I am still waiting to hear from the Illinois Board of Examiners on my credit evaluation for taking the CPA exam... Hopefully I hear soon so I can still get all the testing in before the end of the year!

Last semester of classes

Well, I start next week with my last two classes before I can take the CPA exam. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be done with everything and have a few extra letters behind my name!

2 more classes

Well, I'm currently taking Federal Tax Accounting I and Intermediate Accounting I. All I have left is Intermediate Accounting II and Auditing and I will be qualified to take the CPA exam! Sounds simple huh? ...
  • andtheking
    So excited for you!
    by andtheking at 09/04/08 8:45AM
  • mountainmama
    Cool. Does that mean this is your last year of school?
    by mountainmama at 09/04/08 10:16AM
  • alidee82
    Hopefully I will be done with all the classes by summer.
    by alidee82 at 09/16/08 7:49AM
  • the_girl_next_door
    how are your classes going? I hope all is well!
    by the_girl_next_door at 10/22/08 11:55AM

I'm Alicia Roth, the graduate

For those of you who don't know, I finally graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and I have gone back to my maiden name. I am NOW considering pursuing my CPA license... So more school, here I come!
  • andtheking
    yay for graduating! good luck on the CPA, take the Becker Review before taking the test. It's amazing (and amazingly expensive) and helped me pass the exam the first try.
    by andtheking at 05/13/08 11:54AM
  • the_girl_next_door
    CONGRATULATIONS! I used Becker for my first 2 sections, and for the other 2 I just did the Wiley Online practice questions. I also passed the 1st time, and I think they are equally good - but Wiley is probably easier if you are in a time crunch like I was. (It's also much cheaper!) :)
    by the_girl_next_door at 05/13/08 4:00PM
  • the_girl_next_door
    by the_girl_next_door at 05/13/08 4:01PM
  • deusvitae
    Congratulations. :)
    by deusvitae at 05/13/08 6:40PM
  • curlie
    Congratulations on your graduation! :)
    by curlie at 05/13/08 7:31PM
  • jaimer
    by jaimer at 05/13/08 10:03PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    Way to go on the graduation!
    by butterflyhomerachel at 05/13/08 11:54PM
  • kendrad
    YAY! We wish you the best.
    by kendrad at 05/15/08 5:37PM
  • flychic
    That is totally cool! Congratulations! :)
    by flychic at 05/20/08 1:22PM
  • flychic
    Hey girl! Feel free to join us.
    by flychic at 05/21/08 11:26PM

Hopefully the last snow this year!

So we got another big snow on Friday. It took me an hour and a half to shovel the whole driveway on Saturday! Since it is officially spring now, hopefully that's the last of it till next winter...

I just started my last two classes last week. May 3rd is my last class, May 10th is graduation. YEAH! :)

I'm working two jobs right now. With the housing market hurting, my company is hurting (heating & air conditioning for new residential homes) so they gave everyone a 10% paycut so we could continue to be in business. So I picked up a waitressing job. It's exhausting to work 2 jobs and go to school. Only 1 more month of school. But with the economy the way it is I may be working 2 jobs for a while. I can't afford my mortgage otherwise, nor can I sell the house for what I need to be able to get out! Stupid economy...

Other than that, life is good.
  • flychic
    Alicia! So glad to see you posted something. You're last class lands on my b-day :) I'm sure you are excited to almost be done with school.
    by flychic at 03/24/08 7:00PM
  • kendrad
    I talked to your mom at their meeting last week. She said you were super busy. Best of luck finishing up school!!
    by kendrad at 03/27/08 10:34PM