08/02/10 3:02PM

I can't come up with a catchy title, so I'll just skip it...

So I have been avoiding pleo lately, just because I thought it was taking up too much of my time, but when I really sat down and thought about it fb takes up at least the same if not more time, and I don't really feel like I connect the same with people there as I do on an actual blog. So I am just going to do better about spending my computer time wisely, and maybe blog a little more frequently. I have read most of the blogs that I missed the past few months. Even if I didn't comment, it is so nice to see what everyone has been up to. Lots of changes in so many people's lives.

Not here. We're still a family of four, I'm not pregnant, and life is good. =) I know that seems simplified, but it's just the truth. We have traveled A LOT this summer. We just got back from KY, where we visited Phillip and Tracy (I can't even remember how to link!!!) and their precious new baby girl, Abby. It was a fantastic trip. We also went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Rosemary Beach, FL. Next up is Alabama to see my sister's family. Busy but fun summer!

Both kids are going to do Mothers Day Out in the fall. It's two days a week for 5 hours a day. I am really looking forward to getting the house in order, catching up on scrapbooking, and other crafty stuff, and staying caught up! Everything is behind right now and I can't stand it!

Michael is 2 1/2 and Claire just turned 4. It's fun around here. THey play really well together, and literally, they are just good fun kids. We spend most days here at home, or at friends houses for playdates. We are blessed with SO many friends, and it just makes these hot summer days a little more bearable.

Adam is now a manager at Nissan. He got promoted in April, so that has been an adjustment to say the least. It's been about an extra hour and a half each day, but still a very good job where he is appreciated and respected, and that's just a huge blessing. And he gets to work with cars... he loves his job.

We are searching for land to build a new house on. We would really like 5ish acres, in the country. That's not the easiest thing to find in the county that we live in. Plus we want to stay close to Adam's job. It's killing us because we have house plans and everything. We got really close to buying 9 acres about a month ago, but flood plains got in the way. YUCK. We had a contract and everything, and we got our house ready to go on the market. So for now, we are happily living in our very clean, decluttered, and updated house.

August is going to be a month for me to get back on a schedule with weekly meal preps, scheduling time to do things for others, and visit much neglected family. I operate so much better with a calendar in front of me and a to-do list right beside it. I'm lost without those things, and lately, we have just been flying by the seat of our pants on many things. It's fun sometimes, but I LOVE a schedule...

I am signed up for coed softball again! That's fun. Although my legs don't think the running part is fun! I plan to do some running before the season starts this year, though, so I'm sure that'll help! So if anyone is still reading my blog...what do you have planned for the fall? What has your summer been like? Ciao!

  • simon_says
    If I had 10 hours a week with no kid or husband at home, I'd choose sleep over anything else. But you're probably past that stage...
    by simon_says at 08/02/10 3:08PM
  • littlelamb
    I'm still reading...or, rather, hovering and waiting for something to read! :) I'm going to have two days a week this fall with just the boys at home- I hardly know what to do with myself! What will I do when they are all in school?!
    by littlelamb at 08/02/10 4:35PM
  • linz_foster
    I'm glad you're going to blog more - I miss reading them!
    Congratulations to Adam on his promotion - bummer about longer hours, but it's wonderful to have a job you like and where you are recognized!
    Good luck on your land search - that sounds so exciting!! Maybe you could find some land up here in Oregon. ;) Oh wait, you wanted to be near Adam's job. hm - I'll try to figure that one out and get back to you!
    by linz_foster at 08/02/10 5:27PM
  • wifelet
    I was just thinking the other day about how I missed reading your blogs! :) Glad you're back!!

    This fall, I'm watching my baby grow up WAY too fast. WAY. :) Keep us updated on how you like the Mother's Day Out thing!!
    by wifelet at 08/02/10 6:51PM
  • kerrielee
    Hey,we really miss you guys,it is really a shame how busy we all get.We are getting ready for school around here,Taylor is going back and will be in the eigth grade,and Karlie starts MTSU on Aug.30th,cannot believe that.Kristy had the baby today so I am looking forward to playing with her.make some time on that list to come and visit me.Glad you guys are happy and doing well and congrats to Adam.Love you all!
    by kerrielee at 08/02/10 8:06PM
  • snickers63
    Just a quick note to say glad you're back, enjoyed the update - my plans this fall?? Building a new kitchen possibly.....????? If we can make it work. Which I am diligently trying to do. ;-)
    by snickers63 at 08/02/10 8:09PM
  • jess
    You guys have had such a fun summer! I'd noticed your absence around here, glad you're planning to post more! I need to as well, just so much going on around here! :) Miss you guys!
    by jess at 08/06/10 12:13PM
  • stylinmama
    Thanks for the update! I know what you mean about blogging. It's really hard to catch up once I get behind and then I forget everything I was going to talk about but somehow my blog always ends up being too long. Ha. :)
    by stylinmama at 08/06/10 2:27PM
  • nillabarr
    I hear ya on the calendar and to-do. It's been impossible to keep either this summer, so I am looking forward to school starting and some structure around here too. And I think my kids are starting to need it again!
    by nillabarr at 08/09/10 7:22PM