Adam finds out about his blog...

Hey everybody, looks like I have a blog on Pleonast now. Probably won't keep it exceptionally up to date, but we will try to keep recent pics of Claire posted and start to get in touch with some old friends.

A quick summary of the last four years:

Rosie and I will be married for four years on Aug, 10
Living in Tennessee
Still working for Nissan, really like it
Claire was born in June and we love her dearly
Trying to learn to play golf, not working out so well

We would love to hear from some old friends.

  • jess
    Hey!! Good to see you on here! :) We miss you guys too, and hope to see you soon.
    by jess at 08/02/06 9:45PM
  • jiveturkey
    Hello Murfreesboro Shumake's!! I echo her thoughts and would like to say that I welcome any and all future pictures of my neice, cliare.
    by jiveturkey at 08/02/06 9:50PM
  • curtisamy
    By looking at the picture, I think Claire looks more like her mom rather than her dad....that's a good thing(haha,j/k) Happy early anniversary!
    by curtisamy at 08/03/06 5:01AM
  • entheos
    (thisisTracy) that was some nerve- did they think you were born yesterday? nobody pays for phones anymore! :) free phones are more fun.
    by entheos at 08/04/06 9:07AM
  • mtnest
    Hi, this is Teresa (Tracy's Mom). Glad you are on pleonast. Now we will get to see Claire and hear about her antics as she grows. In the photo, I can see Rosie and maybe a little of Mary in Claire's sweet little face.
    by mtnest at 08/04/06 11:50AM
  • mpettes
    Are we old friends, or would you rather not hear from us?
    by mpettes at 08/04/06 3:29PM
  • mpettes
    Ouch, so Curtis and Amy are your only friends, huh??? Okay, I can take a hint!
    by mpettes at 08/04/06 3:48PM
  • phorgain37055
    glad to see you here, Adam
    by phorgain37055 at 08/05/06 12:29PM
  • lala
    Hey Adam - Lauren Nix. Congrats on a beautiful baby girl. I have always LOVED the name Claire. Glad you are doing well.
    by lala at 08/05/06 9:05PM
  • ktjomoody
    Hi Adam. Welcome to the 'nast.
    by ktjomoody at 08/07/06 8:56PM
  • entheos
    if you want to "do the deck" we can challenge each other over the phone :)
    by entheos at 08/08/06 6:21PM
  • sweetmelissa
    Hey Adam! Hope all is well.
    by sweetmelissa at 08/09/06 9:27AM

07/27/06 9:49AM

  • entheos
    yay! glad you are here!!
    by entheos at 07/27/06 8:02PM
  • entheos
    Little C - you've learned to type so FAST!!! We are so proud of you!
    by entheos at 07/27/06 8:03PM
  • entheos
    If you want to learn how to put photos on this page, look on our blog at the "links" section and click on PleoCODE. This will take you to the instructions, which seem odd at first but are pretty easy once you get the hang of it. :-)
    by entheos at 07/27/06 8:04PM
  • curtisamy
    adam curtis i presume? glad to see you on the picture of baby Claire.
    by curtisamy at 07/30/06 4:52PM