New Entry

I have been in need of a new entry for a long time, and now that I am making one I have nothing to write about. This has been a great start of seventh grade, and I hope the rest of the year is like this. Well, i hope your having a good week too.
  • rachel_jeanne
    aww thanks kaitlin(:
    by rachel_jeanne at 10/03/10 10:54PM
  • NikeGirl
    thanks agian for the wrist bands that was so sweet of you! :)
    by NikeGirl at 10/17/10 8:15PM
  • NikeGirl
    basketball tryouts are in 2-3 weeks im so excited i cant wait, and i know youll do GREAT!!!!!
    by NikeGirl at 10/17/10 8:16PM
  • ittybitty
    Posted chapter 16.
    by ittybitty at 11/03/10 4:45PM
  • NikeGirl
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    by NikeGirl at 12/04/10 9:12PM

Universal Studios

We are here at Universal Studios. We are in line for the Harry Potter ride. It is taking forever. We have been waiting a long time. I hope it is worth it. We have been to a couple of rides so far. I hope we have alot more fun!
  • rachel_jeanne
    i hope everyone is enjoying themselves! take lots of pictures!
    by rachel_jeanne at 08/10/10 11:48AM
  • NikeGirl
    by NikeGirl at 08/10/10 9:06PM
  • MrKogi
    harry potter was a blast and spiderman. actually there were quite a few good rides.
    by MrKogi at 08/11/10 8:32AM
  • SmallButMighty
    i luv u have fun!!!!!!!!!
    by SmallButMighty at 08/13/10 12:36PM

Where Should We Go.......

Me and my family are going to Florida later this summer. I am so excited!!! We are going for a week, and will be staying on Daytona Beach. We will be relaxing for the whole week, except for one day. That day we will go to Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios. My parents tell me it's my descision on where to go, but I can't decide at all. So I decided to see where most people would like to go. So, I am taking a poll:

Would you rather go to Magic Kingom for a day or Universal Studios?
  • mert62
    Universal Studios -- No doubt about it!!!
    by mert62 at 07/22/10 10:20PM
  • NikeGirl
    i have no idea because i have never been to any of those places but have fun on ur trip!
    by NikeGirl at 07/23/10 9:37AM
  • rachel_jeanne
    personally i think universal studios would be more fun just because magic kingdom seems like its aimed at younger kids but i havent been to either so i dont know. how about googling them both and see whats at each one. good luck!
    by rachel_jeanne at 07/23/10 4:56PM
  • linseytaylor
    I loved both! But I loved Universal slightly better because of Harry Potter.
    by linseytaylor at 07/24/10 4:53PM
  • jenfc00
    Magic Kingdom is my favorite! ;)
    by jenfc00 at 07/30/10 11:36AM
  • JarredGarner
    Magic Kingdom...get there early
    by JarredGarner at 07/30/10 10:13PM
  • SoccerGirl
    Well we are in Florida. We are going to get to Daytona Beach in about 3 hours. I am commenting on my dad's new phone.
    by SoccerGirl at 08/06/10 12:08PM


Well, I just came back from camp. It was so fun! I had a great time listening to all the bible lessons and devotionals. We had an awesome opening night. The only thing that was bad, was that it rained Monday and we had to skip activities and watch Netflix movies. The sports were awesome and they added a new one this year:rage ball! It was so fun! I hope they still do it next year. It was great to see all my old friends and to make new ones.

Summer is here! I really hope this summer is great. I am going to Austin camp. And we might go on vacation to one of the Florida beaches. Well, this is pretty much it!
  • nothinbutnet
    Yes camp was a great spiritual upliftment and overall a ton of fun!
    by nothinbutnet at 06/15/10 8:05PM
  • MrKogi
    austin camp is going to be coming up quick. what did you think of toy story 3?
    by MrKogi at 06/18/10 8:03AM
  • SoccerGirl
    It was awesome!
    by SoccerGirl at 06/18/10 5:17PM
  • SmallButMighty
    rage ball waz beast :):):)!!!!!!!!!!
    by SmallButMighty at 07/01/10 6:32PM
  • SoccerGirl
    I know!!!!
    by SoccerGirl at 07/03/10 10:26PM
  • mister_c
    I have not seen the movie yet but I do remember watching it at your house.
    by mister_c at 07/19/10 1:58PM

"I'm happy today, oh yes i'm happy today...."

I am so happy! We have only 10 and a half more days of school. Also when school is done we go to camp! I can't wait to go to camp. I go to Florida College Dry Creek Camp. Does anyone here go to camp or used to go to camp?
  • mkvaughn
    i love camp. we always go to the one in austin. rachel and i usually start a countdown in january, but somehow we have held out without making one. i know how excited you feel. :]
    by mkvaughn at 05/19/10 7:33AM
  • JarredGarner
    i went to Dry Creek when i was a teenager at Fry Rd...loved it.
    hope you are feeling better soon.
    by JarredGarner at 05/19/10 9:03AM
  • gogreen98
    I cant wait to go to camp with yall for a whole week!! my mom said something about a talent show there, do you want to do something together?
    by gogreen98 at 05/19/10 12:46PM
  • SoccerGirl
    6 and a half more days.......
    by SoccerGirl at 05/24/10 4:27PM
  • SoccerGirl
    3 and a half more days.......
    by SoccerGirl at 05/27/10 5:25PM