11/22/08 12:26PM

  • prov3110
    hi aimee!
    by prov3110 at 11/22/08 1:32PM
  • sar
    good post
    by sar at 11/25/08 9:05AM
  • alp1926
    I'm impressed! :)
    by alp1926 at 12/15/08 10:34PM
  • lovnprayers
    It was really good to see you at your mom and dads this weekend. I hope next time it will be under happier circumstances.
    by lovnprayers at 05/11/09 9:28PM


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  • just2seeusmile
    Hey hope youre having a great day!
    by just2seeusmile at 02/15/07 1:43AM
  • talkalot_pam_06
    thank you,she is 18,this is the 1st cupid day,that i didnt get to see my baby,i still have her present,tear..tear!love ya,pamela
    by talkalot_pam_06 at 02/15/07 2:34AM
  • prov3110
    Thank goodness for that ... :P
    by prov3110 at 02/15/07 4:02AM
  • littledieman
    Cool! There's 4 of me, and zero Terra Diemans!
    by littledieman at 02/15/07 3:44PM
  • littledieman
    and 1,797 James Vaughns!
    by littledieman at 02/15/07 3:45PM
  • lovnprayers
    There are 7 Faye Trotter's
    by lovnprayers at 02/17/07 9:54PM
  • tonna
    There's 2 of me and 7 Jonathan Nations...That is a really interesting site
    by tonna at 03/09/07 10:12PM
  • sheri
    by sheri at 04/04/07 1:40AM
  • squirt
    by squirt at 04/04/07 5:36PM
  • prov3110
    Happy Birthday!
    by prov3110 at 09/21/07 7:30PM
  • crazy_mama
    Happy Birthday!
    by crazy_mama at 09/21/07 8:24PM
  • emh1990
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    by emh1990 at 09/21/07 11:26PM
  • alp1926
    Happy Birthday!
    by alp1926 at 09/22/07 11:05AM
  • mar
    Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it, and the cake too. lol
    by mar at 09/23/07 8:49PM
  • lovnprayers
    Happy Birthday
    by lovnprayers at 09/26/07 9:15PM

It's official

I start on the 19th. I am very excited. I have been out of work since October, so it will be nice to get back to work.

Thanks for all of your prayers.
  • alp1926
    That is exciting. Did you get the hours you wanted?
    by alp1926 at 02/08/07 9:55PM
  • deusvitae
    Congrats. :)
    by deusvitae at 02/08/07 9:56PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 02/08/07 10:38PM
  • aimes
    My hours for training are 8-4 but they haven't told me what my hours will be after that
    by aimes at 02/09/07 1:04PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    Congratulations! Hope it goes well and that you will enjoy what you get to do.
    by butterflyhomerachel at 02/09/07 1:27PM
  • talkalot_pam_06
    update on me and brittany.mines good,hers is not!please pray!love,pamela
    by talkalot_pam_06 at 02/14/07 9:28AM
  • mar
    by mar at 02/14/07 10:54AM


Well....I got the job, contingent upon passing a drug test and physical (I did that today and I passed), criminal background check (I'm kind of worried about that one j/k) and references checks. I should find out at the end of the week when I start. Now I am praying that I don't get the worst possible hours. They are open until from 7am-9pm M-F and 8am-1pm on S.

Please keep me in your prayers because I am not there yet and there are a couple of other things that I am worring about (which I won't get into right now).

On another note....It is soooooooo cold here, they closed schools today. They already closed some schools for tomorrow too. But, the cold doesn't keep Brett and I in the house.
We were out and about today and had lunch with an old friend of mine. It was really nice to see her again. We had a good time.

  • curlie
    Congrats! :)
    by curlie at 02/05/07 6:06PM
  • deusvitae
    by deusvitae at 02/05/07 6:22PM
  • alp1926
    Congratulations!! I'll pray that this will work out for you. I posted about a job dilemma. You'll have to scroll back to find it, but I have been having a big struggle. The head says one thing (go for more money, etc) and my heart says another (stay where you love it and the people love you). I think the heart will win. It is tough sometimes, isn't it?

    We were off school today, too, and tomorrow is already closed. It's the cold temps. It IS cold for sure. Stay warm.
    by alp1926 at 02/05/07 7:29PM
  • jdieman
    God will always watch out for you. That is great news.
    by jdieman at 02/05/07 7:35PM
  • talkalot_pam_06
    well hello!glad to hear about you getting a job.yeah,we will have to get to know each other,im all up for new friends,love,pamela
    by talkalot_pam_06 at 02/05/07 10:05PM
  • sar
    You are my favorite second sister!
    by sar at 02/05/07 10:14PM
  • steph
    by steph at 02/06/07 4:00PM
  • jaimer
    Congrats on the job I will talk to you when I get back about when we can get together. We will have to see what your hours are with this new job of yours.
    by jaimer at 02/07/07 2:09PM


I submitted my resume to WE Energies which is a great company to work for. Within a few days, they called me in for testing. That was on Wednesday. I thought for sure that I failed because a majority of the test had to do with math. I am not that great at math and was not familiar with some of the equations (sp?!). The test was timed and I timed out of some of the questions.
But, they called me the next day and said that I passed the test. They wanted me to do a phone screening the next day.
I had my phone screening this morning and he called me back within a couple of hours to say they wanted to interview me, today! I had my interview at 3pm. I think it went well.
I should find out on Monday if I get the job.

Please pray for me!!

  • curlie
    Praying! :)
    by curlie at 01/26/07 7:49PM
  • jaimer
    I will be praying!!!
    by jaimer at 01/26/07 10:58PM
  • jdieman
    by jdieman at 01/26/07 11:19PM
  • prov3110
    What would you be doing?
    by prov3110 at 01/27/07 1:23PM
  • alp1926
    Will be praying for you. Sure hope it works out the way you want and need it to. Good hearing from you.
    by alp1926 at 01/27/07 3:59PM
  • mar
    Did you get it????
    by mar at 02/04/07 7:39PM