12/25/08 4:22PM

12/11/08 7:33PM

  • lol_smile456
    YAYA!!! NO S C H O O L!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by lol_smile456 at 12/11/08 11:35PM
  • lindseymarie
    :) It's beautiful!!
    by lindseymarie at 12/12/08 12:22AM
  • acurtis
    Oh yes. I would trade just about anything right now for a silent night =) I think we would ALL be a lot happier in the morning if that could happen! Did you end up making cards this year?
    by acurtis at 12/16/08 9:53PM
  • grandmadiane
    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
    by grandmadiane at 12/20/08 11:23PM

11/14/08 11:27AM

  • acurtis
    Love that picture of all the girls together. They are looking so grown up! That story is hilarious, kids are so smart!!
    by acurtis at 11/14/08 1:42PM
  • lol_smile456
    I didn't know u guys had a cat :O
    by lol_smile456 at 11/14/08 2:04PM
  • lol_smile456
    awww!! Jordan is the cutest thing ever!!!! :D
    by lol_smile456 at 11/14/08 2:04PM
  • racheld
    aw I love the pictures! Your kids are so so cute! Funny story.
    by racheld at 11/14/08 3:43PM
  • amandochka
    yeah for pictures...Jaime is so cute.
    by amandochka at 11/14/08 11:12PM
  • tosti
    Haha! Kids are so funny. Your girls are getting SO big! They look so sweet!
    by tosti at 11/15/08 2:00AM
  • lindseymarie
    I love the story about Jordan! I miss those girls so much! Hopefully both of our health's will work out soon so we can see each. Jamie is completely adorable, and the girls are getting so big! So glad you included pics! Where did you get their costumes by the way? They match so well~
    by lindseymarie at 11/16/08 4:48PM
  • shieldmaiden_rosa
    they are the sweetest girls ever, give them all hugs and kisses from me!
    by shieldmaiden_rosa at 11/22/08 10:48AM

11/08/08 9:58PM

  • amandochka
    Hope that you get to feeling better soon. Still waiting to see Jaime for the 1st time. I bet all the other girls look so grown up now.
    by amandochka at 11/08/08 10:57PM
  • tryphena
    Saw your story on her blog about the cat eloping. Laughed out loud and shared it with my 15yo daughter, who loved it, too!
    by tryphena at 11/10/08 4:40PM
  • curtisamy
    hey good to hear from you. we'd love to see y'all soon as well.
    by curtisamy at 11/12/08 8:11AM

09/27/08 10:46PM

  • shieldmaiden_rosa
    I know I love my daddy! :-) This is a sweet post!
    by shieldmaiden_rosa at 10/02/08 9:00AM
  • samsclub
    It was nice to finally get to "see" the baby below !!
    by samsclub at 10/09/08 3:42PM
  • mpettes
    Ah! Sorry! I hadn't seen your note on my blog b/c it's private =). I rarely check that old post! Guess I should change it :-O. Jamie is just beautiful! Love the pic below!!
    by mpettes at 10/10/08 8:23PM