Busy Summer

Hello friends and family! I realized this morning that I really should post something recent. I cannot believe that it is already July. We had a terrific 4th with the Shipleys and Teagues (Sherry Shipley's folks) at the Teague's farm in Van. Jill Shipley Rodgers was there with her husband, Adam, and his parents Mark and Stacie. Mandy Shipley Riordan was also there with her husband, Jeff, and their beautiful children, Jonah and Kendyl. Jonathan, Becky and sweet litle Clara Helvey were also in attendance, so we had a crew of little ones! Our good friend Chelsi Middleton, who is also Jill's life-long friend, joined us, too. Ben Shipley cooked burgers and hot dogs and then we had our own spectacular fireworks show! The Rodgers provided the fireworks and Adam, Josh and Jonathan created the show. I cannot remember a more enjoyable 4th of July in recent years. If Matt Wright stays out until almost midnight, it has to be a good time!
  • missy
    I'm glad you guys had so much fun!
    by missy at 07/08/08 7:44AM
  • waynezworld007
    im glad you had fun!
    by waynezworld007 at 07/08/08 11:44AM
  • graw
    Sounds like you had a great time! We enjoyed seeing the musical, 'Texas' at Palo Duro with Tim and Amanda. Weather was perfect.
    by graw at 07/08/08 1:35PM
  • graw
    We are leaving Friday to head to Abilene for a wedding. We probably won't be home until late Saturday. I'll miss not getting to see you!
    by graw at 07/09/08 9:40AM
  • blesu
    I remember you mentioning something the other day about being on Pleonast and then I saw that you posted on Michelle's post. So, I found you. I wish there was a search box on here. Thanks for watching Clara this past week.
    by blesu at 10/14/08 11:10PM
  • auntchelle
    Ohhhhhhhhhh Allison!!!! Sooooo good to hear from you!! Believe me, Adam and I talk about moving alllll the time!! Pray, pray, pray!! :) I think we will be in Lindale for the next 3 weekends...just long enough to drive my Dad bonkers!!! See you then!
    by auntchelle at 10/15/08 2:33PM
  • anne
    Happy Lisa's Birthday to you!
    by anne at 02/14/09 6:30PM

Ella habla el espanol

I have been trying very hard to speak Spanish to Lindy since Lisa, Josh and the girls moved here in late January. She often repeats what I say to her and surprisingly, she responds to commands. We were in the dentist's office one day and I was in the waiting room with the girls and speaking only Spanish to Lindy. The receptionist said, "Oh...she is learning Spanish! How nice. Are you their nanny?" I said, "No...I'm their Mimi!" I then expained that I was formerly a Spanish teacher and my daughter and her husband wanted the girls to learn Spanish. Lindy "sings" in Spanish sometimes and it is so cute. Trey and Jinnifer Duncan were here last week with their girls and I asked Lindy to "come here quickly" in Spanish and she immediately responded. Mallory and Macey said, "How does she know what you are saying?" For the first time, I realized that she truly is learning! It is true that children's minds are like sponges at her age! I just wish I had been able to see that kind of progress when I taught in public school!
  • missy
    That's really neat!
    by missy at 03/26/08 11:41AM
  • aleta
    How fortunate for Lindy to have such an eloquent (and loving) teacher!
    by aleta at 03/26/08 11:49AM
  • leahkris
    That is awesome! I wish you could teach my kids Spanish. :o)
    by leahkris at 03/26/08 12:51PM
  • skidget
    that is amazing :-) so cool!
    by skidget at 03/26/08 5:41PM
  • bikermom
    Maybe Lindy can teach "Aunt Sherri" how to speak Spanish!
    by bikermom at 03/26/08 5:47PM
  • waynezworld007
    teenagers minds are like bricks
    by waynezworld007 at 03/26/08 7:15PM
  • anne
    Way to go, Mimi! You're doing her a great service.
    by anne at 03/26/08 10:11PM
  • leahkris
    Thank you! Yes ma'am, we were in Gram's backyard for the outdoor photos. ;o) How are you doing?
    by leahkris at 04/02/08 1:52PM
  • leahkris
    Yes ma'am, my mom told me about your offer and I would love the extra help. I will be in touch once he gets here for sure. Kyle only has 3 days to take so most of that time will probably be in the hospital. I will know more about when he's coming on Thursday if he still isn't here by then. :o) I appreciate your offer and I can't wait to see you!
    by leahkris at 04/29/08 5:10PM
  • anne
    How sweet of you to tell me Lindy is excited about coming. Isn't she a cutie??!! I hope you're doing well and enjoying the summer.
    by anne at 06/18/08 12:53PM
  • anne
    Nothing like springing logic on a two-year-old to make them change their mind! I guess it's a little like, giving them the choice between a nickel and a dime, they'll take the nickel because it's bigger.
    by anne at 06/18/08 1:45PM
  • graw
    Glad to know you're on pleo. I see your last entry is dated in March, so I don't know when you'll see this comment, but wanted to say that I enjoyed talking with you on the phone recently. My prayers continue to be with all of you.
    by graw at 06/26/08 10:12AM
  • anne
    It WAS impressive! Our disappointment was that it set up hard before we could get the grandchildren's prints in it. Oh well.
    by anne at 07/03/08 9:38PM

Can You Say "Good Night, John Boy"?

For those of you who remember that wonderful television show (back when there were wonderful television shows) called "The Waltons," we are considering changing our name and putting a sign on our gate that reads: "Walton's Hill" instead of Walton's Mountain. This weekend Josh, Lisa, Lindy and Lainy are moving in upstairs at our house. Josh starts his new job on Monday. We are thrilled to have them and for their sakes, hope the stay isn't long. We pray that their house will sell soon and they will be able to have their own place. There is a possibility that Kyle and Heather will be coming back to Lindale this summer and they may also need to move in for a little while. This sounds like so much fun! I always told my friends that I wanted a house full of kids and when that just wasn't possible, I was so disappointed. Well, I may finally have my heart's desire...at least for a time! Pray for all of us to be patient, loving and kind to one another.
  • anne
    I am happy for ALL of you! This will be a very special time in your family history.
    by anne at 01/21/08 8:50PM
  • aleta
    Having your children move near will be the best! God blessed me with that priviledge the past 2 years when I never, ever imagined it happening. And yours will be even closer! I'm so happy for you!

    Good night, John Boy!
    by aleta at 01/21/08 10:27PM
  • missy
    Have fun!!
    by missy at 01/22/08 6:38AM
  • leahkris
    Well look who updated their blog! ;o) It's good to see you on here and I'm excited for all of you. I hope you all adjust well and enjoy your time under the same roof. ;o)
    by leahkris at 01/22/08 12:43PM
  • waynezworld007
    I think you'll enjoy that!
    by waynezworld007 at 01/22/08 4:00PM
  • bikermom
    I can't wait to come and see you ALL!!!! This is going to be such a special time for you all. So many memories will be made in the next few weeks, months, years!!!! My Christmas cactus is blooming you gave me at Lisa's shower (that I missed) anyway....I think of you every time I look at it. Hope to see you before too long...I was thinking of making a trip to visit sometime?
    by bikermom at 01/30/08 6:01PM

Retirement is Very Time-Consuming!

I think that it has been over a month since I have logged on to the computer! Much has happened and time has flown and I cannot say where the time has gone. I have been to Abilene a couple of times and I have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Actually, Heather did most of the decorating this year. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, it rained all day, so we put up the tree and Heather did all the trimming herself! It looks amazing! My daughter and "bonus" daughter are both amazing young women. I don't know how they do all they do! Lindy loves Aunt Heather and she prayed one day "thank you God for UK marry pwincess!" She thinks that Aunt Heather looks like Cinderella in her bridal portrait...I agree! I thank God that Heather puts up with Kyle and his messy self!
  • leahkris
    It's so good to see you on here! I'm glad that you logged in. ;o) I hope you continue to have a great December! Love you!
    by leahkris at 12/04/07 7:09AM
  • bikermom
    I love to see your name light up :) Hope you are all doing well in Lindale. Hope to get up that way sometime over the holidays.
    by bikermom at 12/04/07 7:25AM
  • missy
    Aww, "bonus daughter." Cute!! Glad you're doing well!!
    by missy at 12/04/07 7:39AM
  • aleta
    Hello, Allison! Good to hear from you and of your lovely family!
    by aleta at 12/04/07 10:09AM
  • waynezworld007
    aww "thank you God for UK marry pwincess!" thats sweet!
    by waynezworld007 at 12/04/07 4:39PM
  • anne
    This week has been priceless. Thank you for the invitation! We may take you up on it when you least expect it. Love you, too.
    by anne at 01/20/08 3:11PM

My Girls

Lainy Anne Stevens made it home yesterday by lunchtime!! Her Mommy was exhausted but happy to be home with Josh and Lindy and to have Lainy healthy. Lainy has done very well in the 24 hours since leaving the hospital for the second time in a week. She's eating and sleeping and looking much more alert. Today she even smiled at me when I said "Hi Lainy Jane!" (my nickname for her) Lisa looks amazing and she is amazing. She is such a sweet little Mommy! Josh is a real trooper and is a very "hands on" Daddy. He helps Lisa a great deal. She is truly blessed! I will head back to Lindale and Matt on Sunday...I miss my husband. I love this chapter of life!
  • anne
    I'm so glad all is well now.
    by anne at 11/01/07 10:48PM
  • krissie
    Cute cute cute!
    by krissie at 11/02/07 10:37AM
  • leahkris
    I love the picture and I'm glad to hear that all is well with the Stevens family! ;o) I'm sure Uncle Matt misses you, too.
    by leahkris at 11/02/07 11:53AM
  • waynezworld007
    by waynezworld007 at 11/03/07 10:15AM
  • leahkris
    Big news on my blog! ;o)
    by leahkris at 11/27/07 11:49AM