Ohhh, and did I mention that I'm also taking the PSAT on this Wednesday. Well, yeah, I am. More fun my way!! Just have some basketball practice today, nothing too exciting, haha.
  • pyro9
    so is Ali..... now that's weird
    by pyro9 at 10/12/09 7:58PM
  • sweetie2
    ehhh. sat, act, or psat.. no bueno!! haha. so glad to be done with that :)
    by sweetie2 at 10/12/09 10:27PM
  • kelseylou
    i took it too. it was awfulness on paper! blah
    by kelseylou at 10/15/09 8:42PM
    i have to take the SAT's this year XP
    by SHES_COUNTRY at 04/14/10 12:40PM


Well we just got through with our basketball potluck/meeting/play time for the players lol. While the parents talked about....well...i actually have no clue what they were meeting about... hm. Well we just played basketball outside the whole time =) haha. But we got our jerseys again, woo :D. Back to bein numba 20! ;) Just a couple more weeks of practice before we get our first game, and then our starter tournament in college station!!! yay! So im really tired now. Yuuup. I took the SAT today! from like 8 till 1ish O.o it was long lol. but i think i did pretty decently goodish.
  • laura_ashley
    Woo basketball!
    by laura_ashley at 10/10/09 9:55PM
  • ittybitty
    Woohoo! Go Aaron! **Grin** When will you know your score on your SAT?
    by ittybitty at 10/10/09 10:11PM
  • tia
    I should be doing ACT in December and SAT is January.. hopefully. Yay...?
    by tia at 10/10/09 10:14PM
  • fishstick101
    hey goooood luck :)
    by fishstick101 at 10/11/09 1:55PM
  • pyro9
    nice job aaron
    by pyro9 at 10/11/09 4:03PM
  • waynezworld007
    thats an awesome car!!
    by waynezworld007 at 10/11/09 8:20PM


This is a blank post....comment...or dont...l =)
  • ittybitty
    Don't. ^_^
    by ittybitty at 10/08/09 3:52PM
  • waynezworld007
    is that your mustang?
    by waynezworld007 at 10/08/09 3:53PM
  • zfrazier20 that really YOUR mustang????!!!
    by zfrazier20 at 10/08/09 10:34PM
  • pyro9
    Nice mustang arron
    by pyro9 at 10/09/09 8:42AM
  • whisperam
    Sure is. He's been saving saving saving..... He is glad he did now that he has it!
    by whisperam at 10/09/09 4:24PM
  • laura_ashley
    Heyeye :)
    by laura_ashley at 10/10/09 10:35AM
  • sweetie2
    by sweetie2 at 10/10/09 11:52AM
    i like ur car
    by SHES_COUNTRY at 10/10/09 3:04PM

Been a long time

Wow, everything looks so different...and new...yet the same. Hmm. So next week I'm heading off to a week long basketball camp of awesomeness. I'm excited =) but it should be a lot of work. Which isn't a bad thing. Then when I get home, I get to stay for a week, 3 days of which I won't even be at my house :( and then its off to summer camp! Whew...I'm going to be really tired at camp, and even more tired once I get back home. Oh, and assuming I get to do the activity at camp that I signed up for, I have an awesome newspaper buddy. =) So what's been up with y'all?
  • whisperam
    I'm so glad it worked out that The Locklairs can take you to bible class Wed night!
    by whisperam at 07/01/09 6:30PM
  • vanessa_1993
    hey ... i haven't talked to you for a long time huh????
    by vanessa_1993 at 07/02/09 12:31AM
  • kristianbunny
    Wow! You are busy, Aaron!
    Yes, I can't wait till camp :D
    by kristianbunny at 07/02/09 8:55AM
  • soccerluver
    I hope your "week long basketball camp of awesomeness" is awesome! :)
    by soccerluver at 07/02/09 10:21AM
  • kelseylou
    nice. to bad i wont be at camp:o
    by kelseylou at 07/02/09 10:47AM
  • pbnj
    i will try
    by pbnj at 07/02/09 7:33PM
  • sweetie2
    yay i'm mentioned! i have the best awesome newspaper buddy! :)
    i misseth you! haha.
    see you at camp!!!
    by sweetie2 at 07/06/09 8:39PM
    heyyeyyeyey whats up yea i got bored and like made 2 more pleos lol
    by SHES_COUNTRY at 09/28/09 2:41PM
  • fishstick101
    yaya i willbe 2
    by fishstick101 at 10/06/09 5:18PM

All of us

  • Mercy_Rush
    Man, I am so jealous...I wish I was there.
    by Mercy_Rush at 02/24/08 4:53PM
  • tia
    by tia at 02/24/08 7:51PM
  • waynezworld007
    haha!! i like this one the most!
    by waynezworld007 at 02/24/08 11:32PM
  • dono_girl
    lol bad pic of me!!!
    by dono_girl at 02/25/08 12:04AM
  • sweetie2
    cute pic :)
    by sweetie2 at 02/25/08 7:49AM
  • whisperam
    by whisperam at 02/25/08 9:01AM
  • whisperam
    by whisperam at 02/25/08 9:03AM
  • jake
    Aww, Aaron is just tooooo adorable. lol
    by jake at 02/25/08 4:31PM
  • mrsheadlee
    i am also jealous...
    by mrsheadlee at 02/25/08 8:46PM
  • sweetie2
    i stink at guitar hero....
    by sweetie2 at 02/27/08 5:13PM
  • dono_girl
    we need to hang out more :)
    by dono_girl at 02/29/08 11:58PM
  • soccerluver
    wow y'all look soooo........... Um wait what are we talkin bout??
    by soccerluver at 03/01/08 7:43AM
  • soccerluver
    Hey is That Guitar Hero I spot??? I rock at that game!!!
    by soccerluver at 03/04/08 8:08AM
  • sweetie2
    hahaha "hurry up"
    by sweetie2 at 03/04/08 7:23PM
  • bucsfan
    I love Guitar Hero. But I play the free PC version. XD
    by bucsfan at 03/17/08 12:28PM
  • angelkiss
    this is abby wood! plz add me 2 ur friends list!
    by angelkiss at 07/14/08 1:09PM
  • angelkiss
    hi aaron
    by angelkiss at 07/15/08 4:01PM
  • ophicleide
    hey aaron, chris fitch here
    by ophicleide at 05/19/09 12:50PM