Re-cooping from a long (but really fun) weekend

Last weekend was a such a whirlwind! I am finally getting caught up and things are back to normal. We drove on Friday night to see my (Rosie's) sister's family. Her youngest turned 1, so we had a birthday party to be at. Claire loved being around her favorite cousins (no pressure you guys:). We came home Saturday night around 11pm and them went to see Adam's family on Sunday afternoon. It was great to see almost the whole family but Claire was exhausted on Monday. She slept a lot, and so did I.

Claire is officially three months old on Sunday. I can't believe how much she has changed in such a short time. She is smiling all the time now, especially at mom and dad, uncle Justin and aunt Micah! Of course all four grandparents can get a big cheesy smile from her whenever they want.

  • shaneg
    Won't be long til she'll be driving. She is a dolly.
    by shaneg at 08/31/06 4:08PM
  • amandochka
    sounds like lots of fun...I can tell a difference from the pictures of her that you post here.
    by amandochka at 08/31/06 4:09PM
  • entheos
    she is so AWESOME. Glad you guys had a good weekend. Tonight Tracy has to teach, and I have to dig two 3.5 feet deep holes for installing the new sign for the church. In other words - Call me, I'll enjoy the break from shoveling :-) Miss you guys more than we can even say.
    by entheos at 08/31/06 4:42PM
  • curtisamy
    glad you guys had a fun weekend seeing family.
    by curtisamy at 08/31/06 5:52PM
  • mpettes
    Hey! What about her favorite neighbor cousin?????
    by mpettes at 09/01/06 8:50AM
  • emilylankford
    Glad you all were able to see your families & had safe travels!
    by emilylankford at 09/01/06 4:15PM
  • snickers63
    Thanks for coming for a "homecooked meal" - it was cooked in my home actually!!
    by snickers63 at 09/03/06 4:09PM
  • snickers63
    You too mpettes - if I could remember my password - I write on your blog;)
    by snickers63 at 09/03/06 4:11PM
  • mpettes
    I could just eat that little girl UP!!! Love that picture :)
    by mpettes at 09/07/06 11:32AM
  • shelbysmom
    To put pictures on the blog: I go through (it's free). After you download them there, you copy and paste the "Tag" text into your blog post wherever you want the picture (as a new entry)...and it will become a picture on your actual blog. It's pretty simple. Hope this helps. Can't wait to see more pictures of that beautiful girl!
    by shelbysmom at 09/07/06 12:16PM
  • mpettes
    Wow! That was easy!! (Although my picture is a little big :). Thanks for the tip!
    by mpettes at 09/07/06 4:26PM
  • shelbysmom
    You can also resize the downloaded images on I had to do that to mine so they wouldn't take up the whole page!
    by shelbysmom at 09/07/06 4:43PM

08/21/06 7:46AM

  • entheos
    (thisisTracy) where's the post?
    by entheos at 08/21/06 3:02PM
  • shaneg
    You got to admit,...... it's a rather neat trick.
    by shaneg at 08/21/06 4:49PM
  • shaneg
    Yes I did get you know who's you know what.
    by shaneg at 08/21/06 9:35PM
  • entheos
    Adam's blonde moment: One day leaving Cason Ln. Adam decided to ride in my truck. When he started the car, the Florida College Chorus CD was right in the middle of "Alleluia" and the volume was turned all the way up. Adam thought it was the second coming and turned around to look up at the sky out the window!
    by entheos at 08/21/06 10:23PM
  • southernsunshine
    oreos? no trans fat? SWEET! the way..claire. is seriously. adorable..i know i already said that..but..really. loveyou!
    by southernsunshine at 08/25/06 7:05PM
  • mpettes
    Well, she's okay, but she's no Kat... ;o)
    by mpettes at 08/26/06 1:03PM
  • snickers63
    Better enjoy her at EVERY stage, cause the next one comes quickly! (Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad!)
    by snickers63 at 08/27/06 11:28PM
  • shelbysmom
    Send me pictures...I want to see that baby!
    by shelbysmom at 08/28/06 11:00PM
  • southernsunshine
    by southernsunshine at 08/30/06 2:35PM
  • shaneg
    Winter. Now that's cool (pardon the pun).
    by shaneg at 08/30/06 9:54PM

Fogging up the windows!

So last night we decided that since we can't go to a regular movie theater with Claire, we would go to the semi-local drive-in movie theater. It is about a 25 minute drive and that was uneventful, as Claire was glad to get out of the house. So we get there and park and tune in to the radio station so we can hear the movie. Adam got the regular popcorn and sprite and we settle down to watch the movie...and Claire decides that she doesn't really like to sit in the car, so we walk around the car carrying her and try to hear the movie while not disturbing the other movie patrons with her cry. She finally got tired and slept in the car for about thirty minutes (just an hour shy of what we would have hoped for). She needed to eat and have her diaper changed, both of which are pretty difficult to do while in a car. So the movie ended and we put her in the carseat, which she absolutely hates. We endured twenty five minutes of screaming on the way home. By now, Adam and I decided that it was definately not worth this. I do recommend going to a drive-in (without a 2 month old). The one we went to is out in the country in his neck of the woods. Yes, the windows did fog up, unfortunately it was due to Claire's hot air. All this said, we wouldn't have changed a thing! We went to bed laughing and exhausted and anticipating our next adventure with Claire Bear. She is such a blessing and the second she smiles at us, we just melt.
  • jess
    Lol. It's impressive that you went to bed laughing - I guess having children certainly teaches you patience more than anything else ever could. Hope we'll be up to the challenge one day! :) Oh, and YAY for transfat free oreos! - we'll definitely have to give that a try. And as far as baby brothers go, I CAN'T imagine how you felt when Tony left - and I think it's hard to send Jeremy off to college! Love you too!
    by jess at 08/18/06 8:54PM
  • mtnest
    We took Tracy to the Drive-In when she was about Claire's age with a similar experience. :)
    by mtnest at 08/19/06 1:30AM
  • shaneg
    Next time you can drop off ClaireBear here and you'll only be a couple minutes away. Of course me sweetie will be doing the care so all will be well. As for being in my neck of the woods, I thought the stars looked brighter last night.
    by shaneg at 08/19/06 7:19AM
  • emilylankford
    Sounds like an adventure for sure! We are glad that you all are so happy:)
    by emilylankford at 08/19/06 8:56AM
  • curtisamy
    i read your subject line and thought 'wow, we're just gonna tell it all here on pleonast'. haha. we will remember your advice when the time comes :)
    by curtisamy at 08/19/06 12:28PM
  • mpettes
    Every time I hang up the phone with you guys I say, "I forgot to ask them about the movie again!!!" :). I was wondering if you decided to go or not! Next time, maybe you should leave her with her *FAVORITE* aunt. hint hint ;o). (J/K:)
    by mpettes at 08/20/06 5:04PM
  • shelbysmom
    We took Shelby at about the same age and had the opposite experience. That just goes to show you how different babies are!! We wouldn't even think about taking her now! I'm glad that you decided to go, it makes for a good of many to come!! Love you and can't wait to see you again. I know that Claire would love the aquarium...bring her!
    by shelbysmom at 08/20/06 9:30PM


without Claire. Our fourth anniversary was the other day so we decided to celebrate by going to eat at Carrabbas. We also decided that it would be nice if just the two of us went so we left Claire with the neighbors...who just happen to be our best friends in the world. We dropped Claire and ran, so we wouldn't be too sad. This was the first time that we have left Claire with anyone and I must admit that we thought about her quite a bit. We didn't call, though...
Only because Adam had the phone in his pocket and wouldn't give it to me:)
We stayed out for about two hours and when we got back to the house we found out that Claire had slept the whole time!
It was nice to have a break, but I ended up really missing my little girl. All in all, it was good for us leave her with someone for the first time, and we couldn't have found better babysitters!

  • curtisamy
    click here, this room might also be of some help in the future...Carrabbas rules! glad you guys got to go out.
    by curtisamy at 08/12/06 9:27AM
  • billiam
    Hey brother! Welcome to Pleoland, and SuperCongrats on the baby.
    by billiam at 08/12/06 9:35PM
  • southernsunshine
    ADAM? ROSIE?? yay!! :) claire is adorable..when am i going to get to babysit her??? loveeeyou!
    by southernsunshine at 08/13/06 8:35PM
  • amandochka
    Hey Adam and Rosie! This is the first picture that I've seen of the baby. Very cute. And I'm very excited that you went out on a date without her. Good job.
    by amandochka at 08/13/06 10:36PM
  • jiveturkey
    congrats on the first date. I can't wait for claire's first boat ride.
    by jiveturkey at 08/15/06 12:42PM
  • mpettes
    Awe!!! We're just so glad that you trust your neighbors enough to call them :)... AND, we're hoping that maybe you'll want to go see a movie soon :)
    by mpettes at 08/15/06 4:23PM
  • shaneg
    Well Howdy kids. Yeah, you got to get a break every now and then or you'll go bonkers. Like most folks with sweet babies, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding sitters, even ones you can trust.
    by shaneg at 08/15/06 9:54PM
  • snickers63
    Notice they didn't call you shane when they needed a sitter?
    by snickers63 at 08/16/06 11:43AM
  • snickers63
    I personally highly recommend someone else!!
    by snickers63 at 08/16/06 11:44AM
  • mpettes
    Hey now!!! you obviously trust me with your kids too :).
    by mpettes at 08/16/06 2:56PM
  • shaneg
    Ole snickerdoodle may have meant me when she was reffering to "someone else".
    by shaneg at 08/16/06 5:55PM
  • acurtis
    Ouch! "Ole" Snickerdoodle???
    by acurtis at 08/17/06 9:12AM
  • jess
    I'm glad you guys were able to have a night out! Sad about this weekend but totoally understand - hope we'll be able to see you sometime soon!
    by jess at 08/17/06 5:21PM
  • emilylankford
    Hi guys! Claire is adorable:) I had seen some pictures on Micah's blog several months ago. Glad all is well & that you had a good anniversary!
    by emilylankford at 08/18/06 11:27AM


(This is Rosie) Well, it's official. Our little girl is growing up. She rolled over all by herself yesterday for the very first time! I actually got to watch her do it. I wish I could have got it on video so Dad could have seen her too, but I am sure that there will be many more times ahead.

  • mtnest
    Congrats to Claire! She will be crawling all over the place before you know it. It seems like you blink once and they are grown. Enjoy every minute. :)
    by mtnest at 08/09/06 9:20PM
  • curtisamy
    yeah for Claire! i like y'alls picture. We miss you guys.
    by curtisamy at 08/10/06 12:24AM
  • mpettes
    Hey! I know where that picture was taken! Guess what?!? So maybe we don't need a babysitter tonight, but maybe we just might need one Saturday night because Brad won tickets to the game!! Mwa ha ha ha ha.....
    by mpettes at 08/10/06 5:50PM
  • mpettes
    And no, we won't be sitting out in the heat, we'll be sitting in a suite... :)
    by mpettes at 08/10/06 5:52PM
  • entheos
    your picture is GREAT! looks like a Titan's game? Hope you had a wonderful anniversary yesterday! LOVE YOU GUYS
    by entheos at 08/11/06 10:46AM
  • mtnest
    There are 2 ways to add people to your friends list. The easy way is just to go to each person's page and click on "add to friends list".
    Has Claire rolled over anymore so her Daddy could see her do it?
    by mtnest at 08/11/06 5:12PM