San Antonio, 2009

The Riverwalk
If you've never been to San Antonio, it's a great place to, fun, fun. These were some of the sights from the boat ride we went on going down the river. This was my 4th (maybe) time to do the boat ride, but it's enjoyable every time!
The Kiddie Park
This park is just the right size for the kids. Claire was pretty bored with most of the rides, actually, but it was still fun. Weird thing is is that they had to close down a few months ago because a child was thrown from a little rollercoaster. Now huge "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" signs are hanging everywhere and the rollercoaster is dismantled!
Bath Time With the Giant Duck
At my Anut Sharon and Uncle Jim's house. If you ask Claire what her favorite part of Texas vacation was, she'll tell you it was bath time with the duckie...and thanks to Sharon and Pawpaw for singing the rubber duckie song. (Hi Sharon ;))!!!!
Enchanted Rock
Wonderful wonderful wonderful! What an enjoyable day!
Heading up. We went all the way to the top of that rock!!!
Ready to toss M over the edge!
Adam found Michael's favorite thing to do...
The two bravest ones of the bunch, me and Pa!
We ran into some long time friends coming down the rock. They were heading up, and we were finishing. It's a small small world, huh!
The Real Reason We Went
My dad's dad (Grandpa) is 94 years young. He thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids play at his feet. He lives with my dad's sister and her husband. He still reads the paper every morning, with his breakfast, and is always interested in what the interest rates are doing =).
This was Adam's parents first time to San Antonio, we enjoyed all the time we got to spend with them. My dad came also, so the kiddo's had plenty of grandparents to play with on this trip.
  • shelbysmom
    Glad you had a good time. What great pictures!! I miss all you guys!! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks...but we need to set up some time for the kiddos to play!
    by shelbysmom at 10/25/09 9:31PM
  • snickers63
    You met someone you knew out in the middle of NOWHERE????? That's crazy! Looks like a really great place to go. So glad you all could go and spend time with both families! GREAT pics!!!!!
    by snickers63 at 10/25/09 10:21PM
  • mtnest
    When we went to Disney World many years ago, we rounded a corner and nearly ran into our Kroger's produce manager and his family. We all just stopped and looked at each other for a second, and then of course did the "it's a small world" thing (which has extra meaning in Disney World). :-)
    by mtnest at 10/25/09 11:00PM
  • littlelamb
    It looks like you guys had so much fun! My mother's heart skipped a beat seeing that picture of Adam jumping with M. I don't think I could have watched!
    by littlelamb at 10/26/09 9:03AM
  • lol_smile456
    I Love the pic. of Michael on Adam's shoulders!!! :)
    by lol_smile456 at 10/26/09 1:24PM
  • stylinmama
    Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to go there. How funny that you saw Josh and Emily there!
    by stylinmama at 10/26/09 4:56PM
  • entheos
    Way to climb that rock! Glad you all had a fun trip.
    by entheos at 10/26/09 9:48PM
  • jess
    So glad you guys had fun!! I'm glad your Grandpa was feeling better and you were able to visit with him - so special. I couldn't believe it when Mary and Leroy told us about running into Josh and Emily - how crazy is that?? Miss you guys!
    by jess at 10/26/09 11:03PM
  • wifelet
    I actually ended up having 2 Toaster Strudels, a Bagelful, and some frozen blueberries ... how's that for healthy? ;-)
    by wifelet at 10/27/09 10:43AM
  • linz_foster
    I cracked up when I saw the picture of Claire in the bathtub with the heading "Bath Time with the Giant Duck". haha
    by linz_foster at 10/27/09 11:34PM
  • taylorwilson
    sounds fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by taylorwilson at 10/29/09 8:56PM
  • grandmadiane
    Nope, bedtime as usual... :)
    by grandmadiane at 11/05/09 3:07PM
  • DessertDiva
    Likewise, my friend! Are you guys still going to try to make a trip this way?
    by DessertDiva at 11/16/09 12:24AM
  • snickers63
    Call when you want a day.... I'm really not terribly busy right now!!
    by snickers63 at 12/01/09 6:45PM
  • littlelamb
    Oh no! We missed you! Well, I hope you had a good birthday! Any chance we could meet on purpose somewhere some time soon? :)
    by littlelamb at 12/01/09 10:18PM
  • snickers63
    Well,it definitely needed to be done. And I am definitely glad to have it done. Think we will put the things back right now without flooring.... just to get them out of the middle of the living room... until we decide WHAT we are going to do in the bathroom. And yes, it feels good to have that job behind me, although what I had planned on doing this week was making Ems a skirt.
    by snickers63 at 01/22/10 8:41PM