Good to know...

...that people still get on Pleo. I obviously haven't been on here much lately. Maybe I'll come around a little more now and try to keep in touch a little better! :)
  • crazy_mama
    Not too much going on with pleo right now. Funny that we both decided to post something and we haven't posted in a while. I tried to start posting alittle more over the last couple weeks. Missed you yesterday. Maleia wasn't feeling well Saturday night but was better Sunday night so she went to church with Frederic and Noelani but Sunday afternoon I was struggling so Malachi and I stayed home.
    by crazy_mama at 09/13/10 4:27PM
  • cellophane
    hope you're enjoying FL!! :)
    by cellophane at 09/13/10 4:56PM
  • comade
    yes please!
    by comade at 09/13/10 5:18PM
  • larryandrosalie
    It was so nice that you were able to spend some time with Pete and Sarah!! Thanks! I like Pleo because you can actually write out a complete thought. :o)!!
    by larryandrosalie at 09/13/10 6:08PM
  • _sylviaanne_
    Hi Ms. Amy! I am so excited to be closer to you! We will probably be moving in less than a month. I am so excited!
    by _sylviaanne_ at 09/13/10 6:28PM
  • whipsmile
    I will never leave. This is how I stay in touch with people I care about.
    by whipsmile at 09/13/10 6:43PM
  • mrs_rosshead
    Yeah, I still get on too! How's Florida treating you?
    by mrs_rosshead at 09/13/10 9:48PM
  • mrs_worm
    pleo is still my primary spot ! hope you are doing well!
    by mrs_worm at 09/13/10 10:03PM
  • octaveleaper
    Oh hi there, Amy!
    by octaveleaper at 09/14/10 8:10AM
  • jaydon
    I still get on... I actually like it better here. I read somewhere that you are coming up for Thanksgiving - we need to plan some visit time. Hope all is well in FL.
    by jaydon at 09/14/10 3:57PM
  • mjintexas
    Says Amy... a year later... LOL.
    Miss you, friend.
    by mjintexas at 09/15/10 4:53PM
  • friedaj
    Maybe the summer is about over and people are "in" more and make computer time
    by friedaj at 10/16/10 9:39AM

Private posts and bribery

This user has posted.
But all posts are private.
If you want to be able to read them, comment here and a request will be sent to this user.

Also, you should consider bribery - money would be ideal.
Then you'll almost certainly get to see my this person's posts.
(small denominations, please. don't want to raise any suspicions...)
  • lyndie
    by lyndie at 07/13/09 12:21PM
  • tess
    Can I get a tax break on this?
    by tess at 07/13/09 12:26PM
  • dr_worm
    Can I be on the list if I let my wife hang out with you? :)
    by dr_worm at 07/13/09 12:39PM
  • nana_h
    I hope I stay on the amuze me!!! How have you been?
    by nana_h at 07/13/09 3:53PM
  • silly_nickel
    Here's my comment...will you take a rain check on the bribe?
    by silly_nickel at 07/13/09 4:27PM
  • redmartineau
    Umm, I'm broke, so although it was nice hearing about your life, I suppose I will have to do without. Wait, maybe I could send cookies, everyone likes cookies, right? And they MUST be considered a bribe if used for such purposes...

    Either way, since I pose no threat either way, I leave my fate on this matter to your mercy.
    by redmartineau at 07/13/09 5:25PM
  • girl_husted
    Haha!! I like it!! :)
    by girl_husted at 07/13/09 8:32PM
  • navydoc
    I got an IOU with your name on it.
    by navydoc at 07/13/09 11:47PM
  • jlmanager
    Sorry, we're non-denominational, but we'll put in a request anyway. ;)
    by jlmanager at 07/14/09 4:00AM
  • lori_in_pa
    I would never insult you by offering you mere lucre. Instead, I offer you love and appreciation for your writing. Add me to your list, or I shall be forced to cyber-stalk you.
    by lori_in_pa at 07/14/09 5:54AM
  • lindseymarie
    No money, but I offer friendship :)
    by lindseymarie at 07/19/09 4:11PM
  • rebekah
    Oh, I hate it when blogs I lurk on go private! If you add me... um... I'll let you hold Eden next time we see you. :)
    by rebekah at 07/20/09 1:10PM
  • farmer
    This is funny. :o) I would try this myself but judging by the comments it doesn't seem like it has been as financially rewarding as you might have hoped.
    by farmer at 09/14/09 4:03PM
  • laurar209
    I think I have a penny or two lying around somewhere...
    by laurar209 at 09/15/09 12:10PM