Grocery Shopping

I am waiting for Stewy to get home so that I can go grocery shopping. I struggle so much, not with the shopping part, but with what to feed my family. I have tried for so long to do only natural, unprocessed things. To the best of my ability. There have been some circumstances lately where we have really had to try and squeeze every cent out of our grocery budget. As a matter of fact for the last 2 weeks we have only spent about $20 as we were trying to get most everything in our freezer used up. My struggle comes with buying low cost things are often canned or boxed. I buy veggies and fruits, but try to stay away from canned or frozen and just buy fresh. Two things happen, 1) you have to shop more often 2) sometimes they go bad before i use them all. (unless its grapes or banana's those don't last 2 minutes in our house) fresh food are not things you can "stock up".
A few months ago after a shopping trip that was more expensive than i budgeted for, I let the devil slip into my heart and say " you can't have any more children you won't be able to feed them". My oldest is 6 and a boy. I can't imagine when he is 15 and eating 2x as much. I panicked! Then while we were at home school camp I talked to a momma of 10 children , 9 at home. I asked her. "how do you feed them all?" Not to be rude or accusing but clearly from a "TELL ME HOW YOU DO IT!" She said, "do you like beans"? I said "yeah" she said "we eat a lot of beans". I thought, you know what, this is about keeping my family fed. Not following every grocery, organic, fad out there. I am all for fresh food. I firmly believe that it is the best for you. I also feel that I need to do the best I can with the money that God has given us and if that means buying something processed here or there, we will be fine. With Stewy and I it all boils down to portion control right now anyway. I am so thankful that my children still LOVE pb & j , they are happy with that for mostly every lunch. I am one of those mommas that likes to do things simple. Oatmeal for breakfast, pb& j for lunch and a meal menu for weekly dinners. Every once and a while i will swap out oatmeal for a cereal (the kids think they have won the lottery) or mac and cheese for the pb & j.
I think my best bet is to check the ads and see what protein is on sale and plan my meals around that. Stu recommended checking out the managers specials on monday mornings. I am sure that this is all old hat for you all. It has just taken me a while to find a good groove. We will see how this goes. What are your best tips for feeding your family healthy and affordably ?
  • mamahastings
    There are just seasons in life when we can not buy everything "organic." Really "organic" does not always mean what it used to! As one mom friend of mine says when they can't afford to eat natural- "That is just one more reason to pray to God to bless your food." :) I liked that!
    by mamahastings at 10/15/11 6:44PM
  • tweedledee
    Yes! And good to read this too! Beans and brown rice are wonderful!
    by tweedledee at 10/15/11 8:36PM
  • tommyswife
    I love frozen "whole" foods. Many are bargains because they are frozen in season. Also typically the only major processing that has been done is washing and cutting. Frozen fruit veggies are wonderful with coupons or stock up sale prices.
    by tommyswife at 10/16/11 9:07PM

Ahh the smell of fall!

WOW it's been less than a month since my last post! Rock on!

I love the smell of fall, especially the smell of campfires. I love the smell of the leaves and the cold brisk air. It is by FAR my favorite time of year. I could give a hoot about summer, the heat is ridiculous and unnecessary. People feel they have to wear less than appropriate clothes and I could go on and on. But, fall.....Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Right now I a smelling a burial pyre that poppa did for one of our piggies who unfortunately lost its life too soon. :( We found her not doing well when we got back from Home School Camp. The next morning she was dead. When Poppa was taking care of her he found what he thought to be bite wounds on her rear flank (this sounds like the goats all over again). I feel better though thinking that something killed her, as opposed to her dying for some unknown reason. Any way it was a needless death, we are debating what to do with the remaining hog. Breed or butcher? We are leaning towards breeding, however, we need to build a (thing she has her babies in, can't think of the name of it) before we would breed. These big girls are wonderful momma's but do occasionally lay down on a piglet or two. Do avoid that you build a "nesting box" that is slanted so the momma can only get in so far, and , the babies can get away from her. I am not sure right now I am ready for that step. The thought of being stuck with 14 piggies and not being able to find buyers scares me :)
We are doing My Fathers World for school this year. We are doing Jake and Charley together. Both in the first grade. It is working out REALLY well. We started Abe in Kindergarten but we are going to hold off on him for another year and start he and Adelaide together. I like pairing them together and doing it that way. It makes things a bit easier for momma.
I have been a baking FOOL since the weather has cooled off. I made several pies (including my first raspberry pie, for our neighbor who has been kindly mowing our yard) and 2 custard pies. I tell ya there is nothing better than a home made custard pie, with home made from lard pie crust. The custard was a little "lighter" than it would have normally been, I used left over egg whites from the noodles I've been making. Although the heavy cream made up for the extra egg whites ! YUMMMY! I have yet to make a pumpkin pie, although with the cinnamon rolls I made at the beginning of the week I used pumpkin pie spice as opposed to cinnamon alone. I prefer the traditional way but poppa liked it better. I use the PW reciepe and it is AWESOME ! I can eat these cold and with no icing, they are still fabulous! What is your favorite "fall" thing?
  • tommyswife
    Apple cider, carmel and apples, pumpkin anything except pumpkin pie, it's a texture thing. I know I'm weird! I also love chilli. I just think the national food of fall should be hot and spicy chili! :)
    by tommyswife at 10/08/11 3:00PM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the leaves. They were beautiful at HS camp. They haven't turned much here in MS, but I can wait!! I love wearing sweaters, too. I mourn when I put them away in the spring. Our fall/winter is too short in the south!!
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 10/08/11 3:25PM
  • smiley_beth
    I don't know if I realized that you are doing the same thing, the same way, at the same time as us (MFW 1st grade). We are doing Caleb and Hannah. Caleb is past the reading and we are using it for Hannah, and they each do their year of Saxon Math, but everything else they are doing together. What day are you on? I think we are on Day 32 (?) We'll have to brain storm together and share ideas.

    I will have to pass on the praline sugar cream pie recipe I was given. Delicious!
    by smiley_beth at 10/09/11 3:27PM


It's only been 9 months since i updated! Isaac has been outside of me almost as long as he was in me! He growing like a weed and has been fondly dubbed "captain destructo" ! He is crawling every where smiles like there is no tomorrow. ( Shouldn't we all) .
We just got back from an amazingly wonderful week and Home School Camp. We met tons of new people and didn't get to spend enough time with any of them. Just like Wayne said there were some, when you walked away , you felt as though you just left the presence of a giant. So much wisdom, much kindness. It was a wonderful experience. I am already looking forward to next year, I am also tossing around the idea of attending spring camp. It is such a blessing to be around those with whom you are like minded. When you find those that are like-like-like-like minded, you never want to let them go! Some of us ladies joked around about creating a commune. I certainly see the benefit :)
Jacob led his first song at camp. We had nightly gatherings, on tuesday and thursday they were specifically "singings" . Jake heard that they were letting younger boys lead some songs and he JUMPED at the chance. He kept wanting to lead songs that weren't in the book, we found one he could lead and a boy about 2 before him led it first. Jake started crying. A lovely lady gently said to him "we would love to sing that song again" so when he got up in front of everyone he simply stated "I would also like to lead # 14" He made his momma proud! Jake Charley and Abe also competed in the Bible Bowl. Their team got 1st place for the 5-7 year olds. Another proud moment! Isaac got a paper plate award for being the youngest camper. (im not sure that he was, but the award was fun)
We had a great time and are excited to keep up with our new friends.
I am a horrible blogger (about keeping up with it) I will try to be better. I have several blogs in my head I'd love to write but I am not sure that is the path the Lord would have me take, quite yet :) Blessings and Love to all!
  • waerick
    by waerick at 10/05/11 12:50AM
  • mamahastings
    About time you came around! :)

    So glad you had a great time. We too, have thought about Spring Camp. Let us know if you decide to go! I understand the "like-like-like-like minded." It is a good-good-good-good thing to find :)
    by mamahastings at 10/05/11 8:34AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    Hey glad you added me!!! I can't wait till next year. Tell Jacob and Charley I said hey!
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 10/05/11 9:20AM
  • smiley_beth
    I had thought about working the spring campout in too, this year, but then I remembered I will have a BRAND NEW baby. Not sure I will be up to that kind of travel without Wayne (or with Wayne for that matter). So glad you had a good time and that you came to camp. I loved spending the week with you all.
    by smiley_beth at 10/05/11 5:26PM
  • madtomkidd
    next to the profile, hover over and you'll see an arrow that leads to "edit profile" it's in there.
    by madtomkidd at 10/06/11 12:33PM


He's here he's here!!!! I am so excited and he is adorable!! (im biased but really he is!!)
The past week was kinda rough with the loss of my friends twin girls at 30 weeks. We made a trip to the hospital on wednesday cause i was having regular contractions. There was no cervical change so they sent me home. :( I cried a lot that week. Trying to be strong but beiing so very sore from various pregnancy things.
Saturday we went to the memorial for MaKayla and MaKenzie, I was having contractions but still wasn't thinking they were for real. We made it home from McConnelsville and I took a nap. My friends boys came over while her and her husband went out for a bit. Around 9 we started actually timing the contractions and at 10 made the decision to pack up and head to columbus.
We got to the hospital at around midnight and fortunately i was dilated already to 4/5. We got settled and I labored thru to 9 when I decided I would really like to have an epidural. :) My water broke spontaneously, my midwife arrived, baby finally moved down to where he needed to be and by 6:50 or so I started pushing, I have never pushed for longer than a half an hour. It actually seemed that I forgot how to for a minute. I didn't realize it at the time but he actually was stuck and they had to do some manuevering ( and pushing) to get him to come out. He had shoulder dystocia (shoulders dont fit thru the path). Once he was out I cried lots and lots 1) he was out 2) I was exhausted 3) I hurt! It took forever for them to weigh him, he had meconium in the bag of waters so there was deep suctioning involved. When they finally weighed him I couldn't believe it 9# 13 oz and 22 inches long. NO WONDER HE GOT STUCK!!!! Isaac Honor Wayne arrived at 7:41am 1/9/11 ! I am so happy he is here! He is really cute and FAT!! I LOVE FAT BABIES!!!

(for those of you wondering, yes, he was named Emmett for the majority of the pregnancy, we re-evaluated the beginning of december and decided on Isaac. We loved the meaning (full of laughter) Honor -that which rightfully attracts esteem, respect and consideration, and Wayne was the name of my grandpa!! Now we have the 3 wandering jews Jacob, Abram and Isaac!!! I am excited and oh so very blessed!!!!


sorry if i blabbered i am delerious from lack of sleep!
  • tweedledee
    This is so wonderful! Congrats and hopefully you can get a little rest! =) Love the name!
    by tweedledee at 01/11/11 10:46AM
  • tommyswife
    by tommyswife at 01/11/11 4:32PM
  • madtomkidd
    Favorites? Wow... I have so many that I haven't done too much in the way of repeat listens yet. I like the 200 year plan (family discipleship, i think it's called now), The family table, I just don't know. I'm in the midst of one called "Manliness" right now that is FANTASTIC - should be standard fare for EVERY school that has boys - public/private/homeschool - the message needs to get out.
    by madtomkidd at 02/05/11 3:19PM
  • madtomkidd
    Here is a link to the MP3 version of the Manliness talk - click me!
    by madtomkidd at 02/05/11 3:20PM
  • mamahastings
    Actually, I have been to most of the BIG cities in the US and I would say that Chicago is most definitely the most "family friendly" of all them! The people are nice and they have the most amazing museums, mostly all close to each other. I love it there!
    by mamahastings at 08/14/11 12:47PM


I just hardly ever get on here anymore!! Things have been crazy blessed lately. I use crazy just because something it seems is always happening. Blessed definitely !!
Baby Emmett will be here before you know it. I only have 5 weeks and some odd days till my "due date" I am just focusing on the end of January. The kids are so excited and so are we! This is the first pregnancy that I haven't "freaked out" about what I am going to do with another baby! I mean 5 is so many right?? People keep asking if we are done and I respond with " probably not" , "we are taking it one at a time" , and "we will see what the Lord has planned" altho not always in that order. It never ceases to amaze me how bold people are in their opinions of how many children we should have. Some days I handle it with a great sense of humor. Other days I want to scream "ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" (i never have FYI). Anyway we are all super excited and I can't wait to meet this little muscleman inside me!
Adelaide turns 2 on friday!! I CANNOT believe it! She is soooo funny. She and Abe are our comedians. They are always up to something. Not always together. (so that means I have to be on my toes twice as much) .
School is going very well and I am so happy that the kids are home with us. I feel that we are doing a good job, they are all little sponges. Today while going over Science I asked Charlotte what are the 6 forms of pollution (she kind of had this blank look on her face). Abe said "I know!!!" and so he did, then Charlotte was upset because it was her question. It is amazing what the ones who we aren't evening focusing on teaching pick up! We are so blessed!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful season and enjoying our snow. I am so thankful for the snow. I do not like the cold without it!! Love and Hugs to all!
  • smiley_beth
    I loved your update! I have been thinking about you and your pregnancy and praying for you. So excited for you! What wonderful parents to be blessed with another soul to raise. Have a wonderful week!
    by smiley_beth at 12/08/10 7:30AM
  • mamahastings
    :) Love it and agree with all of it. I have almost grown comfortable with people thinking we are strange :) I have to admit, I find it rather funny to mention something like, "Yep, we will see what else God has in store," and then watch them squirm and giggle uncomfortably :)
    by mamahastings at 12/08/10 8:33AM
  • tweedledee
    I love you so much... and your family too! ♥ Emmett is a lovely name!
    by tweedledee at 12/08/10 9:41PM