Go into all the world....

I leave bright and early in the morning for Montego Bay. I want to encourage everyone to check out the work we're doing (and pictures) at www.goodnewsjamaica.org.

Because we are spending the first week in Savanna La Mar, there will probably not be many updates until our second week when we have better access to the internet in Mo Bay....... so PLEASE take a second to check the site and send us a note - it's so encouraging to hear from our friends back home.

Please pray that those we study with will be receptive to God's word, and that the children will grow from the things we teach them. This year we are studying character lessons from Adam, Eve, and their sons.

I am beyond anxious to get down there and join our Jamaican brethren once again. We are so fortunate and being down there always helps me to realize all of the blessings that surround us each day. Open your eyes -- God is everywhere!

Love, Love, Love you all!
Please keep our safety and success in your prayers,

Sarah :)
  • gkogucz
    have a safe trip and we will be praying for you guys. Love ya
    by gkogucz at 07/03/09 10:58PM
  • cmvermont
    i'm sorry you have to fly without me!
    by cmvermont at 07/04/09 1:35AM
  • linseytaylor
    have a safe trip! Praying it will be productive!
    by linseytaylor at 07/04/09 9:04AM
  • jennking
    Thinking about you! You are such an enocuragement to so many people.
    by jennking at 07/06/09 1:12PM
  • MrKogi
    sounds like it is successful over there. keep up the good work and be safe.
    by MrKogi at 07/12/09 10:08PM
  • diannes
    My daughter is at your house.
    by diannes at 07/12/09 11:33PM
  • littlebitty624
    Good luck! Hope y'all are having/had fun!! :o)
    by littlebitty624 at 07/13/09 1:51PM
  • SoccerGirl
    Hey Sarah. Its Kaitlin. How was the trip to Jamaica?
    by SoccerGirl at 07/18/09 8:57PM
  • MrKogi
    It was good seeing both of you. Tell Scottie, I said hi.
    by MrKogi at 01/06/10 4:42PM

jumping on the bandwagon...

I've decided to make my posts private from here on out.

If you would like to be added to my friends list, voice your opinion here and I'll check back occasionally :)

If you're on my friends list already, thanks for caring about my life!

I hope you're all doing well. Count your blessings and make it a GrEaT day.

Sarah Sanford Lyon

Prov. 3:5-6
  • travelagentwendi
    Am I on your list? Where did Amy go?
    by travelagentwendi at 12/10/07 8:46PM
  • denisemccaskill
    You should put me on your friends list...please! Hope things are going well for you guys!!
    by denisemccaskill at 12/13/07 10:59AM
  • aggiemeg
    Hi Sarah, it's Megan. We met the other night at Joella's party. It was great meeting you!
    by aggiemeg at 12/22/07 1:06AM
  • diannes
    Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!
    by diannes at 01/01/08 4:23PM
  • tickets
    Hope things are going well & you have a wonderful new year! :o)
    by tickets at 01/03/08 10:33PM
  • AlanL
    Good to see you twice recently! Your husband does an excellent job of songleading.
    by AlanL at 01/23/08 12:48PM
  • moe
    hey can you please add me to your friends list
    by moe at 02/06/08 10:04PM
  • nickomundo
    Hey Sarah. Nick Smith. How are you?
    by nickomundo at 03/17/08 12:18PM
  • jacobreaves
    Party at the Reaves house... Check it out. http://pleonast.com/jacobreaves
    by jacobreaves at 04/23/08 5:39PM
  • gkogucz
    Hi Sarah I just set up an account can I be your friend and be added.
    by gkogucz at 05/28/08 3:45AM
  • titan26
    hey i dont know if you remember me but im 1 of alans kids
    by titan26 at 07/02/08 10:20PM
  • angelkiss
    hey um im titan26 sis, i kinda remember u, do u remember me, abby, or my sis faith?
    by angelkiss at 07/29/08 10:27PM
  • kailua
    Today is Christopher Mongeon's Birthday!
    by kailua at 09/11/08 11:59AM
  • ruthkrumrei
    Hey Sarah--Would you send me Heather's e-mail or snail mail address? Thanks :) Hope you are well. Fall is here in Duluth, trees are changing color, and the air is cool.
    by ruthkrumrei at 09/21/08 4:26PM
  • brea
    Oh, pick me! I already miss you to pieces, and you're not even gone yet. I can't wait to come visit you wtih Marg this spring!
    by brea at 10/14/08 6:39AM
  • ashley
    Hi Sarah! Hope things are going great for you! Have y'all moved yet?
    by ashley at 10/28/08 10:01PM
  • mightyfowl
    Hi Sarah .. I see at PW's blog, that you've been to Jamaica many times. We have too ... working with Red Hills Baptist Church. In fact, I am putting up a blog about friends there, right now. You can see it, if you would like, at http://mightyfowl.blogspot.com
    by mightyfowl at 11/17/08 12:24PM
  • mightyfowl
    Incidentally, Proverbs 3:5-6 is the verse I always share as we ordain new deacons. The word "acknowledge" there means "to ascertain by seeing" ... we are supposed to be able to see Him in ALL our ways...
    by mightyfowl at 11/17/08 12:27PM
  • AlanL
    You're in Ohio? Wow, I missed that bit of news.
    by AlanL at 01/12/09 12:25PM
  • naturesensei
    It's ok to cry!
    by naturesensei at 06/24/09 3:04PM