school has started!

hey everybody school has just started at rockford so im taking a really cool class at school and its ancient civilization and its really cool so wat classes r u taking im taking 8th grade math and im only 11 and turning twelve in sept. 14 well other classes are 8th grade reading, logic, grammar, vocabulary and i have 11 classes at school plus one sport that is basketball. well i g2g get ready for school tomorrow bye.
  • roseofsharon
    Way to go. Enjoy the year!
    by roseofsharon at 08/27/07 9:07PM
  • skatebordingrox
    Wow!! We dont start for another week!
    by skatebordingrox at 08/28/07 7:00PM
  • curlie
    Ancient civilizations sounds like something Ethan would teach/enjoy. Hope you like it. Do you have that class for a semester or all year?
    by curlie at 08/28/07 11:14PM
  • sniperwolf176
    I'm backkkkkkkkk!
    by sniperwolf176 at 02/22/08 11:49PM
  • sniperwolf176
    If God is for us, who can be against us?
    by sniperwolf176 at 03/01/08 4:59PM


ok whos excited about school i am because i am so bored and i just cant wait till i meet my friends again well g2g bye!
  • skatebordingrox
    Im excited to c mi friends, but not to learn!
    by skatebordingrox at 08/07/07 2:45PM
  • roseofsharon
    I'm not excited. I like having my kids home.
    by roseofsharon at 08/14/07 9:53AM

Whats up

Hey whats up umm... any questions tell me like anything about me or what I like well cya
  • beautifulsoul15
    How old are you??
    by beautifulsoul15 at 05/18/07 1:17PM
  • morgie_m101
    Hey this is Morgan, I am friends with Emily! ttyl
    by morgie_m101 at 05/24/07 2:34PM
  • beautifulsoul15
    oh,I just was askin :)
    by beautifulsoul15 at 05/24/07 8:51PM
  • beautifulsoul15
    I am 12,turning 13 in 3 weeks.
    by beautifulsoul15 at 05/24/07 8:51PM
  • just2seeusmile
    Where were you born? I was born in the ste you live in :)
    by just2seeusmile at 06/14/07 9:59AM
  • skatebordingrox
    Happy 4th of July!
    by skatebordingrox at 07/04/07 1:25PM
  • just2seeusmile
    dont you live in Illinois?
    At least it says that to the left lol
    by just2seeusmile at 07/05/07 1:23PM


Hey these are some good bands and songs Fall Out Boy thanks for the memories, Red Jumpsuit Apparattus waiting,
the view The Don,
Plain White T's Hey there Delilah, Sugarcult Dont want to do it alone, this is country now Tim Mcgraw Last Dollar (Fly Away),
Allyssa lied Michael Carrol,
Rascal Flatts when you play a country song backwards,
Tim Mcgraw When the stars go Blue, well if you have any other good bands oh yeah there is another in the ocean by Blue October.
well if you have another good song post.
I am out.
  • beautifulsoul15
    It said you added me to your friends list.
    by beautifulsoul15 at 04/28/07 9:09PM
  • beautifulsoul15
    what is your name??
    by beautifulsoul15 at 04/28/07 9:09PM
  • sararschick
    Hmmm... those are some good songs you listed there... "Tell Me" by Dropping Daylight is pretty good, too. :D
    by sararschick at 04/29/07 12:37PM
  • beautifulsoul15
    ok, I am Emily. BTW ,how old are you?
    by beautifulsoul15 at 04/30/07 2:35PM
  • beautifulsoul15
    have you forgotten?-Darrell Worlley
    by beautifulsoul15 at 04/30/07 2:51PM


So im in Tennessee right Easter weekend we gave my old cats to my grandpa. I can only find 1 cat and thats Suzy the gray cat.
there is this horse his name is Eddy and every time he goes down to eat some hay he jerks every time, but Eddy has a disease i dk what it is. well peace im out
  • skatebordingrox
    by skatebordingrox at 04/09/07 2:54PM
  • jusplayin
    i dont' know what league, but its the Huntsville Havoc in Alabama.
    by jusplayin at 04/10/07 10:59AM
  • roseofsharon
    Have fun in Tennesee!
    by roseofsharon at 04/10/07 12:32PM
  • sararschick
    Thanks for joining Flatts_Fans! :)
    by sararschick at 04/10/07 5:10PM
  • bereanatheart
    Jars of Clay.
    by bereanatheart at 04/13/07 9:53AM
  • sararschick
    Hey, no prob for the comment! :) I know Dominic through pleo. Have a good one!
    by sararschick at 04/14/07 11:00PM
  • sararschick
    Oh, and thanks for the add.
    by sararschick at 04/14/07 11:00PM
  • forgetmenot
    Nathan Nathan....can't quite place ya. you went camp hu, for how many years? I didn't go last year. Good to have you on here though :)
    by forgetmenot at 04/16/07 2:44PM
  • forgetmenot
    nope havn't been there
    by forgetmenot at 04/24/07 6:48PM