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pleonast tries to be as open and free as possible, within reason. you can post almost whatever you like, except for pornography, harassment or hate speech, illegal content, or unsolicited commercial material (spam). infractions against this policy will not be tolerated and are subjectively determined by our team of moderators. you agree to abide by the judgement of the moderation team. using pleonast is a privilege, not a right, and that privilege will be revoked if you abuse the site.

pleonast is a website used by people in the real world, so just like in real life not everyone agrees with you, loves you, or wants to have you over to their place. we hope that you find the community appealing, but don't expect a perfect world or unicorns - neither are real. our moderation team can be alerted and will help with infractions from paragraph one, but a general "hands-off" approach is taken to all other content.

pleonast is not an exclusively "christian site" - there are many users here that do have strong beliefs, and we encourage everyone to practice their belief while respectfully interacting with those that might believe differently, but as explained in paragraph one, the moderation team generally only steps in when a user abuses the site, which does not necessarily include posting something that you might disagree with.

pleonast is on the internet, and therefore viewable by anyone, so be careful with your private information, and make sure to familiarize yourself with the various privacy options that can be found.

pleonast will fully comply with law enforcement authorities if any information is legally requested.

whew! i doubt you really read all of that, but if you agree with the terms of service, please click on the link below to continue!

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