2016 Update on the past three to four years...

For those of you who don't gossip much or troll people's Facebook blog...

Three years ago I started acting bizarrely...beyond the range of "normal" for a Creative Director. Stan was worried & sent me to the Doctor where I was diagnosed as having Lyme's Disease and a serious B12 deficiency and mild depression. The Doctor gave me a shot of B12 and my "paranoid" thinking cleared up within an hour. I was given antibiotics for the Lyme's disease which took 2-3 months of antibiotics to completely clear me of symptoms. Primary symptom was spatial vision changes which caused problems when I tried to draw and loss of muscle tone on my jawline. I've worked pretty diligently to get my jawline muscle tone back cause I'm admittedly VAIN and dislike looking OLD before my Genetic time. (Grandmother looked around 40 into her late 60's!). I'm not even close to that age at 45, and used to looking 25-35 cause I don't smoke, don't binge drink, wear hats & sunscreen since a child like a Victorian! And I got my Grandmother's DNA. I remember a preacher once saying there was a reason why some women were plain and other's were not. Dealing with a sudden loss in beauty and being forced to work at getting it back has been enlightening. Who knew my spouse's LOVE was in proportion to the beauty of my face? I worked to overcome extreme shyness growing up and being someone other people wanted to look at and know helped that tremendously. My Grandparents feared for my future as an extremely shy, possibly incredibly stupid but unusually beautiful child & preteen and ARAINGED my marriage at 18. I was not forced into the arraignment and not told about it except once when a preteen. Apparently, the young man was told about and enticed to attend my University with a full-ride scholarship Grandpa paid for. He was angry about it, already had a girlfriend but forced to be there by his parents. We met and he was possibly the meanest most arrogant man on first meeting. I hated his guts for being so handsome and simultaneously so arrogant! He did not know I was the girl there he was suppose to marry. I sneered at him and ignored him and he acted about like a cat. One day he asked me out & the Holy Spirit perhaps grabbed my tongue and made me say "yes!" I started becoming nervous about it cause all his friends were hyping him up...and borrowed my roommate's very very conservative t-length khaki skirt & top. Unfortunately, none of my shoes looked right with the outfit and she loaned me her shoes too. Her rather large shoes. I stuffed the toes with tissue and went on the date. We were walking along being awkward when I walked a touch too fast and my SHOE went sailing off my foot into the air. I decided the date could not get any worse and started laughing hysterically. I finally admitted to borrowing the shoes and the outfit. He started laughing hysterically. He admitted to liking my more colorful dresses better than my roommate's Khaki & sweater style and I admitted to liking him better when he was laughing. We were best friends after that and we both fell pretty quickly in love. Up until 3 years ago...THAT is almost ALL I remembered of our relationship in college at ACU in 1989-1990. When I recalled him now and then, I vaguely revered dating off & on all year. I remembered being quite serious about him and believing we were getting married the following year. That was followed by a lot of emotional hurt because he didn't call me all summer and failed to contact me when I failed to show up the next year. I thought he had gotten cold feet and back out. I did not remember much in-between of either him, our activities or my time at ACU. I may still be missing an entire year of memories there.

The Doctor my spouse sent me to temporarily prescribed a new drug for depression that s also used to treat Altheimerz patients. I was pissed off at my spouse for forcing me to see the Doctor & being so compliant with a bunch of left-wing Democrat Goons! I'd pop the dissolving pill in my mouth and spit it out the instant he wasn't looking. I got maybe a sixteenth the prescribed dosage. I'm glad I palmed it too because I started having the "Prozac" reaction and could NOT control my depression when the medicine wore off. Doctor took me off the stuff and I went on an excercise & nutritional plan that has mostly reversed any depression. What I discovered though after taking the new on the market drug was I started getting memories back. I had a six year period of time with sketchy memories that culminated in an unknown event I struggled to recall. I started journaling the returning memories and got my ACU University self BACK! I kept getting scared in Houston because I'd see people I knew like Peggy's Grandson and not remember how or where I knew them. When the memories returned I was able to place MOST of those "scary" people as friends or acquaintances I knew out at ACU. One man I kept seeing here there and everywhere ended up on TV speaking in front of Congress. They had a nice plaque in front of him with his name & I looked him up and discovered he also attended ACU. He was one of the keys that led me back to my memories. Turns out I also met him around the age of 12 when my Grandpa was introduced to him as an up & coming young pilot. I did start drawing the face of a man I believed to be my Grandparent's arrainged marriage for me and repeatedly drew the young pilot.

Unfortunately, among those lost memories I also recalled the likely causes of there original loss...I went to a formal frat party on campus with a friend. Every woman there and many of the men had there drinks spiked with a new 90's drug Rohybtnal. My Boyfriend was also there. Three of his BEST female friends and myself were the likely targets of the Rohybtnal. Some Frat Men dosed everyone but more heavily dosed about 10 women they intended to gang-rape. I was not completely out when I was told to take off my clothing, a formal dress. I did not understand the intent was rape. I was angry that they were trying to give my most beautiful dress to some other woman there and left the party. I got as far as the exit door when I was overcome by the drug and forced to sit down or fall down. Meanwhile, my Boyfriend who was also Rohybtnalled started threatening to murder the men who had every intention of gang-raping every woman there he loved. He was forced to exit the room and was having an angry tirade about killing them all for raping me and his female friends. He saw me sitting at the exit...checked on me then went back in the room to rescue the other women. He managed to get one of them away and another male friend and possibly another girl. My memory is not exactly clear at this point because of the drug. I think I may have passed out a second time walking out the exit stairs. I was kept from falling off the high stairs and breaking my neck by his quick intervention. We went to the campus police station and the "party" was ended. We waited around until ambulances arrived which took 5 women who had been gang-raped to the hospital. They wheeled those women out on gurneys. One woman was completely comatose. The administration of the school debated ending the charter of ALL the Fraternities & Sororities and typically hushed up the entire thing. About 5 men besides us left the party when women were asked to disrobe. I believed all the men had been Rohybtnaled back then...now, I am not so sure. There were 2-3 student suicides that year. One was a man whose Fiance had been gang-raped at another event and screamed every time he came near her. With all the gang-rapes happening on campus my boyfriend and I decided it was better to Marry as soon as possible rather than wait until after one of us became a victim. I have not remembered getting married to him for 20+ years. I do remember having increasingly frightening memory issues while on campus. Where I began forgetting may friend's faces or even that I knew them. Someone at some point said I had been more heavily dosed as an intended victim.

I loved the school when I was there and spent some of the happiest days of my life there. My intention is NOT to damage the school's reputation...but the Bible says to shine the light of truth on evil events! That year was shortly after the end of the USSR and we had numerous foreign students sponsored by Missionary groups including a large number of Russians. At the same time several students including myself were Airforce Strategic Command "Special" Recruits and the school was hosting a number of SAC pilots on my Grandpa & his friend's scholarship donations. We had numerous foreign students of note including a possible Ben Lauden. The place was swarming with FBI and the school at some point asked a notorious former Mafia Don there as a "reformed" speaker. We also had Charleton Heston visit with a bunch of Hollywood folks and donate large sums of money to the theatre department. What should have been a safe haven for all students became something like the meeting of the 5 Armies in Tolkien. I mention this because of the next attempted rape. I had planned a surprise Birthday Party for my Boyfriend at a local pizza place. Earlier that day I was asked to accompany another student to a sick graduate students home to deliver a meal or groceries or something. We got there and the man locked us in his bedroom. During our kidnapping he claimed to be a deep-cover KGB Agent intent on destroying American's. I didn't show up for the party and my best friend went looking for me. Thanks to my distinctive "Lamborghini" my friends were able to locate me and rescue me from the apartment. One crawled through the window to untie us and the other's, a bunch of Airforce pilots & airmen, went through the front door armed.

Two other attempted rapes occurred. I figure I was a target because of my Airforce Colonel Grandpa and my Boyfriend. Other women injured were AS CONNECTED. I am tattle-taleing because KNOWLEDGE can lead to prevention! Also, because the man I married there was called a liar for saying we got married. He did not lie. I do not know what his perspective is. People posibly involved in multiple gang-rapes of Christian School female students, at least one a probable virgin, have for 25 years prevented he & I from discussing what happened back then. He managed to talk one friend into giving him my phone # & address in 1993 and we discussed some of these things, and I agreed to return to him as his wife and divorce my other spouse. He left with a promise to return after an appointment. A man in his late 30's to early 40's snuck into my home and assaulted & stabbed me. He was about to pull the trigger of a pistol he had pointed to my temple when my College spouse returned and rang the doorbell. I was so messed up after this 5th assault attempt that succeeded that I became catonic for a while. I do not know what he was told afterwards or what he may have believed. I have a vague memory of thinking him my assailant a year? or so later & freaking out.

It is an un uncomfortable topic to discuss but I remember much of what the rapist did to me at this time and I also remember much of what he SAID to me. While he was torturing me he claimed to BE my spouse. I laughed when he claimed this because they looked nothing alike. He then started claiming to be my College spouse whom he saw leave the house. I told him that was ridiculous. He continued claiming he was him while he stabbed me and attempted to do worse. He stabbed me at least once in the head through my ear. I was halucinating when he ran out the back door of the house. I had managed a phone call to either the neighbor or the Cops when he went for his pistol. As far as I know he has never been caught. I believe he is being hidden from the law by foolish members of the Church. He was 15 to 20 years older than both men I had inadvertently married.

I do not want to become an advocate for polygamy. But despite asking multiple members of my family and many former friends for my College spouse's details ...I have been unanimously refused even basic information as to whether he is still alive or dead. I was told around 2000 that he had committed suicide. Then I discover someone claiming to BE him at TCU. I went to visit him at TCU and had someone seemingly call in a Bomb scare prior to my visit. Then had all the old fat secretaries act like I was trying to have an affair with him. It's tough to have an affair with a man you've never managed to legally divorced! I have since had various female acquaintances online claim to be in relationships with him & had every other Christian School former friend claiming a current "Marriage." At one point he supposedly even married his sister & 2nd cousin. Let me say this, IF you are involved in these sort of sinful games directed at "punishing" people for circumstances YOU created....YOU are most likely Hell bound. I have kept my current spouse informed of all of this, and we have discussed options. I am hardly going to divorce anyone without being granted the Human Right of knowing if my College spouses living or dead and having a honest discussion of all of this with him. My understanding is that he's a bit of a "Count of Monte Christo" in resources. I would like to resolve this before we all become Count of Monte Christo in intent.

Please message me on Pleonast if you have any information regarding these events or would like to apologize!

-Amy McGuyer

Anybody remember high school genetics??? College genetics????

I made the best grade in that class, 105 out of 100. I'm the kid everybody hated for killing even the remote possibility of a curve. I still don't remember all that much from that long ago. I remember enough to be a bit shocked about the amazing amounts of false information online. MOST of the false information is regarding predicting eye color in infants. WHY? WHY? WHY?

What motivation does anyone have in telling some curious pregnant woman false information? Eye color is pretty predictable. Two blue-eyed people will only have a child with blue eyes unless they have an albino child for some reason. You don't EVER get brown eyes from two blue-eyed people. Having said that, there IS an additive in eyelash lengthening formula that sometimes causes brown spots in blue-eyed people and possibly other discolorations. It's in the small disclaimer print. Blue-eyed people who have kids with green-eyed people produce either blue or green eyed children. I suppose that's Stan and I. He has blue eyes; I have blue-green eyes... we have no possiblity of having a brown-eyed child.

There is a RARE shade of pale brown almost gold. Saphire blue eyes are also a rare recessive gene. Rare means it's a seriously recessive gene. Recessive means that it hides when dominant genes are present. That's what you usually see when Brown-eyed people have kids with blue-eyed people... the kids end up brown-eyed but with a hidden blue gene. Those kids then have the possibility of having both blue and brown-eyed children.

Generally you can figure out who has completely dominant Brown eyes by looking at there parents and grandparents. There is a miniscule possibility of someone carrying a recessive blue gene down the line several generations. You certainly don't see it everyday.

Tarts and Vicars....

I suppose that's about the truth of things. The Vicars USUALLY get with Tarts! "Good" girls are USUALLY attracted to "bad" boys etc. We'd probably not reproduce if it were otherwise! I suppose we could have test-tube babies! Yeehaw! But then what would we do on cold rainy weekends? I suppose we could all just play video games and drink soda!

I know some people at Church have marriages like that... the gossips told me about them! I am sorry for what I said about that not being a "real" marriage. I was ASKED what I thought about a sexless marriage, before they told me some people are in them. SORRY! I felt pretty bad about it afterward... but now that I don't have any mercy... perhaps it's not a "real" marriage? I seem to recall a famous art critic whose marriage was annulled after 8 years 'cause he would not have sex with his wife. 10 points if you know the story! ;)

I was also asked what I thought about cousin's marrying. I thought I was being set up with a much loved 1st cousin, and reacted quite strongly THINKING 'Are you kidding me? I adore him but I've known him since he was a baby!' What I said was "OMG that's sick!" I was thinking about myself NOT other people. I don't judge other people. I was pretty upset when I was immediately TOLD after saying that that someone was married to there cousin. I'm glad that worked out. There nice folks. Very foot in mouth moment, although... I had help getting my foot that close to my face.

On the subject of Cousin's marrying... Eleanor or Acquataine, divorced her husband the King of France and ran off with Prince Henry of England, later King Henry the 2nd. This was after a big scandal where some Bishop revealed that the French King was her fourth cousin. Apparently, the Bishops were ANGRY that SHE had more influence over the French King than they. He'd been a very religious man and LOVED his wife to distraction. Apparently, they convinced him for a while not to have sex with her as well. They were married for years when she finally got sick of the Bishops power quest and ran off with the much younger man. She took her entire dowry, half of France, with her and gave it to the English. Prince Henry was her daughter's fiance. He and she were married till death, having nine children together. He apparently locked her up in a tower once after she convinced her son John? to attempt to murder his Father and take the crown. Apparently, she got mad at him for taking a mistress when she got old. Of her children... King Richard the Lion Heart is still in stories about the crusades... King John was the innovative ruler who signed the Magna Carta and basically became the Father of modern democracy... I believe either her Daughter or Granddaughter married the famous Prince of Wales that still makes history and storybooks...

She herself was suppose to be the direct descendant of William the Conqueror, either Granddaughter or Great-Granddaughter. She was said to be one of the most beautiful women of Medieval Europe... and she is one of the ONLY women of Medieval Europe that we know ANYTHING about. I named my daughter after HER. The Bishops destroyed her marriage in a quest for power and she STILL came out on top. You have to do a lot of searching to find the names of any of those Bishops. I'm sure they believed they had the best of intentions. I've wondered what would have happened to her if she had been even a tiny bit uglier, poorer, or less willful? God made her beautiful, rich, and probably a bit stubborn. What sin did SHE commit? From all accounts being 'the Apple of her husband's eye.' The King of France did not keep mistresses when he had her... I'm sure a lot of power hungry people tried to get him one. They were both very young when they married and grew up together. The King of France was pretty devastated over what happened... but they'd already convinced him to desert her once. She'd have probably ended up with her head chopped off like one of King Henry VIII wives if the Bishop's had had there way.

Young women in love don't think about power. I don't actually know any young women sleeping with young men for power, perhaps money. But seriously YOUNG women sleep with men 'cause they're handsome or cool or strong or smart or brave... or because Daddy hates them! Daddies think about power and Mother's think about money. I don't really want my daughter to marry some dirt poor fellow who can't keep a job. Every parent I know who loves there daughter feels the same way... even the most altruistic of parents. We're fortunate that women can earn honest money to live on in today's world. It means women don't have to get married as early.... don't have to get married at all if they don't want to.... and if you marry a dirt poor pretty boy you love and adore; you can always get a job and help keep your kids from starving. In today's society mine and other parent's thinking is probably a bit greedy. Why shouldn't my daughter marry some poor boy she falls for? There was an African American boy of the same age who kept giving her a curious stare. I figure He'll grow up and marry a pale-skinned red-head; and she'll grow up and marry a dark-skinned boy. If that upsets you then YOU ARE A BIGOT. The one bigot I know had the misfortune of having his FAVORITE daughter marry an African-American man. He was pretty upset about it, but his love for his daughter WON out. Even old men can learn to think better.

That's the way this world works you know. If you are hate something, you're probably going to end up loving it by the time you die. I was a bigot against Spanish/Mexican people. I married a Spanish man and learned to like Mexicans. THEN when I became a Spanish/Mexican advocate the tables turned and everyone and there dog has been trying to convince me to hate Spanish/Mexicans. That's pretty much what happens in my life with EVERYTHING. If I'm very very GOOD I get made fun of and pushed to be very very EVIL. When I decide to at least project very very Evil, I get made fun of and pushed to be very very GOOD. If I'm green everybody else seems red. If I'm red everybody else goes green. I don't really like standing out. Which is probably why this keeps happening this way. You can't really learn from that. You just figure out the system.

In the last few years it's taken a sinister turn. Basically, anything or ANYONE I loved becomes a target for "fake teaching." What I mean by that is if I loved or advocated Doctor's then someone when to a lot of trouble to destroy my trust in them. If I trusted an individual then someone or something would find a way to discredit them until I no longer trusted them. I started experiementing with this. I had noticed that ANY man that I had loved was suddenly being 'threatened with destruction' if I even mentioned there name positively. Women are easier to discredit with other women, and most of my CLOSE female friends were on my 'suspicion list'. (That's my list of people I have trouble trusting.) After I started seeing 'threats' against my husband anytime I talked about him publicaly, I decided to TRY a few things.

When I started completely ignoring this stuff, it escalated from negative public relations stuff to actual visual death threats. Images or articles depicting men who looked too similar to my husband being injured or harmed. THIS escalated to attacks on public people I like.

Threats = online social media negatively portraying images of men who looked like him, negatively portraying his University or demeaningly discussing people with similar position and skill set. This happened with other people too, pretty much anyone I was "cushy" with at the time. For example, I was gushing over a relative and had gained a few friends in her group. Around this time a news article on CNN about the horrid 'Highland Park' school district came up on my reading list. What was a really good school in Texas was being given a 'bad rap' in the news which was talking about a school in Chicago. What was even more odd was the mention in the article of a Teacher 'Elise' who had saved the school etc. I'd say this was just coincidence... except this type of thing happened like clockwork with ANYONE I decided to 'adore!' I've recorded over a thousand examples of this sort of visually threatening language, the timing is significant. After discussing another cousin admiringly I suddenly get hit with a pop-up article about a Jersey Cop in jail for murdering someone.... and of course the guys NAME was too close to my cousin. After years of this kind of abusive media I interpreted this as "NOBODY is safe from US!" The President of Rice who I admired and recently put his picture with Stan's on the mantle - a couple of months ago I receive a Rice Magazine laid out FIRST with an article about the new Titanic Museum in Ireland, then with an article and picture of the Rice President... the picture made him look like the Sicilian in 'The Princess' Bride'... then an article about a DEAD Rice student living in San Diego getting his Phd in Economics who happened to be a Mountain climber who had just finished climbing the Sierra Nevada's in California whose body was found with his fiance in South America. I notated all of the coincidences and the odd arrangement of articles. This got sent to my home. I did not immediately think it was threatening until I started reading the article and thought 'Shit, someone cloned my husband.' I don't think he was a clone, I think someone made a point of magnifying ANY similarities to Stan.

I figured Tom Cruise was above this sort of thing... so, I became a big Tom and Katie fan. Next thing I know they're split up and Tom's buddy Ridley Scott is dead. What is even weirder is that the entire WORLD suddenly seemed to hate Tom. I was about convinced the entire world was populated with space aliens trying to kill/eat anybody real. I've liked Prince Harry since running into him 10 years ago in England... He's better looking in person, polite and kind of sparkly... I decided to be more public about liking him... next thing I start seeing online are visual death threats... articles about him interspersed with articles about dead red-haired guys type of thing... I will have to refer back to my notes for specifics and images...

One video article I remember being unhappy about was a video of a big naked red-haired fellow being taken down by a police dog and Cops in Indiana? In my browser the guy in the video looks a lot like Prince Harry. From a visual perspective I suspected the video of being edited because it was too jumpy and had some ODD stuff in it. First, the dog jumped up to person size and smelled the back of the Cop handler's neck - ODD movement. Also, odd was the complete lack of concern for the downed man and the COMPLETE lack of questions regarding what crime the man had committed to have a DOG set on him. From a viewer's perspective it reminded me of something out of the movies - a slave hunt in 'Root's' perhaps. The article discussed that the naked man had pushed a woman out of a car and driven frantically away. The woman said she was uninjured. The article said the man was twitching or itching or something. It also said he was seventeen, 17. That's still underage in the USA. I don't understand WHY people aren't OUTRAGED about an attack DOG being set on a child/teenager. I am also concerned that nobody seemed to ASK if the boy were having medical problems, or was being pursued by criminals. The Dog did not really look like it was owned by the Cops, it looked like it owned the Cop. And WHY was the boy naked? Anyone check to see if he had been assaulted? EVEN someone under the influence of drugs should NOT have a dog set on them. I'd SHOOT your police dog if that was MY KID. I ADVOCATE putting DOWN ALL attack police DOGs. Drug sniffing dogs are one thing. But what was on that video is an attack on humanity and violates the treatment of prisoners as specified in the US Constitution not to mention International Treaty. Not sure if it was a real video or someone's home video edited to harass, harm and threaten real people. There have been a couple of other Cop-bully videos that looked like two videos have been spliced and edited before NATIONALLY publicizing.

One looked more like a male rape than an arrest. I'm tired of supposedly smart people unquestioningly following everything they see or read like a herd of Buffalo.

As my Mother would say...

"Dear Ones,"

You don't know who you are dealing with, but then neither do they...

  • amy
    Other odd media pictures... I was seriously freaked out after seeing a picture of the prisoner's at Guantanamo Bay. These guys are blindfolded with what look like sight and sound depravation glasses and earphones on. The Geneva Convention specifies guidelines for images of Prisoner's of War. Basically, my understanding is that they can NOT be publically humiliated or photographed in a way that gives out identity in a humiliating way. But WHAT are the glasses and earphones for??? Second, TWO prisoner's look like American Citizens... one looked too much like my Brother and another looked too much like my next oldest Cousin. How do we know they are prisoner's of war and NOT American Citizens? How do we know everyone being held there is even male? Would any of you Dear Ones OBJECT if women were being held there, deprived of visual and auditory reality, and subjected to incarceration without public trial? Would you OBJECT if any of these HUMAN BEINGS were American Citizens? Has it been 10 years since these people were incarcerated?
    by amy at 03/07/13 6:53PM

More Baby...

I think of that Alanis song "Ironic" when I think about that hospital... I also think maybe gun control is a good idea cause this event killed my mercy for people. Ironic? A few months before, Stan and I had enjoyed arguing over whether doctors and nurses were in it for money or philanthropy. I took the side of good will and good intentions. I won the argument. After the hospital experience I conceded that he was without doubt right and it was all about money and power. I was saddened to hear over the radio while driving home from the hospital early on that a nurse had been killed in a car crash. Months later thinking about this, I thought if she were like so many of the soulless *expletive* women looking after innocent newborns there then she probably got what she deserved.

I kind of felt like spitting on a family member who recommended that hospital in the first place. She sings there praises and goes to charity events for the problem that caused HER emergency C-section and a premature baby. "The Doctor saved my life!" Both our mothers and there sister had uncomplicated trouble free births naturally. No dead babies, no emergency C-sections, no nearly dead Mama's. I anticipated trouble because of my own medical history... Hers was a surprise... Her sister's was an even bigger surprise. I'm suspicious of so much trouble.

I got a certain attitude from some folks about all this trouble that reminded me a bit of Jobs wife and friends. WHAT DID YOU DO to cause this! You're under suspicion too. Some nurses also implied this... Stating things like "Babies are innocent, I would never hurt one DESPITE what the parent's did." We got enough of this for me to wonder what they THOUGHT we did? What was it missing Sunday night Church or going to a Rock Concert for the first time? I suppose paying the price for something you did not do puts you into double jeopardy... Loved that movie!

I suppose it must have been a bit like what happened once at Church. I leaned my head on Stan's shoulder during services, we were engaged then. After services a person I love loudly admonished us for having sex before marriage. We weren't. Stan is better than most men and sticks to HIS conscience. Reading about Ruth, I've been less convinced on the subject for long time. It's forgivable and too many 'nuns' don't end up married to someone who adores them. Women who give in usually keep the men they love. While the 'nun' ends up with a man who admires her but does not love her. That's our society, not ancient society where you were stoned to death as a woman for pre-marital sex. We were not... But I'd learned my lesson after losing a man I loved passionately to an 'easy' woman. I hated that she looks like me. I hate him now too, I suppose.

I asked the Church Lady later about it. She finally told me that an old man in the Church had approached her saying that Stan and I were sleeping together because 'He could tell' because of the way I rested my head on Stan's shoulder. I suggest all you gossips go read the 10 Commandment's on Bearing False Witness. All you dirty old men should go read the scriptures on Coveting your Neighbours wife and lust. SHAME ON YOU!

The baby...

We were in the hospital close to 3 months with her. I had to have an emergency C-section after the doctor noticed she had stopped growing between visits. I was going once a week for sonograms. I was old enough for complications and then they discovered I've got a weird blood anti-body. Apparently, I'm allergic to Irish people... And somewhere got exposed to a weird Irish antigen. I probably know more about this now than most doctors and nurses in the USA, assuming the Internet is always right! Ha! Ha! Still thinking about going back for a higher education degree in this subject or genetics. Loved Biology and whizzed through it in school...

She was premature and under 5 pounds at birth. When we finally took her home she was over 7 pounds. She had to have surgery for a hole in the throat and the Doctor wanted her to be bigger. 80% chance of survival at 5 pounds; 100% chance of survival without complications at birth weight. I was told the hole was a birth defect...but was suspicious... She was rushed off to the NICU after a well baby nurse attempted to tube feed her. What I realised later was that the NICU had to special order tiny feeding tubes from another hospital... The doctor said she had a very tiny throat.... The original nurse trainee used a normal sized baby tube in the batched attempt.

We did not know what was wrong initially. I breast fed her just fine right after birth. I was in the process of attempting to nurse her again when the attending nurse said she was turning blue and whisked her off to the nursery. She did not look blue to me. I think she was tired of listening to my Mother and I argue over the best way to hold her. I do not know why they attempted to tube feed her instead of bringing her back to me. That was the beginning of months of hell. I did not even get to change her diaper until several days later... I'd never changed a diaper in my life!