Just For Fun

We had a couple of boxes of cake mix and icing that *needed* to be used (ok, so we bought them yesterday b/c they were on sale) so Claire, Michael and I had some fun this morning. I'll probably take some to the neighbors and others that might need a sweet treat. They sure don't need to stay around our house for long!

Claire's first day of school!
Just so you know, my mom bought her the lunch box and she got to pick any backpack she wanted. Ugh. Not my favorite, but whatever. I would have loved to have her a cute polka dot matching set with her initials on them. Who asked me, though?

School is going well. Yesterday, she was a "happy horsey". They have a barnyard theme for their daily reports. One day before she was a "cuddly cow" and the first day she "had better days in the barn" It's an improvement =) Monday night her prayer was, " Dear God, thank you for letting me stay home tomorrow and not go to school" Uh-oh. There was drama Tuesday morning. She was crying when I left her, but I stayed for all of 5 seconds out in the hall to listen and she quit. I guess she's just testing me.

Michael is thoroughly enjoying ruling the roost when Claire's at school. He has really grown up a lot in the last week or so. Yesterday, I asked a rhetorical question, "Who wants breakfast" and out of M's mouth comes "I do!" It really surprised me. He's talking all the time and luckily most of the time I can understand what he wants to convey. They are both such joy's. Most of the time ;)
  • simon_says
    I'm cracking up at the fact that the backpack is as big as Claire is!

    You could send a few cupcakes my way. Yum!
    by simon_says at 08/26/09 2:17PM
  • kerrielee
    How very very "sweet", the kids and the cupcakes! Come see us.
    by kerrielee at 08/26/09 2:39PM
  • stylinmama
    You have the cutest kids!! Taking them to school is so bittersweet. I can imagine I'll be the one bawling when I take Caleb to Kindergarten. He's so excited. :)
    by stylinmama at 08/26/09 3:05PM
  • shaneg
    Too cute! Claire could fit inside that backpack.
    by shaneg at 08/26/09 4:06PM
  • narey_kay
    Your children are just beautiful!!! Anna Beth started preschool too! And......your such a good mom for letting her pick out her backback. I went with the one I liked and had her name put on it. She likes it of course but I am sure she would have picked a character. I did have her nap mat cover made with "Ariel" on it in flannel. She loves it!! And your cupcakes look mouth watering. We have the same stove btw! Oh...and how did Claire do with the stye removal? Sorry this comment became so totally random!!! :):)
    by narey_kay at 08/26/09 8:43PM
  • flute92
    Wow, very creative cupcakes! =) I didn't know Claire had started school! Is this preschool?
    by flute92 at 08/27/09 4:49PM
  • mpettes
    Love that the backpack is as big as C :). Wish we could have been there to make "puptates" too ;). So funny about the prayer - she'll get out of that funk soon, and she'll want to go every day. XOXO
    by mpettes at 08/28/09 2:53PM
  • narey_kay
    I found it at Jo Ann's. I then took it to a friend of mine that sews and she made a pig "pillow case" that fits over the nap mat. It is great!
    by narey_kay at 08/29/09 10:46AM
  • grandmadiane
    I am so glad Clair is enjoying her animals! I hope her eye has healed properly and there will be no further complications. The kids look like they are having so much fun... :) Thank you for the bd wish...
    by grandmadiane at 09/01/09 8:15AM
  • lol_smile456
    Mmmmhhh!! Cupcakes :D Awww. I remember the days of kindergarten--lucky!
    by lol_smile456 at 09/01/09 1:10PM

08/19/09 10:47PM

We have school again tomorrow...Claire has already laid out her clothes and picked what she wants for lunch. She is very excited about going tomorrow, but did tell me that it takes too long for the "hand to get to the 2". She said that's when her teacher told her her mommy would come get her. She did say she had fun, but that it just took too long. Guess she wasn't expecting to be there for 5 hours. The other night, she told me she "hated school". I asked her where she heard that, and she said that Bailey said it. That's her friend that she played with at the softball game. She said it with a smile on her face, so she knew she was saying something...that would get a reaction. And it did. So anyway, I have decided that I will make a list of things I need to get done (cleaning the bathrooms, scouring the fridge) and a list of things I would enjoy doing (scrapping, decorating, organizing-yes, I enjoy organizing) and try to accomplish one of each while she is gone and Michael is napping. That's a good two free hours. Am I rambling? I think so, so I'll quit now. Ok, one more thing, the natives were restless tonight in bible class. The lady I'm teaching with made them say a prayer for forgiveness for how they were acting. It worked, they settled down...for a few minutes. I'll have to remember that one!
  • grandmadiane
    I don't know what it was about today but it seems like everyone everywhere I went was restless... I know the kids at wild were! I dont know how Miss Deb does it some weeks!
    by grandmadiane at 08/19/09 11:19PM
  • simon_says
    Mine were too!!! I'm teaching the 4th-5th graders. They wore me out and there are only three of them! I'll have to remember that trick...I usually invoke the 'do I need to go get your mom' card. That calms them down for a few minutes.
    by simon_says at 08/20/09 5:41AM
  • mpettes
    Another post! Man, you are trying to make me look bad ;). That is so funny about her saying she hated school. She totally cracks me up. Five hours was a long time the first day, but I bet it goes fast from here on out - for both of you! Our kids were crazy in Bible class last night too! Well, okay, 2 of them were. The same 2 that always are. Never mind :-P.
    by mpettes at 08/20/09 7:15AM
  • shelbysmom
    I was just thinking...wow, you sure are posting a lot! You must have more time on your hands! ;) I could use your input on decorating the school room. I have some ideas but you always do a great job putting things together. I also need to get busy on my scrapbooking...poor Sadie has 2 pages done and this new baby will be lucky to ever have a book! You need to come over for a scrapbooking weekend!
    by shelbysmom at 08/20/09 8:55AM
  • kerrielee
    Since you love to organize,you could come over and help me,I actually like it to,but it would be more fun with a buddy.That little Claire cracks me up,lol!!
    by kerrielee at 08/20/09 10:28AM
  • DessertDiva
    I like all the posting! I need to follow your lead and make a list of things I need to get done. I should run errands today but I still have yet to do it alone with the baby and I have a lot of places to go so I'm nervous!
    by DessertDiva at 08/20/09 11:55AM
  • jess
    Thats really funny about making them pray for forgiveness - good idea! Luckily my kids have been a great bunch this time around! :)
    by jess at 08/20/09 12:28PM
  • shelbysmom
    MAYBE we'll be at the top of the list?! MAYBE? ;)

    Thanks for telling me about Rhonda. I sent out an email yesterday because I got to thinking of a few people who don't have FB or Pleo (which is not many) so I'll just forward this to her.

    I do have some great ideas for the school room but I am stuck with the cleaning out part...it's the room that used to be K's room and she left quite a bit of stuff for me to deal with. It seems overwhelming! I wasn't going to work on the room until next year but Shelby is all about school these days so I thought it would be fun to go ahead and make the change. Plus, I might have a little more time now than I will next year - but not much! I'm considering it my nesting project for this pregnancy.
    by shelbysmom at 08/20/09 1:00PM
  • kerrielee
    Sorry we didn't make it out last night Taylor ended up having a scrimmage and by the time we were through he was messy and hungry,but we'll stop by eventually.Have a great weekend,is this weather great or what??
    by kerrielee at 08/21/09 11:17PM
  • littlelamb
    We need to get together soon! What are you up to this week?
    by littlelamb at 08/23/09 11:08PM
  • lindseymarie
    That's such a funny idea, but at least it worked :)
    by lindseymarie at 08/24/09 10:03AM

Well, now what?

Claire is at her first day of Mother's Day Out. "School" as she calls it. She held my hand so tight as we were walking in, I know she was trying so hard to be brave. She sat right down at her little table and started playing with toys. Kisses for me and Michael and we were out the door. I took pics this morning, but I'm going to get more this afternoon when I pick her up so I'll wait to post them.

She's going on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall today. I would love to see her acting all grown up and enjoying herself at school.

Michael is down for his first nap, and I am kind of stir crazy. I have tons of stuff that I need to do and tons of other stuff that I want to do, but I really don't think I'll do anything but take a nap.

Softball was great last night. We're playing with about 20 other people we go to church with. We won last night, we beat the other team 15-12 (I think). I am SO SORE! Just using muscles that I haven't used in a long time, I guess.

So maybe I'll prep supper, clean the kitchen and mop the floors, OR...maybe I'll scrapbook.
  • shelbysmom
    I imagine the house is much quieter without Claire around! :( Did you cry? I probably would have, even for Claire!
    by shelbysmom at 08/18/09 12:43PM
  • nillabarr
    I didn't know what to do with my time this morning. Somehow it seemed like I had sooo much of it with only one kid?? I couldn't believe all the errands I ran and things I did around the house, picked up C and was home by 12:30! Nap for me!!
    by nillabarr at 08/18/09 12:58PM
  • littlelamb
    I'm still adjusting to having less kids in the house. Charlotte started preschool yesterday and so it was just me and the boys before lunch. Most of the time I was at the Y doing Zumba and running, but when we came home I was at loose ends without the girls. What ever will I do when they are all in school?! I think I can think of a few things... :)
    by littlelamb at 08/18/09 1:57PM
  • kerrielee
    Ok cool,we might can do the one at 8:30.We miss you guys would love to see you.
    by kerrielee at 08/18/09 3:27PM
  • snickers63
    I think I will pass on the 8:30 one Thursday night - last night with Ashes at home. :-(
    by snickers63 at 08/18/09 4:39PM
  • jess
    Congrats on the softball win! :) I wish I could be a fly on that wall too - such a grown up little girl! :)
    by jess at 08/18/09 8:48PM
  • mpettes
    You won! You won! Did you get a lot of outs??? Wish we could have come and cheered you on! You know Brad would be right out there with you! That is so fun that you get to do that.

    Tell Claire she is such a big girl going to school without Michael and Mommy! I watched a couple of kids the other day while a lady at church took her oldest to her first day of K. She said the very same thing about being a fly on the wall. I just love to see kids interact with each other and hear what they talk and laugh about. Hey, I know! Maybe you could go back and teach again ;)!

    You're really putting me to shame with all of these posts - I need to get busy! Oh wait, I am ;)
    by mpettes at 08/19/09 9:34PM

Last week/This week

As crazy as last week was with Claire's surgery, this week is going to be just as busy. Claire is doing great. Her follow up appt is Friday. I expect a good report from the dr.

Saturday night, we got to meet some pleo friends from Oregon. Lindsey Foster, her husband Craig, and her perfectly sweet baby Kate came by for a visit. I met Lindsey on pleo along with her sisters Jamie and Carrie. Maybe one day I'll get to met them as well! Craig's family lives about 30 minutes from our house so they were kind enough to drive over for dessert Saturday night. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm just sad they live so far away! Kate was such a good girl, she even slept on our floor for an hour or so. Claire especially loved Kate, and made friends with Craig and Lindsey right away, also. Weird, if you know how shy Claire is around strangers. It was great. Maybe we'll come to Oregon to visit, if you'll have us, Lindsey!
PhotobucketLOL, Kate looks as big as Claire in this picture!

Claire starts Mother's Day Out tomorrow, so yesterday was an open house at her school and we met her teachers and other parents. I don't think she could get more excited about it. She has already packed her back pack (shoes, two pair of panties, and a shirt) and is just ready to go. I'm excited for some time with Michael, it's just all such a big change for us. It'll be great, though. (Yes, I'm telling this to myself, as well)

So this week holds two softball games, I'm playing first base tonight. I'm nervous but so excited! Then we're heading to AL for my neices bday this weekend. Adam and I are both teaching bible class on Sunday, so we've got to be ready for that...fun but busy.

This is what the kids would do all day if I let them...I don't, but they would!
Claire has two pillows and a blankie she loves and Michael has one pillow and a blankie. They're two of a kind!
  • grandmadiane
    I'm so glad Clair is doing well and hope you get that GOOD report on Fri! Looks like good times were had by all...
    by grandmadiane at 08/17/09 1:15PM
  • jess
    That's great that you got to meet Lindsay, Craig and Kate - how fun! I didn't realize Claire was starting Mother's Day out this week. I can only imagine how excited is - I know she's been wanting to go to "school" for a while now! How long does it go and what days? Can't wait to hear all about how she likes it! Oh, and did you an Adam join a softball team or is it just a pickup game? Good luck tonight! :)
    by jess at 08/17/09 1:32PM
  • entheos
    (t) Hmm.. If I let Andrew do what he wanted, he would either run to the toilet and start dunking things (himself included), play with knives in the silverware drawer (most likely by poking them in an outlet), or climb the highest piece of furniture he could find and jump off as many times as possible. At any rate, he'd probably be dead within an hour. And the really sad part is- I'm totally not joking!
    by entheos at 08/17/09 1:34PM
  • simon_says
    I'd be right there with Claire and Michael if I let myself. Only I'd be on the couch, not the floor.
    by simon_says at 08/17/09 1:42PM
  • DessertDiva
    I'd love to meet you and your kiddos - I vote for you guys making a trip to Oregon! Glad you guys had fun with Lindsay, Craig & Kate. I wouldn't doubt it if Kate weighs half of what Claire does!

    Have fun at softball!
    by DessertDiva at 08/17/09 1:56PM
  • lindseymarie
    How cute about Claire and her "school"! I'm excited for her! Glad Michael liked his present!
    by lindseymarie at 08/17/09 2:49PM
  • kerrielee
    Who are you playing softball with,sounds like fun.Taylor is playing football this fall,he is having fun and they have only practiced so far.
    by kerrielee at 08/17/09 3:12PM
  • shelbysmom
    How fun! I've never met any Pleo friends that I didn't know before. Maybe one day....
    by shelbysmom at 08/17/09 5:24PM
  • jess
    How fun to be on a team with all people you're friends with! Did you play softball in high school? Hope you had fun tonight! That is really perfect hours for Claire, and yeah, we're really excited about Wicked and that we'll get to see all of you guys - wish it could be sooner though! :)
    by jess at 08/17/09 8:02PM
  • flute92
    That's so cool that you have met people on pleo! I have met one girl a few year younger than me... she lives in CA so I do not think I will be seeing her anytime soon, but very cool!
    by flute92 at 08/17/09 8:31PM
  • linz_foster
    It was so fun to meet you and your sweet kids! Thank you for letting us crash your Saturday night - I am so glad we were able to get together. And we would love to have you and Adam and the kids any time!! I can't believe how close to Craig's family you live...we actually went to the Cracker Barrell over by you guys Sunday after church, and I thought about you as we passed the street after the Exxon station! :)
    by linz_foster at 08/18/09 12:40AM
  • stylinmama
    I'm cracking up at those pictures. I can tell Claire was having a great time loving on Kate. It's so funny to see you in the same picture as Lindsay. :) I'm so glad you all had fun. And I too vote for you all to make a trip out here. There's a lot to see and do, we'd have a lot of fun!
    by stylinmama at 08/18/09 9:31AM
  • snickers63
    Fun meeting people you don't know... but you do!!! Sweet pics... as always!!
    by snickers63 at 08/18/09 10:22AM


Here's a pic of Claire's eye before surgery, just in case you were wondering... ;)

And here's a pic of how Claire feels about having surgery...

And here's Claire after surgery, giving her meanest, scariest ,crime-fighting, superhero face...
And here's some cuteness on video...

Have a great weekend!
  • snickers63
    Poor little thing!!! And poor momma too! Glad it is behind you. Are they saying anything as to why she developed such a bad one that surgery had to be done... and why there was another too?
    by snickers63 at 08/14/09 10:22PM
  • jess
    Justin watched the video with me - They are just TOO precious! Maybe we're a little biased as proud aunt and uncle, but I think it's a little more than that! ;) It has been WAY to long since we've seen you guys!!
    by jess at 08/15/09 12:42AM
  • stylinmama
    aww, so sweet!!!

    I'm so jealous that my sister gets to meet you tomorrow! Are you all going to lunch or something? That's great, though. Kate's adorable, I miss her and Lindsay already. Give them a big hug from me! :)
    by stylinmama at 08/15/09 12:57AM
  • DessertDiva
    What a SWEET video! Your babies are so precious! David couldn't see my laptop screen but he paused the TV so he could hear the video. He thought it was pretty cute :)

    Have fun with Lindsay & Kate! How neat that you guys get to meet up!
    by DessertDiva at 08/15/09 12:58AM
  • entheos
    so great! glad she's feelin' better! Andrew's movie review, "Again, again! I want again"
    by entheos at 08/15/09 8:04AM
  • beep_girl
    AWWW! Glad the surgery went well and she'd feeling better! :)
    by beep_girl at 08/15/09 8:16AM
  • simon_says
    I'm going to have to teach my kid the 'No One's Better than Mommy' song!!
    by simon_says at 08/15/09 8:45AM
  • nillabarr
    Glad her little surgery went well. The kids loved watching that video. They want to know where we can find your kids to play with!! Hehe. :)
    by nillabarr at 08/15/09 8:49AM
  • snickers63
    Good luck with that!!
    by snickers63 at 08/15/09 11:48AM
  • lala
    Glad everything went well for Claire. That video is precious. What adorable children you have. I could listen to Claire's sweet voice all day...and Michael's lion too. =)
    by lala at 08/16/09 9:23PM
  • mattmanua
    Well, I've heard the expression before: "It could be that the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning for others."
    by mattmanua at 08/16/09 10:36PM