Time flies...

Yep, I don't think I've been here to the nast in about a year maybe...?? My bestest friend Pattycakes is going through a lot right now, as a couple of her close friends from her congregation are having a hard time right now with awful things that have occured in their lives. Prayers are welcome....
  • pattycakes
    thanks langela...♥you bubie
    by pattycakes at 11/01/07 9:10AM
  • pattycakes
    ;)) i changed your name on my friendslist...see if you can find you;)
    by pattycakes at 11/12/07 3:57PM
  • angiematt
    pst i figured it out...sheesh!
    by angiematt at 11/14/07 9:46PM
  • pattycakes
    it took me a while just to figure out how to change my friends names...t'is a wee bit cornfusing on here!
    by pattycakes at 11/14/07 11:17PM
  • pattycakes
    i'll tell her next time i speak to her...
    by pattycakes at 11/20/07 10:42AM
  • pattycakes
    i♥you & your toasty tofu!!! ;))
    by pattycakes at 12/02/07 5:12PM