So today is mine and Adam's 8th anniversary. We were married at Adam's parents house at 6:30 pm. Outside...August 10th...it wasn't quite as hot as it could have been, a storm came through about 3 hours before actually, and that cooled everything off. The sunset was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful (if I do say so myself) and I don't really remember anything else about the day. The reception was a blur. I remembering hurrying through photos, we decided to do pics after the ceremony...wish we hadn't but we didn't know better then. I also remember leaving. The car was an absolute disaster. The guys wrapped the car in syran wrap. There was also shaving cream, vaseline, and cans involved. It was awful. And I was starving when we left. Thankfully, someone packed us a basket of food that we devoured as we took the car through a car wash. HA!!! What a night.

We spent our honeymoon week in West Palm, in a little house with a pool. As soon as we got back, classes started back for both of us. Adam had a semester left at TN Tech, and I had a semester plus student teaching at MTSU. We moved into a brand new, but tiny apartment here in Murfreesboro, and Adam drove 1.5 hours each way to and from school each day. He did that for one semester before he graduated. What were we thinking???

We do have a wedding DVD, we watched it a few months ago. All I can think when I watch it is...who are those kids? We were so young...and skinny =) I think we'll watch it later tonight once the kids are in bed. It's fun to remember the excitement and newness that we felt on that day. So many wonderful memories!

Fast-forward 8 years later. We have lived in our home now for 7.5 years, Adam has been at Nissan almost 8 years. I have been a stay at home mommy for almost 5 years. I was lucky enough to get to quit my job about halfway through my pregnancy with Claire. It's been a good 8 years. Sometimes I wonder what the catch is, ya know. Sometimes it's just a little too perfect.

We spent our anniversary weekend together, with no kiddo's! They stayed with Mimi and Pa for two nights, so it was a very quiet house around here. I really enjoyed just being with Adam, and having no schedule and not having to fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone. I didn't cook at all for three days, for that matter. It was wonderful. We watched three movies, one at a theater. That's unheard of around here!

So tonight, on our actual anniversary, Adam came home with a very sweet card and a pack of scrapbook paper =) We had leftovers, and then went and had some family pictures taken. Michael's in bed, Claire's playing in her room, and all is good.

Here's to 50 more!!!
  • grandmadiane
    May God bless you throughout those next 50 years!!!
    by grandmadiane at 08/10/10 9:33PM