We're good!

Claire's back to her sweet little self. I'm amazed at how much her eye has healed just overnight. I think we are going to do something special just for Michael this afternoon. He's kind of been pushed to the back burner lately. His very favorite thing to do is ride on the mower with Adam, though, so maybe we'll accomplish a task as well =) Happy Friday!
  • jess
    So glad to hear this!! Thanks for the update. :)
    by jess at 08/14/09 11:37AM
  • boromom
    Sorry for the rough time you guys have had lately. Glad things are going better now. Give Claire a hug for me.
    by boromom at 08/14/09 11:45AM
  • kerrielee
    Glad to hear,kisses and hugs to Claire and Micheal.
    by kerrielee at 08/14/09 11:58AM
  • snickers63
    Glad to hear things are going well!!
    by snickers63 at 08/14/09 4:38PM
  • shaneg
    So glad Claire is bouncing back. Don't worry about mowing the yard. Just take M for a couple laps around the block on the mower and wave at the neighbors. His own little personal parade.
    by shaneg at 08/14/09 6:36PM

All's well-ish

Claire's surgery went very well. She did get a few unexpected stitches for cosmetic purposes, and an extra steroid shot in the other eye b/c it looked like another stye was manifesting itself way down deep. She was such a trooper. I am so proud of her. Right now, she's sleeping and has been for the past four hours. I held it together pretty well in front of her, but after they took her back I really had to pray hard to keep myself from breaking down. I just don't know how those mom's do it who have something really serious to deal with. I feel like this was such a little ordeal in the grand scheme of things, but I was still a basket case the whole time she was away from us.

Adam almost passed out. He has a serious problem with blood, needles, and especially IV's. That's what almost made him lose it today. Claire almsot pulled her IV out and he barely stayed in his chair. He made it out of the room and the nurses took care of him from there. I could hear all the dr's giving him a HARD time. He pulled through, though. I can't imagine having to deal with that!

Anway, ClaireBear is good. Thanks for all the prayers!
  • shaneg
    I think I feel for you and Adam more than I do Claire. Bless all of your hearts!!! And, I don't think I would have held up nearly as well as either of you guys. Hang in there and here's hoping for a speedy recovery, (Claire too, LOL).
    by shaneg at 08/13/09 6:33PM
  • mpettes
    Oh, Rosie!!! I knew I should have taken more time to blog lately. Boy do I feel out of it!! Poor little Claire, and poor little you. Adam - well, he's the dad, so he's supposed to be strong and brave ;). I have so many questions - like, why did this happen? And in both eyes? Is that common?? Will she be prone to styes in general now? Crazy, crazy. I remember you telling me she had one, but I know lots of people get them, and didn't think too much about it. Never knew you sometimes had to have surgery to remove them!!! I'm guessing tomorrow won't be your best day ever either, but she is hopefully on the road to recovery now. Give her lots of hugs and kisses from us and the girls. Tell her we love her and are so proud of her for being so big and brave. *praying*
    by mpettes at 08/13/09 8:16PM
  • jess
    SO glad that this is over for you all - and I agree with him, I think I feel worse for you and Adam! I can only imagine how stressful it is to be in this kind of situation with your little one. Hoping so much that she's feeling better soon!! Love you all!
    by jess at 08/13/09 8:57PM
  • grandmadiane
    Glad she came through and you and Adam made it, too... now the easy part is over ... the next couple of days will be a challenge... take care and let us know if we can be of any help
    by grandmadiane at 08/14/09 9:45AM
  • stylinmama
    Claire's a trooper, but so are you guys! I haven't been through this *yet* but you're right, I can't imagine how the parents do it whose children have to have heart surgery or go through chemo. Ugh. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. So glad Claire is doing well!
    by stylinmama at 08/14/09 9:55AM
  • lindseymarie
    Boy, it sounds like a rough day for all of you! So glad you made it through! Hope she feels better soon!
    by lindseymarie at 08/14/09 10:37AM

Minor surger for Claire--and yes, it's only "minor" when it's not your child!

So tomorrow at 7:30 am, Claire is going to have a chalazion (stye) removed from her eye. We have been through three doctors, two rounds of antibiotics, and some very interesting home/natural remedies, and this is our last option. She'll be fully sedated, so she won't remember a thing, but still...YIKES! They're going to go in and put a serious dose of antibiotics in her eye and scrape off the scar tissue that has formed. Fun, right. Please pray.
  • grandmadiane
    Having had 2 children who have had tubes put in their ears and 3 who have had their wisdom teeth out, I know there is NO minor surgery and you are all in my prayers
    by grandmadiane at 08/12/09 10:45PM
  • jess
    We are praying for a smooth procedure and strength and calm for you all. Love you so much!
    by jess at 08/12/09 10:52PM
  • stylinmama
    So nerve-wracking, I pray it all goes perfectly!
    by stylinmama at 08/13/09 12:27AM
  • DessertDiva
    I hope it goes well!
    by DessertDiva at 08/13/09 2:18AM
  • simon_says
    Thinking of Claire!!!
    by simon_says at 08/13/09 8:17AM
  • snickers63
    Thinking of you and Claire! Does not sound like fun. I assisted in a procedure like this when in the early months of pregnancy with Austin. Had to leave the room in the middle of it. Then I went back. Know it will be a long day (or two) for you...
    by snickers63 at 08/13/09 8:25AM
  • lala
    I am praying praying praying! Please keep up posted.
    by lala at 08/13/09 4:33PM

7 Years Together...

We were leaving our reception right about now, 7 years ago. I was exhausted but happy, we were both astonished at the shape the car was in. For those of you who were there, you know what I'm talking about.

Adam surprised me this morning and took the day off of work. We had a fun time with the kids at the Adventure Science Museum in Nashvegas, then left the kids with some friends and went out on a "date". It included a trip to Hobby Lobby for scrapbook paper, dinner at Olive Garden, and a quick stop at Play It Again Sports for a pair of used cleats for softball (I think it's really gross, but they were $4 for Adidas cleats. Adam keeps telling me it's not gross, but still.) Then we headed home to get the kids.

I got Adam one of those music cards, just so he would open it at lunch in front of his work buddies. No worries, it wasn't too embarassing, but my plan was ruined since he didn't go to work. It really was a sweet card and it played a song that we had during our reception, so it was kind of special...

I know everyone says it but I'm going to anyway, where has all the time gone? Seven years is a long time, but it really does feel like it was just yesterday.

  • littlelamb
    Happy 7 years!!! Our 6 year anniversary is in a few weeks and I, too, marvel at where the time has gone and what it has brought me.
    by littlelamb at 08/10/09 9:59PM
  • kerrielee
    I hope you have many,many,many,more,we celebrate 18 on August 30th,I cannot believe how fast that has gone by.P.S.Just wait until Claire is turning seventeen,it will seem like it happened in an instant.
    by kerrielee at 08/10/09 10:27PM
  • grandmadiane
    My your life be as blessed as you are a blessing...may your children rise up and call you blessed, may your memories be joyful and abundant and in your later years bring you as much joy as the day they occured...
    by grandmadiane at 08/10/09 10:54PM
  • snickers63
    We are quickly approaching 25 ... how did I get to a silver anniversary???? I know it has FLOWN by! And I will soon have NO teenagers. That's strange. How did that happen too? Hmm... these must be related somehow. But not to worry, I will have a teenager again when I am old.
    by snickers63 at 08/11/09 8:24AM
  • simon_says
    Glad you had a great anniversary!!
    by simon_says at 08/11/09 10:23AM
  • shelbysmom
    Hopefully you got my happy anniversary message yesterday on your previous Pleo post! I was thinking about you guys and planned on calling. I guess it's a good thing I didn't, it sounds like you guys had a great day! Love ya!
    by shelbysmom at 08/11/09 10:56AM
  • DessertDiva
    Happy Anniversary!
    by DessertDiva at 08/11/09 12:46PM
  • julie
    I was just thinking of ya'll and wondering which anniversary was this year.
    by julie at 08/11/09 1:02PM
  • linz_foster
    happy late anniversary. :) So...we're going to TN tomorrow. Do you have any free time Friday or Saturday? I'd love to meet you!
    by linz_foster at 08/11/09 1:17PM
  • jess
    I can't believe that was 7 years ago... Happy Anniversary, a little late! :)
    by jess at 08/11/09 5:03PM
  • linz_foster
    We are going to Bell Buckle and Shelbyville. I think we're staying in Shelbyville with Craig's grandparents, but his mom lives in Bell Buckle. Maybe we can meet for lunch Saturday or dessert one of those evenings so Adam can come too (I'm assuming he works Friday?)...and so I don't take away too much time from Craig's family for something like dinner. I've got your numbers in my cell phone, so I'll give you a call Thursday or Friday and figure it out! My cell # is 971-404-8673. I'm excited to meet you and your little ones, too! :) I've met Adam, but I guess I'm excited to see him again. ;)
    by linz_foster at 08/12/09 12:31AM
  • linz_foster
    That sounds great! I wish I would be there for the Moon Pie Festival...one of my favorite foods!! :)
    I'll get a hold of you in the next couple of days - I'm looking forward to it!
    by linz_foster at 08/12/09 8:35AM

We love us some Sonic Cherry Limeades 'round here!

  • acurtis
    Why I felt the need to speack like the redneck that I am (but diligently try to hide), I'm not sure. Now you all know my secret.
    by acurtis at 08/04/09 2:48PM
  • kerrielee
    I like the diet version myself,probably get one once a week.
    by kerrielee at 08/04/09 2:56PM
  • shelbysmom
    Those cups are almost bigger than they are!
    by shelbysmom at 08/04/09 4:02PM
  • shelbysmom
    Aww, I remember Claire and her shoes and footie jammie combo! She was way ahead of her time!
    by shelbysmom at 08/04/09 4:02PM
  • amandochka
    I love the Strawberry ones. Have ya'll tried the chillers? I think they are really great too.
    by amandochka at 08/04/09 4:21PM
  • simon_says
    I have never had one.
    by simon_says at 08/04/09 4:39PM
  • DessertDiva
    I remember that picture of Claire. I love her pajamas. I wish we had a Sonic near us!
    by DessertDiva at 08/04/09 5:16PM
  • mpettes
    we are so in love with the limeade chillers. w-o-w. try them. you'll never go back! Love, love love the post below... I'm just a little behind on pleo lately ;)
    by mpettes at 08/04/09 8:44PM
  • karliemichelle
    :) those chillers are good!!!
    by karliemichelle at 08/04/09 10:53PM
  • entheos
    (t) so cute!!
    by entheos at 08/05/09 9:23AM
  • stylinmama
    Haha, I love that Claire has her sandals on with her footie PJ's! Those drinks are about as big as they are! ;)
    by stylinmama at 08/06/09 9:28AM
  • littlelamb
    Oh you have me laughing so hard! They are so cute with those huge cups!
    by littlelamb at 08/06/09 2:50PM
  • taylorwilson
    by taylorwilson at 08/07/09 9:50PM
  • snickers63
    Just heard a story about limeades from Sonic.... from Dallas. The poor girl bring the drinks lost her footing on her skates, landed flat on her back, with the drink tray on her chest, and the drinks everywhere but in the cups. S said that if he had ordered the BIG size (like in your pics!) she would have drowned.
    by snickers63 at 08/07/09 11:13PM
  • nillabarr
    Haha! Those cups are almost as big as them! :) Too cute.
    by nillabarr at 08/08/09 8:37AM
  • lindseymarie
    Love the pics! Sorry I have been all talk and no action lately about getting together. I've finally got off the last of the meds I was on, but adjustment hasn't been going too well lately. Miss you all! Sorry also about Michael's present being so so late. I kept thinking I'd bring it by when we got together, but we just hadn't been able to yet.
    by lindseymarie at 08/08/09 1:27PM
  • shelbysmom
    Happy Anniversary!!
    by shelbysmom at 08/10/09 3:25PM
  • lol_smile456
    by lol_smile456 at 08/10/09 5:45PM
  • mpettes
    Happy Anniversary! And she beat me to it :-P. Wish we could be there to watch your kiddos and give you a night out. Hopefully we'll get to see you SOON!!! Miss you so, so much. XOXO
    by mpettes at 08/10/09 7:10PM