memphis) this summer in hopes of finding a job. I spent the entire summer looking and waiting. Finally during the last week of July, I had an interview with the county and then a school and then I had a job at a wonderful school about 10 minutes away from our house. It has been a dream come true! I'm teaching 5th grade Science/Social Studies/Spelling. I am working with wonderful teachers and we have an excellent principal.

Second, just when I thought things couldn't get any better, they did. A wonderful guy that I go to church with asked me out. I went ahead and said yes not knowing what to expect. I am so glad I said yes. He's been amazing!! We saw each other every day for the first week we dated and since then we've spent each night on the phone with each other. He's taken me to some wonderful places and we've gotten to know each other amazingly well in just the past few weeks. I believe God had his hand in this one because I don't think I could've found someone as wonderful as David. Could he be the one?

I hope all is going well with you in the Pleo world. I'll try to remember to update, but with the new job, I don't have a whole lot of time. Have a wonderful week and praise God always!

  • bluegrass_boy
    good to hear thing are going well :)
    by bluegrass_boy at 09/25/07 6:57AM
  • bluegrass_boy
    by bluegrass_boy at 09/25/07 6:58AM
  • cowboy_jake
    Glad to hear that things a going great.:)
    by cowboy_jake at 09/25/07 7:51AM
  • georgiajulz
    I am sooo excited for you!! I am so glad that things are going well! Keep me posted! LOL.
    by georgiajulz at 09/25/07 8:19AM
  • big_guy
    that's some great news, glad things are workin out for ya
    by big_guy at 10/02/07 6:34PM
  • naturalred
    Taking Sean and Zona (and Nathan) to Atlanta Friday and Saturday...World of Coca-cola, hello!?!
    by naturalred at 10/03/07 11:05AM
  • lukeduke
    looking forward to seeing you this weekend! yay!! we'll here all about your job and new "love life"! :-) see you in a few days!!
    by lukeduke at 10/03/07 8:58PM
  • mpettes
    Hey Anna!!! Didn't know you were on here! We were in Charlotte the weekend before last, and Rosemary was just saying how much you're enjoying your job! What a blessing!
    by mpettes at 11/05/07 6:47PM
  • mpettes
    Hmmm... We didn't hear about the love life :)
    by mpettes at 11/05/07 6:47PM
  • jendukes
    I saw the pictures on Luke and Shannon's post of you and David. I'm so happy for you. It's great you like your job so much too. Thanks for your advice. I agree, flexibility is a must. I'm in a fourth grade class at Watauga for the first placement, and then I'll be in a fifth grade class at Greenbrier. I taught math and science today, and I need to get some more plans typed up tonight. Good to hear from you!
    by jendukes at 01/22/08 4:15PM
  • jendukes
    Heard your news from Mrs. Whitworth (Jernigan). Congratulations!
    by jendukes at 06/26/08 2:31PM
  • harbermama
    In regard to your last question in the 3rd paragraph, I believe the answer is "YES!" :-)
    by harbermama at 07/11/08 7:17AM
  • courtcraig
    Thanks for the book recommendations!!!
    by courtcraig at 04/16/09 10:43AM
  • nick_katie
    Hey Anna! I just now saw your message. I will add you to our friends' list. How are things with you? Nick just did a meeting in Hallsville, MO where your cousin(?) Cecil preaches. We really enjoyed getting to know them better!
    by nick_katie at 05/11/09 11:48PM

I'm an aunt!

Hey guys! I know I know...it's been a long time, but I'm here to add an exciting update!

Naomi Reagan Sweets arrived August 3, 2006! 5 weeks early, but doing great and gets to come home tomorrow! She weighed 5lbs 5.5oz and is 17 in long!

I woke up yesterday morning at 7:45 to a phone call telling me to get to Nashville and get to the hospital. I jumped out of bed and got all my clothes packed and headed to Nashville pulling in about the same time as my parents from Memphis. We spent the morning at Baptist hospital playing Scrabble and waiting.

Finally about 2:10 pm Naomi entered the world with a great set of lungs! We were all so excited! Mom was on one cell phone, I was on another and dad was on his calling all the family to let them know!

So I've had a total change of plans, but for the best! If anyone needs to reach me, I'll be in Nashville till further notice!

Hope everyone is doing great and had a great summer!
  • jamilo
    YAY!! How exciting!!
    by jamilo at 08/04/06 9:04PM
  • georgiajulz
    Yeah for Naomi's arrival!!!
    by georgiajulz at 08/04/06 9:22PM
  • anna
    it is exciting! When I have time I'll post a picture! She's soooo cute!
    by anna at 08/04/06 10:08PM
  • naturalred
    Awesome!!! Congratulations to the whole family, I know you are all on cloud 9! I will be back in Bowling Green tomorrow night, so call me when you get back up there!
    by naturalred at 08/06/06 1:35AM
  • cowboy_jake
    hey this is jacob S. just wanted to say hi.
    by cowboy_jake at 08/13/06 7:48AM
  • cowboy_jake
    oh thanks for the call about Naomi Reagan.:)
    by cowboy_jake at 08/13/06 7:49AM
  • curtisamy
    hey anna, this is Curtis harrington. How are you? I heard about Naomi, how awesome! amy and I are having a baby as well in a couple of months, we're pretty excited.
    by curtisamy at 08/16/06 4:36PM
  • bluegrass_boy
    Hey this is Caleb Smithson, how have you been?
    by bluegrass_boy at 08/22/06 6:36PM
  • big_guy
    There you are, in case you see this before I see you next, have a good day!
    by big_guy at 12/07/06 11:29PM
  • big_guy
    i'm sorry, i thought i had already mentioned it...you should come ride in it with me, it runs nice and without the loose nut ;)
    by big_guy at 12/21/06 8:30PM
  • naturalred
    just a card!
    by naturalred at 06/24/07 10:23PM
  • lukeduke
    thanks for the post sis...yeah, considering Naomi's almost a year old now, I'd say it's time to update your post.
    by lukeduke at 07/03/07 9:38PM
  • georgiajulz
    i have to agree...updating is nice. (i just updated a few days ago.) ;-)
    by georgiajulz at 08/22/07 8:16AM
  • jendukes
    Hi Anna! It's Jennifer Dukes. Hope your doing well.
    by jendukes at 09/24/07 7:58PM

Anna's crazy world

Hey guys, I know it's been forever since I updated, but I have just had other priorities that have been taking over my life. Let's see where to begin....ah...April
In April my dad found out that he got the job he'd interviewed for in Memphis! (Yay Dad!) He's now Chief Medical Officer at Methodist South. So all this seems great, right? WRONG! Dad's new job means we have to move :-( I was very sad about this at first because home has been home for 21 years for me and 23 years for my mom, dad, sister and brother. So now we have this huge for sale sign in our yard and it really is sad. The other sad thing is that dad has moved already and we only get to see him on weekends when he makes that four hour drive home. Mom and Lydia have been staying home to try and sale the house and I'm here in Bowling Green taking a summer class (Ed Psych). So far we've had no offers on our house, but we have had some people look at it (Anyone want to buy a house?) Mom is moving most of her stuff to Memphis in July to the apartment that my dad is living in and then she'll come home periodically to check on the house. All this is sad, but the hardest part is leaving the congregation in Springfield. Recently we've had a few families to leave and my dad is one of three elders there and we've been at the congregation for 23 years. The church in Springfield is a very strong group and I admire them and I will miss those who have taught me to be the Christian that I am today. The joy of this news is that we get to meet Christians in another part of the state and help further the gospel to those who are of need.

Lydia is headed to FC in the fall and she is extremely excited about it and is counting down the days. I will miss her a lot, but I'm glad she gets to experience FC like her siblings did.

I'm staying here in good ole BG and trying to finish school. I have a year and a half left and I can't wait to be done.

Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but I will try to be a little bit better this fall! Hope all of you are having a great summer!
  • wilbur
    Anna! That is sad that ya'll are moving, but it'll be fun too.
    by wilbur at 06/29/05 8:22AM
  • naturalred
    Thanks for the salsa!
    by naturalred at 06/29/05 9:42AM
  • anna
    We'll miss you guys but I agree, it'll be an experience!
    by anna at 06/30/05 9:28AM
  • hannahrunswithendurance
    see a pic of your sis on my blog!
    by hannahrunswithendurance at 07/03/05 4:51PM
  • scottydont
    it was good meeting you too, i had a lot of fun
    by scottydont at 07/06/05 12:12PM
  • justjoey
    wow...you've met my whole family almost! haha...how are things with you? california is going well...hope to visit bg sometime soon though!
    by justjoey at 07/06/05 1:54PM
  • anna
    Yay! Look me up if you head to BG! Scott i'm glad you had an awesome time!
    by anna at 07/06/05 2:31PM
  • emfriz
    hey anna! guess who!
    by emfriz at 10/11/05 4:30PM
  • ashstar
    Anna you still exist...I was beginning to wonder! I miss you so much...I'm hoping to come visit again during spring break
    by ashstar at 10/14/05 6:25PM
  • britt22
    u need to update!
    by britt22 at 08/01/06 1:27AM

Random Quote

So I'm reading through the Princess Diaries series when I come upon on one of the greatest quotes ever!! I'm posting it here for all of you to enjoy!

"Men are like little woodland creatures. You have to lure them to you with tiny breadcrumbs and soft words of encouragement. You cannot simply whip out a rock and conk them over the head with it."

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well!!
  • firebolt
    yeah...i'll agree with that quote. totally and completely. thanks for the help at the ERC tonight
    by firebolt at 02/24/05 10:23PM
  • tu_madre
    but some guys like to be conked...
    by tu_madre at 02/25/05 1:15AM
  • hamm0ndeggs
    indeed we do. or maybe instead of breadcrumbs, like, whole ROLLS.
    by hamm0ndeggs at 02/25/05 1:22AM
  • ashstar
    I like the passage in the bible where it says, "all men are stupid"....because if God said it, it must be true.
    by ashstar at 02/25/05 2:37PM
  • georgiajulz
    That's a great quote!!
    by georgiajulz at 02/25/05 4:03PM
  • hannahrunswithendurance
    that is a SUPER quote!
    by hannahrunswithendurance at 02/25/05 7:01PM
  • naturalred
    awesome, i wonder if cinnamon rolls would work, b/c those were really good this morning!
    by naturalred at 02/26/05 11:35AM
  • britt22
    hey anna. its brittany v.
    by britt22 at 02/26/05 2:41PM
  • anna
    hey brittany!
    by anna at 02/27/05 9:13PM
  • anna
    I think cinnamon rolls are a great idea
    by anna at 02/27/05 9:13PM
  • andrew87
    thanks for the ride to chattanooga -- and the cookies!
    by andrew87 at 04/02/05 12:27AM
  • naturalred
    you REALLY need to update!
    by naturalred at 06/02/05 3:30PM
  • neenee
    I'm just blog surfing, but I really like that quote! :)
    by neenee at 06/15/05 6:29PM