And She's back

Carolyn made it back without any major complications or delays. I heard there were a few funny moments, but generally it was drama free. Ana is coming over tonight and we are going to go have dinner and catch a movie.

Road trip! .. sorta

Carolyn is helping her mom move from northern California to Ohio. Specifically, she's helping her drive out with her car and two cats. What this means is that Vav and I will be alone together for 5-ish days while she's away. I'm not worried, but it's definitely different. It'll be the first time that she's away from Vanessa for more than a day too. We'll see how it goes. Our new babysitter, Ana, is coming over on Sunday and she might also watch her on Monday because I've got to head into the office to interview someone.

This week is definitely going to be fun.

Congrats Kennon

Pleonast 3.0 looks great and I'm super excited that it's out. I've been a member for a few years now and of all the blogging services out there, this has to be my favorite for one specific reason: This site keeps things simple. It doesn't try to branch out into complex features or options. It doesn't overwhelm you with bells and whistles. It lets you create posts, comment on posts, see when your friends post and lets you show a little bit of who you are.
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    :-) that has definitely been my intention!
    by kennon at 07/08/09 3:36PM


Wow, its really been a while. So whats been going on over on my side of the mountain?

My book finally made it to the shelves and that was fun. It was a really awesome learning experience and I'm probably going to do it again.

I've released a bunch of open-source projects, mostly in erlang. I've been really into that language lately. I'll be speaking at a conference in Victoria, BC about the subject in late September. There's also a chance that I'll be speaking at another conference in Stockholm in November too.

At work I moved off of the team and onto the iPhone team and have been pretty busy with that. No I don't have a 3G iPhone. Yes I want one but it probably isn't worth it.

Carolyn and Vanessa are doing well. Vanessa is rocking pull phrases and sentences. She is really really expressive and its a blast to watch her develop and grow.

I'm alive

I know its been soo long but I'm still here! This is whats new:

* Stress at work (well, maybe this isn't new).

* My book is being published soon (Yay!)
* Vanessa is walking, talking and getting into everything

One of these days I'll really try to sit down and come up with something but until then who knows.