"Tonight will be a prelude to the greatest love story ever"

If Nick Jonas was a nerd...

This song is amazing. I don't care who you are. We all played Mario Cart once so we all can relate. Listen.
  • stephiblair
    by stephiblair at 12/05/08 1:07PM
  • srching4trth
    wow. that is funny. and he stayed serious through the whole song lol
    by srching4trth at 12/05/08 2:09PM
  • marko
    :p yo, not much at all.
    by marko at 12/05/08 3:09PM
  • his_shininglight
    love this song! lol it's kinda silly but I don't get tired of it :D
    by his_shininglight at 12/06/08 10:15AM
  • his_shininglight
    btw, long time no comment! hahaha
    by his_shininglight at 12/06/08 10:15AM
  • skatebordingrox
    Haha I love this song! And Nick Jonas!! [:
    by skatebordingrox at 12/06/08 12:32PM
  • marko
    rofl. That made my day.
    by marko at 12/13/08 6:40PM
  • skatebordingrox
    haha yea pretty much.. except my sister.. oh well.. her loss lol.
    by skatebordingrox at 12/14/08 9:54PM
  • ajhkygirl
    I saw that and thought it was so hilarious!!!!
    by ajhkygirl at 12/14/08 10:42PM
  • sirtorin
    Hello, this is a Hamilton Twin. =)
    by sirtorin at 12/20/08 10:31AM
  • sirtorin
    Happy New Year!
    by sirtorin at 01/01/09 5:55PM
  • birdflu13
    Lol that was funny!!
    by birdflu13 at 01/07/09 3:32PM
  • sirtarin
    Greetings, from the other Hamilton Twin. =)
    by sirtarin at 02/08/09 2:50PM
  • mill2093
    Hey Abraham, it is Ryan Miller from camp.
    by mill2093 at 07/02/09 3:48PM

2 down 2 2 GO

Well it actually happened. Paul is no longer at home. On June 30th he left for Fort Bennington. He is now apart of the US Army. I never really thought my brothers would go in to the Military. But now two of them have gone. I don't really think that my mom can take anymore of this. but w\e. So please, please keep my brother in your prayers and hope he survive BT.

Well how's stoked for camp?!?! Ya I can't w8. I'll be one of the older campers so that's gonna be little weird. I wonder what crazy games the sports directors are coming up w\ this year. Last year it was CTF w\ sponges. The year before was Taping ppl to the wall. Any suggestions?

Did anyone see the Incredible Hulk b4 seeing Iron Man? I feel really bad if u did that.

Well I must leave you all now. See you in thing future!
  • curlie
    Seth was just down at Ft. Benning. We wish Paul the best.

    Have fun at camp! :)
    by curlie at 07/02/08 10:21PM
  • horselover13
    See u at camp (unforntunately)
    by horselover13 at 07/05/08 2:21PM
  • click
    Have fun at camp! =) Our camp was awesome!
    by click at 07/05/08 3:14PM
  • pink_ladybug
    I wish him the best! ;) What other brother is in the army? (sorry, I don't really know your family...lol)
    by pink_ladybug at 07/07/08 6:59PM
  • yourstruly
    I'm stoked for camp! :)
    by yourstruly at 07/07/08 10:31PM
  • olivian
    Sweet!have fun!
    by olivian at 07/10/08 11:15AM
  • tony
    i saw iron man like 3 weeks ago and then the hulk tonight...they were pretty sweet. Have fun at camp!
    by tony at 07/13/08 6:18AM
  • reesescup
    Wow army huh? Crazy stuff. And glad u had fun at camp btw.
    by reesescup at 08/09/08 2:27PM
  • reesescup
    hey ths is kinda a random question but do u remebr th name of th lil boy @ mn fc camp tht had tht spy kids book nd kept hangin round me n beth n he lik sat on u? lol
    by reesescup at 08/25/08 2:37PM
  • thedoctorisin
    dude, me and Josh r with u guys and the bosworths cabin at camp, its gonna rock :)
    by thedoctorisin at 08/26/08 8:04PM
  • secret_service
    Hey! This is Shanz! I deleted my last pleo because I barely used it but then Sarah convinced me to get another one!
    by secret_service at 09/03/08 1:21PM
  • reesescup
    haha okay thxx.
    by reesescup at 09/03/08 11:00PM
  • thedoctorisin
    aww, college already? that stinks :(
    by thedoctorisin at 09/04/08 2:56PM
  • redmustang
    hey man this is Jonathan Biesecker the guy that blocked for you during flag football at hscamp.
    by redmustang at 10/16/08 6:37PM
  • dragonqueen95
    You really need to post.......by the way, what's up?!?
    by dragonqueen95 at 11/20/08 4:42PM

"Who are you to be complaining?"

So I have no real excuse for not posting in a while, other than I was just caught up in a lot of things. So yeah that how it goes sometimes. Well I'll just update about my life.

# I got a set of wheels! 02 Saturn LS200
# I've worked at my job over a year
# I will be taking college classes in the fall
# I'm single!!!!!!!
# Gas is 4.13 per gallon!!!!
So yeah stuff like that.

Sorry for all those who are going to MN camp this year, I won't be going. I can't really budget that right now, i bought a car and my bank account is looking pretty low right now. So are y'all checking dem cubbies out? 6 winning streak. I'm not really into baseball but thats awesome for them.

You all have to check out this cover it's amazing!

Natasha is good but this guy is awesome! He's in a band call Boyce Avenue. Check out the other covers he does. Well see ya around.
  • skatebordingrox
    Nice car. Hes good!
    by skatebordingrox at 06/01/08 1:15AM
  • stephiblair
    4.13!!! I payed 3.65 at the pump yesterday and I was complaining about THAT! I can remember when gas was a buck a gallom...
    by stephiblair at 06/01/08 2:18AM
  • butterfly
    yea gas prices are aweful..ours is about 4.09 here..it's sad that when I managed to get some for 3.99 when I went down the river on Friday and was happy that I was able to get it a little cheaper:-P
    by butterfly at 06/01/08 6:44AM
  • frozenfish
    I got some gas at 3.89 yesterday. I was very happy.
    by frozenfish at 06/01/08 7:36AM
  • noby_wan
    Wow, I like that song a lot. Some sweet pickin' in there.
    by noby_wan at 06/01/08 1:10PM
  • noby_wan
    Btw, who cares about the Cubs when you have da' Reds?!
    by noby_wan at 06/01/08 1:11PM
  • jusplayin
    no minnesota camp?!?! i won't be there either, but still.... :(
    by jusplayin at 06/01/08 4:54PM
  • reesescup
    Yeah its pretty much really awesome and soo exciting! =] Wow kewl stuff going on for you. I hope u have a sweet summer!
    by reesescup at 06/01/08 10:30PM
  • click
    Wow, so much happening! Cook that you got a car! And totally about the Cubs! It's almost weird, huh? =) Hope the college classes go well. What're you taking? You all are still coming to FAll HS, right?
    by click at 06/02/08 6:57AM
  • click
    Oops, that was supposed to be 'cool' that you got a car. =P
    by click at 06/02/08 6:57AM
  • noby_wan
    Uh, no, I haven't seen that.
    by noby_wan at 06/02/08 2:09PM
  • noby_wan
    What is a "cover", btw?
    by noby_wan at 06/02/08 2:09PM
  • nanna
    gas is cheaper here.
    by nanna at 06/02/08 4:56PM
  • oli_girl
    I have seen Boyce Avenue's covers before. They are always so good.
    by oli_girl at 06/02/08 10:30PM
  • click
    Wait, why do I need PE? (NOT that I'm disagreeing)
    by click at 06/06/08 1:21PM
  • click
    ah. I get it. =)
    by click at 06/07/08 10:00AM
  • wingskkr
    abeee no one is going to camp this year russell isnt for the second year running u better be thare nxt year! ;)
    by wingskkr at 06/11/08 2:27PM
  • noby_wan
    Oh, I get it! :)
    by noby_wan at 06/13/08 3:29PM
  • pink_ladybug
    Sweet car! :]
    by pink_ladybug at 06/14/08 11:10AM
  • wingskkr
    thats kay u comin up anytime soon? before nxt years camp(which im hoping you come to)
    by wingskkr at 06/14/08 3:09PM


User does not exist
  • butterfly
    Abe doesn't exist! Oh no! What will we do?
    Oh wait..'User does not exist'..not 'Abe does not exist' ;-P
    by butterfly at 05/04/08 9:08PM
  • tia
    oh no...
    by tia at 05/04/08 9:28PM
  • joy2u
    by joy2u at 05/04/08 9:32PM
  • click
    That explains a lot.
    by click at 05/05/08 5:18AM
  • thedoctorisin
    Does this mean yr not gonna be on pleo anymore? :(
    by thedoctorisin at 05/05/08 5:07PM
  • nanna
    but Abe is hardly a user because he doesn't post very often. So Abe still exists. Am I right? :) hehe
    by nanna at 05/10/08 9:44AM
  • abrahamp
    I AM
    by abrahamp at 05/10/08 11:23AM
  • click
    . . .not posting.
    by click at 05/10/08 11:32AM
  • pink_ladybug
    So...not on pleo anymore? ok...
    by pink_ladybug at 05/10/08 5:12PM
  • texasboy
    by texasboy at 05/21/08 6:19PM
  • swiftedge
    *waves bye*
    by swiftedge at 05/29/08 2:51PM

No School!

Well there is no school today due to a snow day, which idk if thatz good for bad. But w.e hey check out John Mayer's new song!

  • butterfly
    cool:) The bucket list..looks like it can have some funny and touching moments in it.
    by butterfly at 02/26/08 2:37PM
  • tia
    it's snowing here... don't know if it'll keep up though!
    by tia at 02/26/08 4:25PM
  • click
    Wait, how do you get snow days if you're homeschooled???
    by click at 02/26/08 7:30PM
  • click
    Ah, see, it's a joke in our family about how we homeschoolers don't get snowdays, but usually Mom's pretty nice and lets us go out and play in it. =)
    by click at 02/28/08 6:55AM
  • click
    Me too! We went sledding on this awesome hill, but the next day, I sure did pay for it!
    by click at 02/29/08 7:31AM
  • ijman
    hey man, can't remember if i said so after the wedding, but it was good to see you there. keep it real
    by ijman at 02/29/08 9:23PM
  • click
    Yeah, IKEA is really cool! Haha, wow! =)
    by click at 03/06/08 6:14AM
  • jg17
    john is awesome!
    by jg17 at 03/12/08 5:54PM
  • wingskkr
    nice song, long time, no talk. u better go to camp abraham!!
    by wingskkr at 03/18/08 9:46PM
  • olivian
    Yey,no school...I hav spring break!!!
    by olivian at 03/28/08 11:17AM
  • danmadrigal
    Hey - I am helping a church in Alabama find a preacher. If you know someone, let me know.
    by danmadrigal at 04/10/08 7:50PM
  • abbey
    I really like John Mayer...
    by abbey at 04/21/08 12:33PM
  • texasboy
    by texasboy at 04/24/08 1:13PM