I rarely make any comments on here anymore, but I do check in from time to time to see how you're all doing. I noticed that it was one year ago today that I last posted. Thought I'd give you an update -- assuming anyone is still reading! :)

That grandbaby I made mention of will be turning 1 on April 24th. He's growing like a weed as his older brother. Micah will be 3 on May 12th. Their combined birthday parties are set for May 9th. Looking forward to that!! They are such a joy. We had an occasion recently to see a high school/tennis friend of Mark's. Sadly it was at a funeral. This man has one daughter and no grandchildren, but he's hopeful that will change. He was so happy to see pics of our grandsons and had an interesting comment to make. Rather than referring to us as "old" grandparents, he commented on the wonderful future we have with our girls, their guys, and their children. I like that outlook. I think it's very healthy, and we are so thankful the Lord is blessing us with time and health to enjoy our beautiful family.

Speaking of grandbabies, number three is on the way. Due date is May 31, and this time it is Elizabeth. She's had a rough go. She's been sick a lot of the time, and has had two episodes of kidney stones during the pregnancy. Yet, she's remained very active and is doing quite well at the moment. They are so different than the other set. Absolutely no mention is allowed on Facebook. (Guess I'm taking a chance mentioning it here. :) ) They chose NOT to find out the baby's gender. They have names ready, but have chosen NOT to share them till the little one arrives. Lots of surprises in store for us soon, Lord willing.

I spent my many snow days this winter and every day of my spring break this past week painting in the house. Drastic changes in most of our color schemes. The kitchen remains yellow, but there are even changes in that room! I think I'm just about done, and next up will be flooring. We are planning to replace the carpet with laminate with a hardwood floor look. Can't wait!! So excited about these updates to our home!! Our girls are just as excited. Thanks to modern technology, I've been able to send them pics along the way so they feel like they are here.

I'm a year into that new job I had started in my last post. It's very hectic, but it has turned out to be the best move I could have made. It was a step up just moving, but there has been a job reclassification for me in the meantime which was another step up. We were also able to hire a clerk to help out, and that has made a world of difference. She and I clicked very well right off the bat, and it's been great!!

I miss "chatting" with many of you, but life is too full and busy to spend so much time on the computer. Hope you are all well and looking forward to a good spring and summer!
  • kamille
    Well, I am still reading. Can't believe the baby is almost 1. And congrats on another one! We wanted to do some changes in our house too happens. LOL Glad your job is going well. I don't spend much time on Pleo anymore; nobody is hardly on here now days. Good to hear from you.
    by kamille at 04/11/15 3:19PM
  • monk
    I love catching up with you.
    I have been following you on facebook, too.
    grandbabies make the world go 'round.
    i'm excited for you!
    I was very, very sick with my pregnancies.
    that's why we stopped at two children.
    I just couldn't take all that sickness.
    i'm going to start painting in my house this spring.
    every room in our house is due for painting.
    I think i'm going to do it all in different shades of gray.
    right now, we have a whole lot of color going on.
    that's great that the new job is working out.
    it makes life easier.
    by monk at 04/11/15 5:45PM
  • kamille
    I know. I hadn't really forgotten but things kept happening. In Dec., dad had surgery. Then mom got sick; then me; then my aunt, then mom & me, then my aunt again, then mom & me, etc. Then my hubby had a couple things happen to him. Sjogrens hadn't been mentioned anymore until now. I will probably call you in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much.
    by kamille at 04/11/15 7:27PM
  • anne
    I enjoyed catching up with you!
    by anne at 04/13/15 10:59PM
  • chickadee
    How fun it was catching up with you!
    by chickadee at 04/20/15 1:01PM
  • kamille
    Saw a rheumatologist today & no Sjogrens Syndrome. Yay!
    by kamille at 04/20/15 1:35PM
  • fmr1222
    Thank you for the encouragement! I'm doing well...just a little too impatient.

    i know you are enjoying your grandbabies....I love mine so much!
    by fmr1222 at 05/17/15 6:35PM


Not since I've checked in, but since I've had anything to say. The holidays have long come and gone. We've had a winter to FORGET!!! Finally seeing some sunshine, budding, and signs that it just might end. It always does. That's the way God made it happen.

We had more snow days than we've ever had. Eight. The bitter cold and deep snows really hit hard. Mark had his spring break last week, and I'll have mine starting next week Friday.

Grandbaby number 2 is well on his way. Lucas William should be making his appearance sometime the end of April or beginning of May. Micah Dean is growing so unbelievably fast.

I have changed jobs again. Went from high school to pre-school. I just started this past Tuesday. I've found myself asking what have I done a few time, but that's always how one feels when starting a new job. I think that once I figure out what I'm doing I'll like it. Right now I'm glad for the weekend to be here. No plans. Just no work. Four days next week, and then the week off. YAY!!!!

Already counting down to camp. Of course, that's wishing my summer away before it even gets started, but camp is the best week ever.

Hope you're all well!!!
  • frances
    I went back and read the summary of your lesson with your mothers and daughters, and felt encouraged by it. We don't often see the direct result of our teaching, but I feel your girls will remember your instruction for many years to come. Thank you!
    by frances at 04/11/14 9:47PM
  • aleta
    So good to hear from you! How neat to find another Hannah Kate, too. I hope you continue to like your work, and congrats on another grandson...soon!
    by aleta at 04/12/14 11:42AM
  • monk
    this has definitely been a winter that can slam the door behind it as it leaves.
    flowers have been blooming here for at least a month, now, sometimes covered in snow.
    I noticed this week that my white lilac bush is in bloom, and it smells amazing.
    it's a beautiful day here, which means thunder over louavul will be packed.
    I've been working in the yard and watching the planes fly over that are performing in the air show on the river.
    yes....spring is here for sure!!
    by monk at 04/12/14 11:55AM
  • linda_g
    I didn't realize you had another grandbaby on the way! Congratulations!
    by linda_g at 04/14/14 12:50PM
  • chickadee
    by chickadee at 05/02/14 8:08PM
  • split_rock

    So glad Hannah can be here to celebrate with you!
    by split_rock at 05/24/14 12:18PM
  • kamille
    Happy b-day.
    by kamille at 05/25/14 1:10PM
  • alp1926
    Thank you for the b-day wishes. It was a wonderful day!!
    by alp1926 at 05/26/14 11:07AM
  • kamille
    Possibly me. I don't remember why but my family doc did blood work & I had an elevated RA factor. I went to a rheumatologist & she had me do all kinds of exercises in the office. She ordered a lot of blood work & it was all fine. But she told me to come back in a year. I went back, she had moved away & I saw a different doc. He did a little blood work & said to come back in a few months. I finally went & he said he thinks I have it but I don't have enough "proof/symptoms." He said to come back as needed.
    He said since I have thyroid problems & some fatigue, I might be getting it or something. And dad has thyroid problems & he has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma (which is one of the things to do with sjogrens.) I'm more concerned that my daughter has it. He said a lot of people go for several yrs. & get misdiagnosed & never get correctly diagnosed. He said if you have a lot of problems, it's like a puzzle, without that missing piece. My daughter is going to mention it at her aptmt. in Dec.

    by kamille at 11/20/14 1:45PM


We are looking forward to two weeks off school and some fun times with our family. I did food shopping today. I hate shopping. Whether it's for food or other things, I just hate it. After getting that done, I went on to get a lot of things ready for the kids' arrival at various time next week. Hopefully starting with Hannah tomorrow afternoon. Lord willing, mid-week will bring the others. We hope to spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with Mark's brother and sister-in-law. Haven't had time with them in a long time.

We had hoped to work in a trip to Texas New Year's week, but it's just not going to be possible for a number of reasons. My only remaining uncle (my mom's brother) is not doing well. He has dementia and is getting worse by the day. They got him signed on with hospice yesterday, so they are getting more help. I have not seen him and my aunt in almost 12 years. They were here when my mom died. She told me plainly at that time that if something were to happen to one of them, and we couldn't get out there, we were NOT to worry about it. Remembering that helps.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of love, family, and memory making.

I love Christmas colors!!!! :)
  • kamille
    I haven't even thought of New Years yet. Just trying to get through Xmas. LOL
    by kamille at 12/22/13 3:10PM
  • bestill
    Sorry to hear about your uncle. I usually don't like to shop but I did enjoy the holiday shopping. However, when I did my grocery shopping I went to Sam's first and promptly LOST, really lost, my shopping list. So, I had to shop Sam's and then the regular grocery store without my list for the holiday meal. Arrrggghhhh! I didn't do too bad. :)
    by bestill at 12/25/13 9:57PM
  • monk
    I love your colorful posts.
    they make me smile.
    I was sick (bummer) all thru xmas, but i'm finally starting to feel better.
    I saw the dr. this week and he prescribed antibiotics.
    they are helping.
    our xmas was subdued (some difficult family issues), but the grandbabies always lift our spirits.
    holidays over--my sight is set on SPRING!!
    by monk at 01/10/14 12:32PM


I don't know where it goes, but time has a way of slipping on by. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but we had a good one. Hope you all did, too.

Everyone came home, although at different times, Tuesday evening. We went out to a local restaurant, Victoria's, for breakfast Wednesday morning. (All of us but Mark. He had school that day but was off today. I was off then and back to work today.) We had our Thanksgiving meal Wednesday before services. We had 10 here including our Micah Dean. I made breakfast Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. A little bit of everything: pancakes, french toast, biscuits, eggs, turkey bacon, waffles, and juices. Over the years, I never really made breakfast, so I enjoy these special mornings when I can do that. We had enough left-overs to carry us through the rest of the days.

Wednesday evening was our singing night. Thursday afternoon we went to see Frozen and in the evening we went to Medina's singing night. Friday evening was our annual get-together at the Sochors' house. Saturday we went downtown for the lighting of Public Square and to see the decorations at Tower City. We may find something new for next year. Their restroom accommodations were AWFUL! Had to stand in a ridiculous line. Such a waste of time. The Toy Soldier Show has changed, too, and we didn't think it was as good. Still, we had a good time.

We all went to services Sunday morning and then out to eat for lunch. I was really sleepy by the afternoon, but I perked up by night and even stayed awake to watch a Hallmark holiday special. Beth and Nathan had gone back Wednesday night, but Abby, Jason, Micah, and Hannah were here till last night.

I feel recuped and ready to start on Christmas decorations soon. Mark and Hannah got the tree Saturday. I love Christmas!!! Only three weeks away!!
  • kamille
    Only 23 more days till Xmas!
    by kamille at 12/02/13 3:57PM
  • monk
    what a happy whirlwind of family, food, and faith!
    ...and xmas isn't even here, yet.
    by monk at 12/02/13 6:07PM
  • fmr1222
    Happy times!
    by fmr1222 at 12/03/13 9:03AM
  • rockinrobin
    Have a wonderful time this holiday season!
    by rockinrobin at 12/16/13 1:22PM
  • monk
    my mother really pushes hard to recover from her injuries.
    in the last two years, she has broken both hips.
    she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in a bed.
    my mom is amazing!
    by monk at 12/16/13 6:17PM
  • bestill
    Sounds like wonderful family time. I hope you have a nice Christma/New Years's season, too!
    by bestill at 12/17/13 8:50AM


Fall is definitely here. The leaves are changing color and falling from the trees, the weather is turning cooler, and there are pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks all over the place. I do love the fall decor, and I love burning my pumpkin spice candle.

We went to Dayton last weekend and enjoyed a bonfire/hayride/potluck at Jason's parents' house. It was a lot of fun. We got to spend time with our Micah Dean, who is growing by leaps and bounds.

We had our second ladies' class today, and I think it went well. We talked about the deceiver, the deceived, and the truth. I think we covered a fair amount of ground. We plan to meet again on November 9th when we will begin looking at the lies that young women believe, specifically lies about God.

Next weekend, though, I hope to make it to Dayton again. I accepted an invite to another bonfire outing before I even knew about the Blackaby's. It will give me the chance to hopefully connect with another good friend as well as see our little Micah Dean again. Mark's tennis team from last school year is being recognized at an event on Sunday afternoon, so he will not be able to go with me. :( I'll just have to give Micah extra hugs.

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing and that Thanksgiving will be upon us again. Lord willing, much to look forward to.

  • kamille
    Fall is definitely here too. Glad you had a good trip & a good class.
    by kamille at 10/27/13 1:13PM
  • aleta
    Any trip to see a grandson is a great trip! Your class sounds like it's going well.
    by aleta at 10/27/13 2:09PM
  • monk
    our fall color hasn't been too good.
    the colors are muted.
    I thought with all the rain we received this summer, that it would be a spectacular autumn show.
    by monk at 10/28/13 10:09AM
  • derbydi
    Do you like the fall? I like some aspects of it. The older I get, though, colder weather does not agree with me. :-/
    by derbydi at 10/28/13 1:42PM
  • rockinrobin
    I am enjoying Fall also. We're back to 70 temps this week. I am glad you got to see your grandson.
    by rockinrobin at 10/28/13 6:30PM
  • bestill
    Enjoy! We were invited to a get-together Halloween night but we have elected to stay home and enjoy the neighborhood kids trick-or-treating. We were gone Halloween evening the last 2 years for Bible studies.
    by bestill at 10/30/13 7:48AM
  • monk
    I waited my whole life for good friends.
    what a blessing that they are my "sisters", too!
    by monk at 11/18/13 7:39PM